The Easiest Foot Cramps Stretches to Do at Office Desk
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The Easiest Foot Cramps Stretches to Do at Office Desk

|Oct 20, 2022

If you have been working a lot lately, you would have found yourself overly fatigued after work and might even be experiencing foot cramps. Focusing on office work can become a great challenge if you do not do the right leg cramp relief exercises in time. So, knowing the required foot cramps, stretches can be a big relief for office workers experiencing foot cramps.

You may try some basic yoga poses as a leg cramp relief exercise, but this might not be enough. People are usually looking for a complete guide in this regard. That’s why we decided to share one with you today. As you read further, you will understand everything about foot cramps.

We have started the blog from the basics, like what foot cramps really are and what are its common causes. In addition to that, we have also discussed some ideal exercises that you can adopt to avoid leg cramps after stretching or after a long day at work. The exercises are simple enough to be practiced at the office desk, so you will only require some basic fitness equipment. So, let’s start! 

What Are Foot Cramps?

What Are Foot Cramps

You can experience cramps in any muscle, and foot muscles are one of them. Foot cramps occur when your foot muscles contract immediately but take a while to relax, causing immense pain in the process. You might experience cramps for a few seconds or minutes; the duration varies.

When talking about foot cramps specifically, you may experience them exactly in your foot or around the foot area in the muscles close to your ankles. All these cramps mainly stem from your leg muscles, so it requires the right leg cramp relief exercise to treat them. Knowing the common causes of foot cramps can help you upto some extent too. 

What Causes Foot Cramps?

We have shared the common causes of foot cramps below to give you an idea of which actions can cause or worsen foot cramps. 

Nutrition Deficiency

Nutrition Deficiency

Nutrition deficiency is the foremost cause of foot cramps. Usually, a deficiency of b-vitamins, magnesium, sodium, and potassium is the reason why office workers experience foot cramps. However, you can treat these nutritional deficiencies with a balanced diet. 

Lack of Water Intake

You must stay hydrated to avoid foot cramps. A common mistake that office workers often make is that they forget to have enough water throughout the day. Dehydrated office workers are more prone to foot cramps. Nevertheless, there are some cases where people might encounter foot cramps due to overhydration leading to a lack of electrolytes. 

Muscle Strain

You might be trying to get the perfect body and overexerting stress on your muscles. Muscle strain is another common cause of foot cramps and can only be treated with the help of the right leg cramp relief exercise. 

Wearing Uncomfortable Shoes

Wearing Uncomfortable Shoes

Office workers often wear ill-fitting shoes to work. They might not feel much change in the beginning, but these shoes prevent proper blood flow and even cause muscle fatigue as your foot muscles tend to work harder when you wear them. Such shoes potentially cause foot cramps and must be treated at their earliest. 

Best Foot Cramps Stretches at Desk

Since you must be eager to learn the ideal foot cramps stretches now, we have shared them below to help you out.  

Leg Extensions

The leg extension is the first foot cramp relief exercise that you can perform without even leaving your desk. All you must do is extend one of your legs to your hip level while sitting in your office chair and hold it in that position as long as your capacity allows you. Once you have done it with one leg, you must repeat it with the other. Doing leg extensions repetitively for some time every day can help you get relief from foot cramps after exercise. 

Calf Raises

Calf Raises - foot cramps stretches

Calf raise is yet another stretch that can provide you some relief in foot cramps and heal the pain. Some exercises might make you experience pain in the muscles around your ankles or heels. Calf raises can help you deal with these ailments.

The calf raises stretch is even simpler than leg extensions as you are only required to raise your heels while standing for a few inches, remain in that position for a couple of seconds, and then relax. You must do this with both of your legs to create balance. Some people hold their standing desks while raising their calves to stand properly. 


Walking along with a few standing desk exercises can help you a lot here too. Desk stretches that target your leg muscles and feet, in general, can help in easing cramps. However, you must remember that you are not supposed to overexert stress on your feet or leg muscles while doing the foot cramps stretches. 

Massaging Feet Gently

Massaging Feet Gently - foot cramps stretches

Massaging one's feet can help in easing foot cramps too. You may massage your feet while sitting on your office chair. Massaging can be as simple as rubbing your feet with your hands. However, you must ensure that you are doing it slowly. 

Pulling Toe Slightly to Stretch It

Pulling your toe slightly to stretch it can help you have some relief from foot cramps while staying at your office desk. You can do this stretch during a short break at work. You must ensure that you are not stretching your toe in a jerking motion, as that can exert pressure on your foot muscles and make cramps worse. So, it is best to stretch them gently. 

Rolling Foot Over a Round Object

Rolling Foot Over a Round Object

You can get yourself a handy round object and roll your foot over it to treat cramps. This round object can be a golf ball too. However, there are certain standing desk mats and balance boards that come with a roller for foot massage, so that will be helpful too. You must gently move your foot over the roller and repeat it on both legs. 

Wrapping It Up

Coming towards the end, we hope you will have learned which exercise while sitting at a computer can help you treat foot cramps. We have shared foot cramps stretches and some massages to provide you with a holistic approach. However, if you are looking for some affordable exercise equipment, you must consider Autonomous.

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