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Employee Compensation Types To Attract Talented Employees

Employee Compensation Types To Attract Talented Employees

|Nov 14, 2021

Compensation refers to the benefits, wages, or salaries that different employees receive in return for their work. It can consist of hourly wages or annual salaries along with incentives, benefits, and payments. Employee compensation further comprises short-term insurance for disability, contributions during retirement, and health care group coverage. The employee benefit trends generally have most of these components.

It can seem intimidating to assemble a comprehensive package of benefits and compensation. However, your company must have an employee compensation program that complies with all the legal employee compensation benefits. In addition, you can include promotion gifts ideas to attract some talented employees.

Here we will discuss in detail about the types of employee compensation to entice talented employees.

Types of employee compensation to attract talented employees

1. Plans of insurance

plans of insurance

Insurance plans are types of employee compensation that can help your employees realize you value them. You can implement this by making your organization cover the costs of medical care of your employees. This helps your employees if they have sudden death, accidents, dismemberment, or disability. Other medical treatments that insurance can cover include biometric screening and dental checkups.

2. Corporate discounts

Corporate discounts are a part of employee perks for small businesses. They refer to the discounts the employees get on the original services or goods offered by the employer. Companies do this to perform an internal examination of their product before launching them to the outer world. This employee compensation package can help you attract more talented employees to your company.

3. Paid leaves during sickness

paid leaves

The health of the employees must be the employer’s top priority. When employees are sick, they will be unable to work. In case they try to work in that situation, it will affect their efficiency and productivity. Here you can provide employee compensation, meaning that they will get compensation without working. When these employees get better and feel, their work ethic will take on new vigor. And it will improve the quality of their work.

4. Time off

Time off refers to holidays, vacations, sick days, and days of personal interest. Some employers are not often in a position to provide their employees with competitive salaries and wages. They often offer some time off as employee compensation in this regard. Other employers further do not draw a clear distinction between sick days, personal days, and days of vacation.

5. Wages and salary

wages and salary

Within employee compensation benefits, you can include wages and salaries to attract talented employees. In this case, the salary varies according to the skills and experience of the person. The salary of the employee will increase depending on their performance, contribution, and value that they add to the company.

6. Bonuses

The most common employee compensation types consist of bonuses. They are employee benefits packages that include incentives that get annually paid. Employees get the bonus in a lump sum at the year-end. You can do this along with plans to share profits. This is in relation to the success of the company. Here you can reward or compensate employees for meeting their goals as per their individual performances.

7. Stock options

This is an employee purchase program where employees are asked to purchase a considerable amount of shares. This must be for a certain period and at a fixed price. It is not similar to an equity package as the employees will not get any ownership over their company. Several stock options require employees to work for three to five years before they can get this type of compensation.

8. Equity package

equity package

An equity package is a kind of employee compensation. In this package, employees are provided with the opportunity to have a certain level of ownership in their company. This can be through stock shares or the chance to buy these shares.

In start-up companies, an equity package is quite common. These businesses may require funding as they can be low on cash. This is why they will need incentives to retain or attract talented employees to their company.

9. Hourly wage

Semi-skilled, part-time, temporary, contract, or unskilled workers get hourly wages. This is provided to them for their labor and time. Jobs, where employees get hourly wages include construction, hospitality, and retail industries. Employees receiving hourly wages will get paid for working overtime. This includes additional hours that they have put in outside the set contract. When setting the wages of your employees, you have to comply with the legislation of local minimum wage.

10. Plans for retirement

plans for retirement

Employers may provide a 401K plan as it is cheaper than other pension programs. Their administration process is also quite simple. Employees have greater control over how much they invest and contribute, which is the reason why they support these plans. Several employees try to match with the invested amount or contribute in some other way.

11. Reimbursement of Tuition

If a company decides to select tuition reimbursement to meet the educational expenses of employees, then it can be good compensation. Employees need to pay by themselves before they participate in a course. Later, the employer can pay a full or partial amount for the course.

12. Training employees

training employees

You can train your employees by providing them with the opportunity to grow. In such cases, the employer must provide their employees with the essential capital or resources. You can try the same thing for employees who are new in the field. For instance, you can give them the opportunity of enhancing their skills by making payments to attend conferences and lectures.


In case you have a new business, your main focus may be on employing talented individuals in your company. Employee compensation can enable your company to reach that growth. This can benefit both you and the employees that you hire. Soon, you will be attracting new employees to your company.

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