Effective Finger Numbness and Tingling Tips & Exercises for Computer Users
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Effective Finger Numbness and Tingling Tips & Exercises for Computer Users

|Nov 2, 2021

Finger numbness and tingling are common discomforts that almost every office worker has felt throughout their time at work. If you are facing it quite often these days, you are no different. In fact, it is most probable that this numbness is due to certain habits that you have while you work in your office.

Most commonly, office workers feel this numbness in fingers while typing for long hours. We know that you are a concerned worker who is thinking of the right ways he can avoid this discomfort as it can greatly impact your productivity. Therefore, we have shared some effective tips and exercises that can help you with numbness in fingers treatment and provide a seamless experience at your workplace.

Without delaying anymore, let’s have a look at the details of finger numbness and then move on to the exercises and tips that can help you learn how you can get rid of finger numbness as soon as possible. 

What is Fingers Numbness and Tingling?

What is Fingers Numbness and Tingling

Have you ever felt a prickling or tingling feeling in your fingers and arms as if someone is lightly touching your finger with a needle? This sort of prickling or tingling feeling is finger numbness that you experience when your nerves get blocked or impaired. The tingling is often coupled with a burning sensation and makes you unable to pick even the lightest things off your desk.

People find it difficult to move their fingers and start feeling clumsy when their hands get numb. Some of you might have felt this feeling at times, but in some cases, when you start having numbness more often, you lose the ability to do your daily tasks.

However, you are not the only one who has felt this feeling while you were at your workplace; many people often experience it while doing repetitive tasks like typing. More than 15% of people have reported wrist and hand musculoskeletal complaints that include pain due to numbness as well.

Most of the workers face it as an outcome of the most common carpal tunnel syndrome related to typing activities when your wrist is placed at an angle that creates pressure on median nerves, resulting in numbness in your fingertips.

You might think that finger numbness is not a matter of concern, but it can affect your productivity at work and well-being. Therefore, it must be addressed as soon as possible. 

Some Effective Tips and Exercises for Treating Finger Numbness and Tingling

Treating Finger Numbness and Tingling

Below we have mentioned some of the most effective tips and exercises that can help you have a better experience at work and avoid the chances of experiencing fingers numbness and tingling at the workplace.

Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Numbness in fingers and carpal tunnel syndrome is common among office employees who tend to work on their computer desk for extended hours. This syndrome is an outcome of a nerve getting suppressed due to some pressure that results in numbness in fingertips hands. It is ideal for preventing carpal tunnel syndrome in every case by setting up your desk the way we guide you. 

Use Ergonomic Keyboards

Use Ergonomic Keyboards

Since we are talking about how you can overcome numbness in hands and fingers, it would be ideal to go for ergonomic keyboards. When you think of keyboards, there are two types of them generally available in the market, namely membrane keyboard and mechanical keyboard. If you do a comparison of mechanical keyboard vs. membrane from our review article, you will have a better idea. 

Use Desk Chair with Arms

Use Desk Chair with Arms

Investing in the right desk chair can lead to fewer chances of experiencing numbness in fingers and hands. We always recommend our readers to go for an ergonomic desk chair that has arms too. In this way, you get a nice surface to relax your arms. The best chair is the one that has an adjustable armrest because that helps you have a customized experience at work. 

Do a Simple Wrist Stretch

Adding certain hand and wrist exercises and stretches can help you lessen the chances of experiencing fingers numbness and tingling. So, always think of doing these stretches more often, especially when you are typing. 

Take Breaks to Walk Around Your Office

You often get so indulged in your work that you forget to take breaks; that’s why it is pretty common to experience finger numbness and tingling. One of the best ways to avoid this problem is to take frequent breaks to walk around and stretch a bit. 

Perform Wrist Flexion and Extension Stretch

Wrist Flexion and Extension Stretch

Wrist flexion and extension stretches can help you have improved blood circulation within your arms and wrists. This, in turn, helps you have better nerve impulses that are not hindered by any blockages. Therefore, these numbness in fingers exercises can be an effective way to treat finger numbness and tingling. 

Wrapping It Up

Today, we shared our most effective tips and exercises that can help you avoid fingers numbness and tingling and  have a better experience at work. Office workers often feel that their productivity is getting hindered due to increased numbness in fingers and hands overall. If they fail to plan their work routine wisely, the chances of experiencing numbness increase.

No one wants to be less productive at work, so it is better that you do something about this finger numbness and tingling. Finger numbness might not be a matter of concern initially, but with time it can get worse. We hope that our tips will be helpful for you to avoid finger numbness at the workplace and have the best work experience.

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