Employee Wellness Survey: 5 Must-Have Questions for Businesses
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Employee Wellness Survey: 5 Must-Have Questions for Businesses

|Nov 4, 2021

Employees are the most important part of a company. No business can keep running without workers, so you need to keep the ones you already have with you. The problem with that is that you may not always know what they want or need, and not everyone has time to ask them all.

However, you can’t leave your workers’ needs unattended, so it’s essential to do something to at least try to make their work-life balance better. Many companies decide not to do that and end up losing all their employees.

Your competitors are always looking for an opportunity to get an advantage over you, and that includes hiring your employees for their company. If you take one of your workers for granted, don’t doubt that other companies are going to be waiting for them to leave your business to offer them better opportunities and deals.

The best way to prevent that from happening is with an employee wellness survey. This strategy always turns out to be very insightful, so pay attention to the results it gives you.

You need to ask the right questions if you want the process to work. Read this page to know the must-have questions you should make in your employee wellness survey!

What Is Employee Wellness?

As its name suggests, employee wellness is the overall satisfaction grade and promotion of the physical and mental health of your employees. If you want to ensure employee wellness in your company, you need to make sure all your workers are feeling and working as safely as possible.

Promoting employee wellness also includes addressing any issue that could make your employees work or feel bad during their working hours.

When a company tries to have better employee wellness levels, it should always aim to ensure its workers' optimal physical and mental health. Office workers tend to suffer from similar health issues since those problems mostly come from something they do at the office.

Back pain, for example, comes from working in a bad position, and that issue could develop into neck pain and even more severe health conditions. If you find out your employees are struggling with bad posture issues, the least you could do is to get wholesale office furniture for them.

Getting a smart standing desk or an ergonomic chair is excellent if you want to not only ensure employee wellness at your office but also boost productivity and improve their overall work performance. Even if their workers don’t need it, many managers are looking forward to having an ergonomic workspace.

There are many other ways to improve the way your workers feel and prevent any other issues from happening. Still, you can’t do something to fix a problem if you don’t know what the issue is in the first place. 

You need to make the best questions you can in your employee wellness survey. Apart from that, you should make those wellness program surveys something recurrent in your company. Do them from time to time to let your team know you care about them and what they think.  

What Is Employee Wellness

Why Are Employee Wellness Surveys Important?

Working is stressful at times, especially when you don’t have someone to look after you and ask you how you feel. That could make you feel uncomfortable while working and suffer from significant deals of anxiety, mental exhaustion, and stress. 

As we mentioned previously in this article, workers are the most important part of a company, so working without proper employees who can get the job done is not going to help you in the long term. What you need is people you can rely on and trust with your eyes closed. 

However, you need to put an effort into it if you want to build that trust, and a monthly employee wellness program can help you do it. You can’t keep going with your weekly company operations without asking your workers how they feel. Apart from that, these health and wellness survey questions tell you which things to avoid in the future. 

When hiring new workers, you don’t want them to go through the same struggles that your current employees are complaining about in those surveys. Instead of doing things to improve the individual experience of the workers complaining, you can change the company to avoid those issues in the future. 

Getting back to what we said about building trust, that can help you in many ways in the near future. Workers always want their bosses to trust them, but managers are also interested in making their employees rely on them. That makes them stay loyal to your company. 

Once you’ve done enough wellness surveys for employees, and when your workers know you want your office to be a healthy workspace for everyone, you can see the mood change in your office and the positive outcomes this can get you. Try to run several wellness survey questions to optimize your office. 

Why Are Employee Wellness Surveys Important

What Questions Should I Include in an Employee Wellness Survey?

Employee surveys can bring excellent benefits to your company, but they are useless if you make the wrong questions. That’s because not asking what you need to ask your workers can lead you to receive answers you didn’t want or that you don’t care about. 

We want you to do everything the best way possible, so here you can find the must-have questions in employee wellness surveys. These questions lead employees to tell you everything you need to know to make your office a better place for everyone. Remember you can always add other questions if you feel like it.  

Do You Think Stress from Work Is Affecting Your Personal Life?

This is one of the most important health and wellness survey questions you should ask your workers. People always say that you can’t mix your professional life with your personal life and vice versa, but that’s impossible if one of the two gets too overwhelming for you. 

