Top Electric Standing Desk Converter for Laptop & Buying Guide
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Top Electric Standing Desk Converter for Laptop & Buying Guide

|Dec 23, 2021

Ergonomic workplaces differ from the conventional workplace in many ways. The concept of modern ergonomic chairs and standing desks is one such change you will find in an ergonomic workplace. This is because ergonomic chairs and standing desks give your body the required freedom and eliminate any kind of back pain and posture issues.

People who work with standing desks gather the many benefits, and this also includes better mood as well as improved efficiency. But many people aren't up for purchasing a standing desk as the product might cost you a lot. This is why a cheaper alternative is the electric standing desk converter.

A standing desk converter is a helpful solution for common desks, and you can easily bundle up with any kind of desk, no matter how basic or old. With a desk sit-stand converter, you can enjoy alternating between sitting and standing, which is an ideal way to work, as referred to by many researchers.

But how to choose the best electric sit-stand desk converters and the best electric adjustable standing desk converter in the market. In this article, we will enlist some of the best standing desk converters to work with the variety of office desks and a precise standing desk converters buying guide.

Best Standing Desk Converters in the Market

Best Standing Desk Converters in the Market

Working in a standing position has many benefits compared to sitting all day. Standing desk converters are a cheap alternative to standing desks. When there are tons of options for standing desk converters in the market, you need to choose wisely. Here are some top electric standing desk converters that will fit any kind of workplace.

1. Mount It! Standing Desk Converter

Mount It! electric standing desk converter

Just because you are buying a standing desk converter does not mean you have to compromise on the whole design. This standing desk converter is proof of that. With the best ergonomic comfort, this converter allows 45 pounds weight capacity. The 45 degrees tilt angle provides an ergonomic view. The Mount-It motorized standing desk converter is loved for its quality as well as 10 years warranty.

2. Flexispot Standing Desk Converter

If you are worried about raising your multi-monitor setup, Flexispot electric standing desk converter is the best bet. This one has many positive reviews and also offers a great X-lift structure. You will get one-of-a-kind strength, and the quality will last you for years. One of the best qualities is the affordability of the quality offered by this product.

3. VariDesk Pro Plus

VariDesk Pro Plus electric standing desk converter

The Varidesk Pro Plus desk conversion kit is one of the most appealing desk conversion kits on the market today. This stand-up desk converter has great desk riser quality and standing height stability, ensuring a smooth and wobbling-free experience for its users. This two-tiered adjustable standing desk converter adjusts your displays, keyboard, and mouse simultaneously, making it one of the best standing desk converter solutions for your workspace.

4. Ready Desk Converter

The Ready electric standing desk converter offers a work area large enough to accommodate two 27-inch monitors, an adjustable height to accommodate most persons standing between five feet and six feet three inches, and built-in wire management.

If you need more area or need to raise your laptop a few inches, you may purchase an additional shelf or a laptop rise.

5. VIVO Standing Desk Converter

VIVO electric standing desk converter

This one checks many boxes for a great standing desk converter. One great feature is the ability to set up easily. The desk converter is suitable for various work types and can be mounted on any surface. The height is also fully adjustable, and this desk is rated as one of the best electric convertors of a modern workplace.

How to Find the Right Adjustable Standing Desk Converter for Laptop

To work while standing sounds tiring, and not everyone's cup of tea. Hence not all of us are up for giving up our office desks or simple work from home desks. Standing desks might sound appealing, but a standing desk converter seems like a reasonable option for people who are still skeptical about any reason. Hence here are some things to consider before you pick out your first electric standing desk converter ever.


Price of electric standing desk converter

Your budget matters the most whatever product you are going to purchase. Stand-up desk converters have the advantage of being less expensive than full-standing workstations.

Basic alternatives start at $50 and go up to $1,000+ for electronic converters. Less expensive variants, such as fixed height risers or basic manual adjustment desks, are likely to miss some of the more expensive types' features, such as electronic converters. In most cases, you get what you pay for, and standing desk adapters are no exception.

Height Range

What's the point of buying a standing desk convertor if the product doesn't match the height range? Standing desk and standing desk converters come with a preset height range which you can usually find written on the box. Make sure your converters meet the height range. Here are some factors to take care of

  • You are not taller than the desk's highest standing position.
  • When sitting, the keyboard tray is low enough, and it is high enough when standing.
  • The monitor can be raised to a comfortable viewing angle.



There are many standing desk converters in the market. The two most common types include electric and manual standing desk converters. Each manufacturer might offer a different technology, so you should use one that suits your needs and is easy to use. For instance, a perk like standing desk connect allows you to program the setting and adjust it with just a button push.


Many customers have stability concerns after two or three months; the platform begins to wiggle, or the entire workstation wobbles.

That's something you don't want to happen. As a result, finding a stable product at all heights is critical to ensuring a functional and comfortable working environment.

Load Capacity

Like the desk, the standing desk converter also has to bear the load. Hence ensure that your desk is strong enough to withstand the load you are putting on it. Check the manufacturer's rating for maximum load and ensure to buy a product that offers at least 10lb above your load limit.

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