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Does Ergonomics Matter With High Back Mesh Office Chairs?

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 27, 2018

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High back mesh office chairs are one of the staples of Autonomous. The backrests are recommended for ergonomics and support and they have been successfully used for various tasks at the office, by freelancers or by those working from home. But is it really important to have an ergonomic mesh office chair design with these backrests or is a simple high back design enough?

Does Ergonomics Matter With High Back Mesh Office Chairs?

How much does an office chair cost?

The final cost of an office chair has a lot to do with the high back mesh design. An office chair costs form tens of dollars to thousands of dollars. A high back mesh office chair is among the most interesting choices for good posture and added comfort. These designs also vary in price. They might not be at the extremes of the price range. Such an office chair may not be as affordable as a chair with no adjustability but it may also not be as affordable as a chair with leather and other luxury materials. It is why a good office chair is also a chair which is reasonably priced for its user.

The mesh office seat chair has been used across various industries for years. It is now accepted as one of the most reliable solutions for those who want to engage in a simple working environment. But simplicity doesn’t equal lack of support or discomfort, on the contrary. It is why mesh materials have been used and molded to create a chair which is similar or better than the alternatives, but which is more affordable for all workers.

What is the best office chair posture?

There is a relationship between posture and mesh materials. Many people can think that mesh backrests are not as reliable for ergonomics. But the high back mesh office chair is one of the best office chairs for posture.

There is so much advice on the right chair posture that it’s no wonder so many people get confused. While the main position is attributed to a 90-degree angle of the back, this is certainly debatable and it comes under different nuances. First of all, even if the angle would be the only correct position to sit in, it would still be difficult to maintain for long periods of time. Even a high back mesh office chair would not make the task easier as the muscles would tire and slouching would happen.

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One of the most applicable theories when it comes to desk posture refers to what the person is doing with their hands. So the right position is always in relation with what the hands are doing. So if the hands are typing at the keyboard, the distance to the keyboard is what consciously or unconsciously impacts the position of the back. Leaning forward always happens when the keyboard is too far away from the hands. At the same time, slouching also happens when the monitor is too far.

So leaning forwards is bad, but why is this? Leaning or slouching is bad for the lower back. It doubles the forces applied on it. Leaning forward is also bad for the neck which has constant pressure on it as well. So is it possible that the right position could be influenced by how people are working as well? It is highly possible that even with the best high back mesh office chairs workers are not actually maintaining the right working position.

It is often recommended to work in the position which feels most comfortable. Reducing the pressure on the back is recommended in this case. At the same time, this means that the chair can even be reclined back at an angle of up to 20 degrees. The immediate benefit of this position is that it reduces the impact on the lower back. The compressive forces on the lower back are among the top listed benefits of this working posture. Of course, the upper back can also relax in this position on a high backrest design. It allows the spine to relax as the chair takes some of the weight off the back. Another less discussed benefit is that this reclined position also reduces the pressure on the pelvis. With improved freedom of movement for the feet, workers can freely move them to improve circulation in the lower body.

So if this is the right sitting position, the high back mesh office chair is perfect for working at the desk. Even so, it is still recommended to take as many brakes as possible to allow the muscles to relax and to improve circulation both in the lower body and in the upper body.

Mesh seat office chairs and their role in ergonomics

Mesh seat office chairs come with an ergonomic shape, which is design according to the shape of the human body. This allows the material to offer the support the back needs while also adding ventilation which is recommended for proper comfort. At the same time, it is also highly recommended to improve the way in which the backrest is adjusted during the day. Having an adjustable recline can help. Furthermore, added freedom of movement can be the best way to ensure the muscles relax and are activated in different ways.

It is easy to rely on a high back mesh office chair for posture. But many chairs with this design also come with adjustable lumbar support, which is highly recommended when it comes to improved functionality and freedom of movement. In many cases, these solutions work best when they are truly used in different angles. Autonomous has such a design.

The ErgoChair 2 comes with a mesh back which is highly appreciated for its breathability. At the same time, the chair comes with backrest tension and adjustability. Coupled with proper lumbar support, it gives the chair a profile which makes it highly attractive for the recommended sitting position mentioned above. It even comes with a tilt function for the seat pan which also reduces the pressure on the legs and the various discomfort issues of bad circulation while sitting for hours.

