The Ergonomic Benefits of Chair Armrest
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The Ergonomic Benefits of Chair Armrest

|Jun 5, 2021

Several features make a piece of furniture comfortable. As the world becomes more aware of healthy practices and improved wellness in workplaces, the modifications in workplace furniture are becoming more about comfort rather than aesthetics. Though nobody likes an ugly chair or a hideous desk in their workplace, combining aesthetics and comfort is the art of today's ergonomically suitable furniture.

Sure, we are all impressed with the details and tiny helpful features of an office ergonomic chair, but some details play a greater role than the others, and the role of chair armrest ergonomics cannot be ignored. Here is a detailed discussion of the benefits of a chair armrest and why you should always opt for an office chair with adjustable arms. After all, a chair with an armrest brings wellness and comfort to your work life more than anything else.


Why Office Chair Should Have Armrests

The chair armrest ergonomics is often a controversial discussion, and sadly enough, many people don't consider the armrest as one of the crucial ergonomic office chair features.  The question 'Are office chair armrests Good' always revolves whenever there is a discussion regarding comfort and productivity in the workplace.

Some people might consider armrests a hindrance to keeping you closer to the desk, while some may find the certain angle of elbows too tiring for the forearms. Few may also argue that armrests give rise to laziness and cause unproductivity. Both ways, armrests have been one of the most initial and popular features of a work chair, and it is hard to imagine a workplace with chairs that have no arms.


To put a fair point, the importance of armrests in work chairs goes far beyond aesthetic purposes, and many people now realize the importance of keeping your arms comfortable while working. One research proves that arms and hands comprise 12% of body mass, so keeping that percentage uncomfortable will tire your whole body in a few hours.

Though people who oppose having armrests on chairs present the idea of armrests causing our shoulders to shrug, thus giving rise to improper posture, this seems like genuine concern. Still, the solution isn't to negate the need for an armrest from a work chair but to opt for office ergonomic chairs with proper armrests. An ergonomic armrest of office chairs fulfills the purpose it is made for without making your shoulder blades shrug and prevents leaning postures.

There are many reasons why you should choose a work chair with an armrest instead of a chair (no matter how reasonable) without armrests.

Reduce Muscle Tension


Our neck and upper back are one of the majorly affected muscles because of improper sitting. And sadly enough, this pain stretches to the lower back if not dealt with properly. Armrests allow you to release the muscle tension in the upper back and support your elbows to prevent muscular fatigue. It also lets our shoulders relax and lose the strain.

Good Posture

Our bodies are made ideal with the proper ratio, and the natural posture is the healthiest for all body organs to function. If you have been struggling with improper posture or leaning towards the front, then you must give a check to your sitting habits. Poor sitting is the major reason why many people suffer from improper posture in their life. Armrests help you relax your shoulders, so there is no leaning forward.

Easy Movement


Armrests are not only to rest your arms, but they are very supportive for people who have a hard time switching between sitting and standing. Especially for people who are overweight or old need a helping hand to sit when standing or vice versa. Strong armrests can be extremely helpful to them and prevent pressure from falling on their lower backs.

What to Look for in an Office Chair with Armrests

Having armrests in a work chair shouldn't be the only concern, but choosing the right kind, type, and armrest structure is what makes the difference. The problem arises when people don't pay heed to the factors that make an armrest a win-win or a failure in the workplace.


Armrests too high or too low will create uneasiness and may give rise to either extreme. The whole discussion between to have or not to have armrests in work chairs revolves around the two extremes, but a lesser-known fact is the neutral point between two arguments is where the solution lies.

If having a chair armrest ergonomics doesn't work for you and not having them isn't pleasing you either, then you need to opt for the third option, which is the right selection of armrests for your work chair. Here are some factors that govern the impact of armrests on your health and physical wellness.



The width of chair armrest ergonomics defines how well your forearm, elbow, and wrist rests against the work chair. The width should be wide enough to provide surface area for your forearm, so the pressure and load divide equally rather than subjecting a particular area of the arm under pressure.


The length of the chair armrest ergonomics should be enough to support the elbow, forearm as well as wrist. A length covering any less than that can cause a wrist strain or hurt the finger joints. The advantage of using armrests with proper length is removing strain from wrists; thus, the subject feels comfortable even after long hours of using the mouse with their hand.



Adjustability is the key to achieving the chair armrest ergonomics, and without having adjustability, no chair can suit all. Since every individual is different, the right armrest position is where the elbows rest naturally without shrugging or slouching. The adjustability of armrests includes their height, length, width, and pivot. Ergonomic chairs help you adjust these to conform to each body type and shape.

Features of the Best Office Chair with Armrests


If you know and learn about the importance of having the correct armrests for your chair, choosing the perfect chair isn't much of a hassle.  A great office chair that has ergonomic armrests is adjustable and suitable to various individual's needs.

Thanks to the manufacturers who pay attention to office ergonomics and help you choose comfort over anything. ErgoChair Pro is a well-known and famous product belonging to the high comfort and high-efficiency furniture' family.

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