Crank Standing Desk vs. Electric Desk vs. Converter
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Crank Standing Desk vs. Electric Desk vs. Converter

|Feb 21, 2022

The whole idea of using a standing desk in a workplace revolves around the numerous benefits of this wonderful piece of furniture. That being said, standing desks might be a weird concept to get used to at first, but they are in no way becoming obsolete in the near future. Especially when we talk about modern ergonomic workplaces, a home standing desk will be a major part of every working setup.

This particular benefit of using a standing desk in your office has made users come up with different options in terms of uses, features, and prices. The idea behind this is to encourage standing desks for employees without putting them through an extensive load of affording expensive desks.

Hence, this article will cover the three types of standing desks: a crank standing desk, a standing desk converter, and an electric desk riser. By weighing out the pros and cons of each type, you can easily choose between crank vs. electric standing desk vs. a motorized standing desk converter.

Crank Adjustable Desk

crank standing desk

Turning a crank on a hand crank standing desk allows you to alter the desk's height manually. From sitting to standing, it takes several revolutions. You'll want to figure out the ideal heights for both sitting and standing and then keep track of how many times you have to turn the crank to get there.

Pros of Crank Adjustable Desk

  • The biggest advantage of a crank sit-stand desk is that they are less expensive than an electric desk. This is because of the manual effort you have to put into these desks.
  • There is no need for power with no electric system required to operate the desk. This has dual benefits as no use of power means there is no electricity expense, and this crank standing desk is a one-time investment. Secondly, this also allows you the freedom to place the desk anywhere. You are not limited to staying close to the power outlet.
  • A less complex structure means less complex issues. You don't have to worry about recurring maintenance issues and other problems with a hand crank standing desk. These desks can last as long as ten years without requiring a single repair.
  • Hand crank standing desks are also available in a larger size than an electric standing desk.

Cons of Crank Adjustable Desk

  • The biggest limitation (which could be a deal-breaker) is that crank desks are tough to operate. The manual crank is no game since it requires a lot of force to alter the desk height. And when it comes to the added weight of the accessories, the force required is even more.
  • Compared to electric desks, crank standing desks have a 20-30% lower lifting capacity. More cranks per inch of motion are required for desks with a larger weight capacity.
  • Crank desks are also poor in providing the right balance you need for your office accessories and desk items to stay in place.

Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

Electric standing desks are the smartest kinds of standing desks in the market, and they are very equipped. They don't need extensive operating procedures, nor do they have certain performance limitations.

Pros of Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

  • They are very versatile. You don't have to worry about height adjustment with an electric desk since the motors do all the work. Hence you can get more options such as an L-shaped standing desk and even a duo standing desk.
  • Electric standing desks are also very effortless. It's simple to move the desk by pushing the button up or down. The push-button action requires the least effort to use, whether the user is on the phone or has their hands full.
  • Because the desk moves with the help of motors, the size of the desks available is virtually unlimited. Three motors are commonly found on larger L and U-shaped standing desks than two on rectangle configurations.
  • You also don’t have to worry about the desk losing the balance or uneven height adjustment. Electric standing desks also offer certain features such as pre-set height settings, certain connectivity, the right way to switch between sitting and standing.

Cons of Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

  • The biggest con of an electric standing desk is their high price. They are very expensive.
  • They require a power outlet. Hence they contribute to your electricity bill and are limited to strictly keeping near a power supply.

Standing Desk Converter

Standing Desk Converter

The debate on standing desks vs. converters has been long due, and many people still think twice before deciding what kind of standing desk is the best fit for them. Though a standing desk converter, by all means, seems like a simple solution, there are certain pros and cons of this type of standing desk solution for your office.

Pros of Standing Desk Converter

  • Standing desk converters are the simplest; hence they are the cheapest. They start as low as $100, which means you can convert your already present workstation into an ergonomic one for a pretty cheap rate. However, modern models like an electric standing desk are expensive.
  • The second advantage of using a standing desk converter is that they are portable. A standing desk converter does the job well for people who are always on the go and have to work while traveling yet don't want to be in bed during important meetings.
  • Standing desk converters are also very easy to use. They are ready-made, and hence most of them require zero to none assembly. This saves you a lot of time and makes the use easier.
  • One of the biggest advantages of using a desk converter is that you don't have to discard your existing work desk. Standing desk converters land at the top of your existing desk; hence, you can also use the existing desk for other purposes.

Cons of Standing Desk Converter

  • Besides many benefits, standing desk converters do keep you limited when it comes to space. Since they are made to be mounted on the top of an already existing desk, they are smaller and less wide.
  • A common trouble for people with a standing desk converter is that they are not useful for shorter people. They are on the top of a desk; hence you have to bear with that extra platform.
  • They are also usually heavier; hence if you need a sit-stand option for kids, a standing desk converter might not be the most user-friendly option for you.
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