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The OsmoChair is another top choice from Autonomous for these benefits and characteristics. Made with a self-supporting mesh with an included headrest, the chair is recommended for a custom sitting and working experience. It combines forward backrest adjustability and support with a recline function which makes the chair a solid choice for many workers. With a maximum 16” forward lean and a 128 degrees back recline adjustability, the chairs are recommended for improved posture support in any position. Going back to the point of the right position in relation to what the hands are doing, the high back mesh office chair is recommended for the right support regardless of where the keyboard or handled objects are on the desk.

Another top choice from Autonomous comes with the MyoChair which is recommended for its simple design. The high back mesh office chair is among the affordable solutions from Autonomous. Even with mesh materials, the chair is recommended for an evenly-distributed weight on the backrest. This even distribution is recommended for those who are actively seeking to reduce the weight on the lower back, similarly to the recommended position for sitting at the desk for hours and hours.

Why the ergonomic high back mesh office chair should be more popular

Judging by the design of these Autonomous chairs, the ergonomic high back mesh office chair should actually be more popular. The backrests offer the right level of resistance and support with added adjustability. With an even weight distribution both for the upper back and for the lumbar area, these chairs proved that mesh designs can work efficiently to support the weight of the user to a certain extent, which is one of the few proven ways to minimize disc pressure on the spine.

The Italian design auto-balance also proves to be a major advantage of Autonomous office chairs for comfort when compared to their alternatives. Smooth movements allow an ideal transition from upright to reclining which means the chair is recommended for easy changes of posture with the weight-sensitive design. Since the changes in posture can happen hundreds of times per day, this distinct advantage recommends the high back mesh office chairs among for the modern desk office worker.

But the mesh seat office chairs from Autonomous also come with comfortable seat pans. With intuitively-placed controls, the position of the backrest, the position of the back and the pressure on the legs can be adjusted or reduced as needed. All three high back mesh office chairs represent great solutions for the adjustability which is needed with the correct sitting position.

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Top 4 tips for the right position with the high back mesh office chairs

There are a few sitting mistakes which can limit the benefits of a high back office chair design.

  1. One of the common mistakes comes with the position on the chair, which can be centered on one feet or one side more than the other. This can mean that even if the back is a right angle in depth, it is tilted to one side can add unnecessary pressure on the lower back.
  1. Keeping the knees in the right position is also recommended with high back mesh office chairs. The knees need to be even or higher than the hips for a relaxed position. A stool might work as an alternative from time to time to maintain this position.
  1. Sitting on an ergonomic high back mesh office chair seems to be comfortable. But it is not the best idea to sit more than 30 minutes in the same position. It is why the backrest should be adjusted as needed in order to ensure the best position is maintained. Furthermore, it is also recommended to stand up from time to time for better circulation.
  1. Another top tip comes from an area of sitting which is not discussed, the driving position. Many people now commute for hours to and from work. This means they might be sitting in their cars for days every year. In many cases, cars can come with poor lumbar support. Even if the support is great with the office chair, the position should be relaxing for the back while driving as well. An added lumbar support on the driver’s seat can go far from this perspective.


There are a few good reasons why an ergonomic mesh office chair with high a back with mesh materials offers good support and comfort. Those asking ‘how much does an office chair cost?’ are often misled as the mesh materials can actually be more affordable than their alternatives. On the other hand, those inquiring ‘what is the best office chair posture’ can also live in fear that mesh materials are not supportive enough. But both these groups can benefit from the right high back mesh office chair as these designs are supportive, affordable and reliable.

A mesh seat office chair is among the best choices when it comes to the ultimate freedom at the desk. It allows incline and reclines with good breathability. It is also easy to use which means that workers which abide by the sit/stand working principle can easily get off the chair from time to time to ensure they are getting some type of activity at work.

Autonomous combines these functionalities in different high back mesh office chairs. They are made with the latest technologies with some of the most impressive modern designs for desk work. But things are evolving fast and Autonomous with new releases, discounts, tips, and tricks. If you want to be up to date with the latest information, you can use the e-mail subscription box below to register with Autonomous. This will get you the latest on office chairs and other office products as well as first-hand access to some of the most impressive deals from the manufacturer in the future. The great part is that subscribing only takes a few seconds.

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