How Does Standing All Day at Work Cause Bad Effects?
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How Does Standing All Day at Work Cause Bad Effects?

|Oct 7, 2021

Although you would have heard from many people that having an active and productive day at work means working while standing, this behavior should be controlled as standing all day can be harmful to you.

There are several health risks of standing all day, as such activity is neither good for your mental health nor it is for your physical health. We understand that you must be wondering why we think like that when we have also supported the idea of working while standing.

The point is that excess anything is bad for you. Now, how worse the side effects of standing long hours can be for you? Read ahead and explore. 

Impacts of Standing too Long

impact of standing all day at work

Prolonged standing can result in a number of different health disorders. Several office workers are there who stand at a single spot without moving around much. These are the people who are most prone to encounter the side effects of standing long hours. Following are some of the most common side effects of standing too long. 

Potentially Serious Health Outcomes

Standing all day at work for extended hours is as bad as sitting. People who stand for longer hours commonly experience severe lower back and leg pain. Cardiovascular problems are also quite common in these people. In addition to this, once you start standing for extended hours, you feel fatigued more often. And, if you continue ignoring all these side effects, you may face a chronic muscle injury soon. 

Your Morale Gets Lowered

If a certain posture is causing some sort of ailment and you ignore that and continue to work, you will soon feel discomfort. This uneasiness makes you restless at your workstation, and you start wishing to quit your job. You begin losing interest in the tasks given to you. As a result, you feel more detached from your workplace and start having lower morale for office work.

You Become Less Productive

You Become Less Productive

Imagine a person with low esteem and morale working on a certain project. Such a person would take ages to finish a task as he has become uninterested in it. This means your affected mental estate makes you less productive. So, this won’t be wrong if we say that standing all day at work will affect your productivity as well. 

Once you realize how bad, prolonged standing is for you, the immediate question on your side would be how to deal with standing all day at work. Now, you know that you cannot eliminate the standing hours entirely, as then you will start facing the side effects of prolonged sitting. So, to create the ideal balance, you should take the relevant measures. We have some tips to support standing jobs here below; we hope that they will be of help to you. 

Tips to Support Standing Jobs

tips to support standing all day at work

Below are some of our experts’ tips that will come in handy if you wish to create the ideal balance in your routine and have your time divided between standing and sitting to stay active and productive throughout the day. 

Practice Intermittent Standing

How to reduce pressure when standing all day at work. Since you know that standing for too long can be bad for you, give a comparatively smaller fraction of your work hours to standing. It can be a fifteen- or thirty-minutes standing time every hour so that you get adequate time for sitting and resting as well. 

Buy an Ergonomic Office Chair

An ergonomic chair is significant for your office if you wish to stay active and productive. This makes sitting hours worthwhile as well. Such chairs provide you a comfortable work experience and ensure that you stay productive throughout the day. 

Buy a Standing Desk

Buy a Standing Desk

A standing desk is the best option to go for if you wish to adjust your desk as per your standing position. Being a customizable desk, the standing desk provides you a unique work experience that ensures you do not feel fatigued during your work hours. 

Use Standing Stools

Instead of standing all day at work, use standing stools. These stools are designed to promote active sitting. Autonomous Chair Move is an example. The angular adjustments of these stools are such that they keep you active even when you are sitting. 

Use an Anti-Fatigue Mat

Often, standing at work becomes agony when you have uncomfortable shoes or standing on hard flooring. In both these cases, an anti-fatigue mat comes in handy. Such ergonomic floor matting prides you in a soft and comfortable spot to stand so that you do not feel any sort of muscle strain. 

Perform Office Yoga

You might not know, but office yoga is quite restorative. You can use it for improving your posture and even treat the common muscle pain and strain, so make it your habit and have some time dedicated to office yoga. 

Wrapping It Up

wrap up

We believe that you have now realized how bad standing all day at work can be for you. Consequently, our tips for standing all day at work beneficially for supporting standing jobs will make it easier for you to avoid the severe side effects. We hope that you learned something here today and will practice it at your workplace.

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