As for your personal life, you can always try to control the situations and what happens to you, but that doesn’t work that way at the office. You always have more assignments to do, and depending on what your job is, you have to do them immediately. 

Having a lot of things to do at the same time can be overwhelming for some people, and that could affect your workers' personal lives, and therefore, their work performance. If they answer that stress is affecting their personal life, try giving them less work for the week to see what happens (if possible). Doing that gives them time to organize their schedule and the things they have to do.

Do You Think Stress from Work

Do You Tend to Eat a Snack During Your Work Hours?

Keep in mind that the goal of making an employee wellness survey is to improve your workspace and make your workers feel better while working. That being said, asking them if they feel hungry or if they eat during working hours is helpful to know what to do about your office in the near future. 

You can, for example, give them longer lunch breaks for them to have more time to eat everything they want with no trouble. If that doesn’t seem to be the issue, you can also try to add a café or something where they can buy food without needing to go too far away from the office. 

Eating properly is fundamental to having enough energy to work. Having an unhealthy diet or skipping meals is the worst thing you can do while working in the office. Analyze the answer your employees give you and determine what is the best thing to do. 

It’s important to know that, sometimes, you may not be able to help everyone. That’s because all your employees are different from each other, so they can have all kinds of problems. As a manager or boss, the best you can do is try your best to solve the most severe issues at hand.

Do You Tend to Eat a Snack

Do You Feel Comfortable with Your Co-Workers?

Here is another important thing that you should input in your wellness survey questions. This is, in some situations, something inevitable. It’s common to see at least two people holding a grudge against each other because of something that happened at the office. The problem with that is that it directly affects the office’s mood and both people’s working performances. 

You don’t need your workers to be friends, but it’s ideal for you that they can work together with no problem or without making a scene at the office. The best way to achieve this is with team bonding activities. 

It’s almost impossible for you as a boss to stop people from disliking their peers. However, you can organize team bonding activities to teach everyone how to successfully work as a team without damaging each other’s work. Doing that does not only help you ease the situation but also boosts the overall team’s productivity in the long run. 

Regardless of that, you still need to choose which team bonding activities are best for your company. If you see that the two people arguing still do it anyway, consider transferring them to another office or something to separate them from each other.

Do You Feel Comfortable with Your Co-Workers

Are You Willing to Attend a Wellness Program at Work?

Answering questions from a wellness program survey is not the same as attending a wellness program. Not everyone wants to spend a few hours or one day trying to get along with their peers, especially if it’s on weekends. 

You need to find the perfect activities to prevent your employees from getting bored or not going to the program at all. Specify that the program’s only goal is to make them feel better and improve the office’s environment and mood. If the answer is yes, you could follow up by asking them how they would want that program to be. 

If the answer’s no, you can ask them why they don’t want to go through the program and if they would like to do another thing instead. 

Doing these things for the first time is not easy, but you can make it if you have enough help and put effort into it. You can reward your workers for going to the wellness programs, so think about helping them make optimal workspace setups or offer them an employee purchase program for products for the company. 

Ergonomic products are also an excellent thing for office workers, so consider getting some for them. Using an ergonomic chair and a standing desk can correct your posture and reduce back pain, which allows you to be more active while being at your office. However, make sure to get the best products you can find on the market.

Are You Willing to Attend a Wellness Program at Work

Ask Yourself

Even if you already asked all your employees how they feel and organized a wellness program for them, it’s not fair if you don’t do things to feel better, too. You also work at that company, so you deserve to feel comfortable while working.

Make a list of the things you don’t feel comfortable with and look for solutions for it as if you were another employee of the company. Ask yourself too with the same wellness survey for employees and get your point of view. You don’t know if another worker has the same worries as you, so you could be helping them by doing that.

Ask Yourself

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Regardless of how skilled you are at work, your work performance can worsen over time if you don’t feel comfortable while working. You need to constantly ask yourself, your co-workers, and employees what they would like to change about the company.  

Remember you are not alone in this, so you can also ask for advice and see what other people have to tell you about employee wellness programs as well as employee wellness survey. 

Dive into our page if you want to know more about office working and things related to it! We offer all kinds of ergonomic chairs, standing desks, and office accessories.

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