How to Efficiently Release Anger in a Healthy Way
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How to Efficiently Release Anger in a Healthy Way

|Jun 6, 2022

Studies have demonstrated that learning to release anger in a healthy way can help you prevent heart disease. However, how do we learn to control this emotion and not let it get the worst of us?

We deal with different challenges and obstacles every day. Sometimes, we’re left with no other option but to feel anger. This emotion is a reaction to a threat we’ve perceived, which then makes our brain activate our “fight-or-flight” instinct.

Whenever you feel anger, several changes happen within your body. Hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, among others, are released into your organism and have an impact on your blood flow and heart rate. Therefore, frequent anger can make us unhealthy in different ways, causing health problems like:

  • Increased risk of hypertension and heart disease
  • Bowel diseases
  • Ulcers

These are some changes that happen within our bodies. However, when we’re angry, we’re also prone to hurting ourselves and even others. That’s why, for today’s article, we’ll help you learn to release anger and frustration in healthy ways.

Learning to Release Anger in a Healthy Way

Each person's life is complicated in its own way. Different things suppose obstacles for every one of us, and some of them cause us to be angry. While some emotions can be overwhelming, it's possible to control your reactions and release anger and sadness without necessarily making every situation worse.

Here we’ll help you learn how to relieve anger and stress quickly.

1.  Accept that you’re angry

Accept that you’re angry to release anger in a healthy way

There is no reason for you to bottle it up if the emotion is there. It doesn't matter what caused you to be angry. Ignoring it may make things worse in the long term. However, please note that accepting your anger is not the same thing as acting on it.

It can be complicated to admit that you're angry, especially if you're used to hiding your emotions. However, please, pause for a little while, and take that moment to admit that you're feeling angry. Simply say it and nothing else – after all, it's a human emotion that happens to every person on a daily basis.

2.  Breathe and meditate

Breathe and meditate to release anger in a healthy way

Anger can be a pretty intense emotion, especially if you’re quite sure about what triggered it. Still, it is important to keep in mind that it isn’t something that’s solely happening in your mind – your whole body is feeling it. Hence, since it is a physiological response, it is possible to practice certain behaviors to calm down, even if you are in the bustle of the office.

You can try meditation exercises or breathing techniques that can help you process the emotion and calm down slowly.

3. Get physical

Get physical to release anger in a healthy way

Meditation doesn’t work for everyone – and that’s completely fine. However, that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do. There are tons of physical activities that can help you release anger and anxiety in a healthy way.

For instance, you can try a few easy standing exercises or chair stretches to help you wind off your thoughts and become calmer. If you possess the right office exercise equipment, you can also try a few exercises that can help you put the chemicals that have been released into your body into something more positive.

It doesn't have to be exercise, though. You can, for instance, go out for a run or mow your lawn, among many other activities. As long as it involves physical activity, it should help you. Make sure the activity you choose is appropriate for your current context.

4.  Talk with someone

Talk with someone

Research shows that there are mixed feelings about how talking with someone or “venting” can help people relieve their anger. However, this topic is quite subjective – it can work for some people, while others may feel better by other means.

If you believe that talking with someone can help you release anger and sadness, make sure you choose a person you feel comfortable with and who is willing to listen to you. Another study found out that angry people felt better after talking with an active listener (someone who will listen to you, make questions, validate your feelings, and keep it up as a conversation).

5.  Distract yourself

Distract yourself

If you're constantly dealing with intense emotions, we highly recommend you find healthy distractions. However, please note that distracting yourself is not the same thing as ignoring your feelings. Distractions can help you calm down before you can process the anger in a healthier way.

For instance, playing with your pet, watching your favorite TV show, or listening to some music can help you wind down and relax. If you feel refreshed after such an activity, that means that you've started to manage your anger without necessarily hiding it.


How to release anger without hurting yourself?

We've described different ways to release anger without hurting yourself. Trying to make yourself as comfortable as possible, such as listening to music, talking with someone, or watching your favorite TV show, can help you process your anger in a healthier way, and therefore, they may prevent you from taking immediate action.

How to release anger without hurting anyone?

Even if you’re not angry at someone, please try to avoid talking to people while you’re feeling angry. Statements like “I don’t want to have this conversation right now” or “I would like to be alone at the moment” can help you let the other person know that you prefer this interaction to take place in another moment.


Anger, anxiety, mental block and depression are among the most serious mental problems at the workplace. There are different obstacles that make it complicated for us to go through each day, but it is necessary for us to look for solutions to get through them and continue with our lives as per usual.

This article has listed some of the solutions you can take into account to calm down and process your anger in a better way. Of course, some of these ways can take practice. Even if you’re at your workplace, there is simple desk exercise equipment that you can use to get physical and feel better. The solutions are there, so it is important for us to stop for a while and think of what can help us to feel better.

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