Electric Sit-Stand Desk: Common Types and Top Picks
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Electric Sit-Stand Desk: Common Types and Top Picks

|Jul 4, 2022

If you find the word electric sit-stand desk popping up on your feed now and then, you must be aware of the popularity of standing desks in today's world. It is safe to say that today's common workplace or home office setup is incomplete without buying the best electric sit-stand desk for you. A small standing desk is a modern invention that adds ergonomically to your workstation.

Types of Electric Standing Desk

Since its invention and fame, a standing desk has solved multiple health-related issues for office workers. But various types of electric standing desks can end up confusing the individual. Below we will discuss various types of electric sit-stand desks and the best picks for a sit-stand desk for each type.

Fixed Standing Desks

Fixed Standing Desks electric sit-stand desk

As the name suggests, these standing desks are not movable; hence they limit you to work while standing. Fixed standing desks are the least popular choice because just like sitting extensively is harmful, standing for the whole work day is highly not recommended.

Electric Standing Desk

Electric Standing Desk

The simplest wonder offered by the world of standing desks, an electric standing desk is the most straightforward solution to posture issues, improper working and multiple work-related back problems. These types of desks are rectangle-shaped desks which are controlled by electric motors. The number of motors installed depends on the load capacity of the desk, width, size and dimensions. You can also find multiple options such as super-quiet and basic motor operations.

Along with electric motors, an electric standing desk also comes with many features like digital keypad touch control and preset height setting. You can also find modern electric desk like Autonomous Desk Connect, which connect with your smartphone and are controlled easily. Another innovation in electric standing desks is the Electric sit-stand desk frame which can be paired with multiple desktops and can offer DIY height adjustable desk options.

Manual Height Adjustable Desks

Manual Height Adjustable Desks

Manual crank desks, an alternative to electric workstations, may also be adjusted in height by hand cranking. A crank-style desk requires excessive effort to adjust, making noise and taking a lot of time. Compared to an electric desk, you also won't get the exact height.

Standing workstations with hand cranks are not very easy to use. Although the mechanism seems straightforward, you often hear that you need to turn the crank to raise or lower the desk. But in truth, it involves a lot of physical work and effort. Hence, it is preferable to go with an electrically height-adjustable desk or choose a hand crank with a very quick and smooth operation if you anticipate doing a lot of raising and lowering during the day.

Glass Electric Sit-Stand Desks

Glass Electric Sit-Stand Desks

Some people are willing to pay extra bucks to get functionality and looks in their workplace. Though common work desks like Autonomous Desk Eureka are good in terms of looks and functionality, a tempered glass desk is a modern home office desk with an elegant touch. You can use it to decorate your workplace, and the glass depicts sophistication like never before. However, these desks are not as weight compatible as wooden or MDF desktops.

Standing Desk Converter

Standing Desk Converter

Electric Sit-Stand Desk Converters are an easy purchase for people who do not wish to buy or invest in a whole new desk. It is simply the most affordable choice, and you can implement it quickly. You can use the desk you already have or even the countertop. Just add a standing-desk converter, that's all. It transforms your workstation into a standing workstation while standing on your desk.

One of the biggest benefits of this type of standing desk is that it helps you ease into the experience rather than jumping and spending a big amount on an entire desk. You can also carry the desk converter wherever you go and use it on the go. With such desks' popularity and ease of use, you can find numerous options for a standing desk converter in the market.

Our best bet is the mount-it standing desk convertor, a height-adjustable electric desk converter. The Mount-It! standing desk converter substantially improves your working posture, and the large desktop can fit two monitor screens. The desk converter comes with a 10-year warranty as well.

Exercise Standing Desks

These types of standing desks are not so common and are rarely used but are a highly effective way to multitask while working. Even though it is a more ambitious approach, you can incorporate exercise and movement into your everyday job routine. A standing desk treadmill or cycle is an exciting alternative, though, if it is difficult for you to find the time for your muscles to move and you need a healthy habit.

These electric sit-stand desks allow you to walk around as you work because they are connected to an elliptical or treadmill. Depending on the model, they may function as a standard treadmill with a workstation at the top or an extended ergonomic model with moving legs.

Rolling Standing Desks

A rolling standing desk or a work desk on wheels is much better than a stationary desk, but for some people, the application of a rolling desk is useless. Thanks to its four sturdy locking casters, you can move this standing desk from room to room. Hence, rolling desks are only suitable for places with a lot of movement and portability. Due to the wheels attached at the base, the desk can be taken from one place to another, and you will not need to carry your stationery or work gadgets along.

While rolling desks were common in previous times when desks similar to work chairs also had wheels on their base, a height-adjustable rolling stand-up desk is a new ergonomic addition. This rolling electric sit-stand desk from Autonomous has a height range of 15 inches and is controlled by locking casters which can secure a desk in one place. The desk has four surfaces which can independently be adjusted in height. The desk comes with a 10-year warranty.



Whether you have a professional workplace or a simple work-from-home setup, with a modern home office desk with electric control, you can work in the best possible way: to alternate between sitting and standing. Modern electric desks are controlled by electric motors, although you can find cheaper options with manual controls. However, one can also purchase a modern electric desk through the employee purchase program and get a discounted value.

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