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Ergonomic Office Chairs that Support Back is Necessary for Back Pain

Autonomous Autonomous | Dec 1, 2018

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Ergonomic office chairs are the first and foremost piece of furniture that an office should have on their floor. Every desk worker spends a lot of time sitting on the chairs that support their body. Ergonomic office chairs that support back pain are designed specifically to provide the right support at right angles to avoid back and neck pains and other related injuries.

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An office chair without the right support can be devastating to the body of the person sitting down on it for long hours. Sitting down on an office chair does cause stress to the muscles which under prolonged stress can wear and tear causing major health issues. Back pain is becoming the most deadly of workplace-related health issues affecting millions of people. Office chairs are known to be a major factor to influence such adverse impacts on desk workers. Ergonomic office chairs that support back can help in back pain and support the back preventing damage and injuries.

Why you need an office chair with back support

Office chairs are meant to be comfortable and support the body of the person sitting on it to reduce strain on the back. Ergonomic office chairs are the ones specifically designed by experts to support the back and reduce back pain with correct body posture.

Keep your lower back and pelvis in the correct posture

Lower back pain and strain is a major issue among the desk workers who spend hours sitting on their chairs in front of a desk. Our lower back is naturally slightly curved inwards which depicts the proper alignment of the two pelvis regions PSIS and ASIS. In order to have a proper posture, these two needs to be aligned to one another forming the curve convex upwards.

Ergonomic chairs with lumbar support thus make for a great choice to support the lower back and instigate proper sitting posture. Our lower back takes a lot of weight of the body regularly while sitting down on an office chair for long working hours. If not taken proper care and adjust the position of sitting, you will end up having chronic back pain and injuries.

Improve your sitting posture

Ergonomic office chairs are meant to be body loving and provide the best support to the back. A good posture is the only answer to prevent strain on the back. An ergonomic chair comes with back support, arm support, lumbar support and many other adjustable options to provide your back the best support. It also corrects your slouching posture and makes you sit relaxed yet at a position that will not put extra pressure on the back and neck.    

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Your back should be naturally curved with the lumbar support keeping the lower back in a convex shape. It also comes with adjustable height, armrest, depth, etc which allows the person sitting to make it suit their body. It is ideal to have your feet firmly on the ground, your elbows at keyboard level and your eyesight at the top of the monitor while your back is relaxed and pushed back on the back support. An ergonomic office chair with back support will allow you to adjust the position of your sitting to prevent back pain.                         

Make you feel comfortable

An ergonomic chair is meant to support the body and make your body feel relaxed without any strain on the muscles. The adjustable components in an ergonomic office chairs allow you to customize the chair according to your body shape and requirement for best comfort. An ergonomic chair is made with comfort and support in mind which makes it high quality than any other normal office chair.

It can adjust to any body shape, size or weight and allow for comfortable sitting over a longer period without feeling any discomfort or pain. The additional lumbar support on some ergonomic office chairs makes it compelling for people with a lower back issue to have a comfortable seat.

Additionally, the materials used in an ergonomic chair are used with comfort in focus making the seats softer and the back relaxing.

Avoid injuries to back

An ergonomic chair is meant to support the back of the person sitting on the chair at the correct posture. If someone is having a sore back or prolonged back issue, ergonomic chair specifically meant for back pain can really help improve the condition or at least prevent it from getting worse. Proper posture allows the person spending hours on office chairs to have a relaxed back to avoid injuries to the back from constant pressure on the neck and back muscles.

Reduce the need for trunk flexion

If you are sitting in a wrong position with no back support, it will be difficult for you to reach to other objects on the desk. You might have to reach for it and put extra strain on the muscles on your lower back. This can go on repetitively causing more and more strain on the same area that can cause lower back issues and pain. If you sitting in a correct upright posture, you will have a better reach without moving your whole body/trunk forward to reach for objects.

Prevent forward head posture

Forward head posture is a major issue for the upper and middle back that affect a large section of desk workers. It is due to the underlying issue of bad posture that makes us lean forward to see our monitor or work on the keyboard. This position is very harmful to the back and can cause chronic back pain and injuries in the long run.

Our shoulder blades should align straight to the side of our body and not move forward while using the keyboard. This is why an ergonomic chair can greatly impact the way we sit on our chairs and prevent the bad posture affecting our body. An adjustable armrest allows us to have our shoulders aligned with the body and prevent the stretching of the arms and shoulders to reach the keyboard. Similarly, the headrest and the back support prevent the forward head posture which can cause strain to the neck muscles.

How to find a chair that supports your back effectively

Now as you know why an ergonomic chair with back support is very important, let us see how to find out our ideal office chair that can support our body and prevent the injuries and back pains.

Adjustable armrest

The armrest is very essential to keep the shoulders in alignment with the side of the body. It is also essential to keep the arms in the same plane as the keyboard or the desk. This will ensure our arms are at best position to prevent any strain on the muscles. The adjustable armrest is also useful in cases when the people sitting on the office chairs vary in height. It will allow the person to adjust the position of his arms based on his height and comfort.

Adjustable height

An ergonomic office chair should have an adjustable height option to align the eye level of the person sitting on the chair with the top section of the monitor. Your feet should be firmly on the ground and your thighs parallel to the floor. In most cases, if the alignment is not correct, it will make it difficult for the person to focus on the monitor without straining his neck. Adjustable height cuts the chances of neck injuries by allowing the user to move the seat up and down based on his height and monitor position to align with the eye level.

Adjustable Back support

The backrest is a very vital component in an ergonomic chair that supports proper posture. Our back is not straight and is slightly curved. An ergonomic chair is made based on the natural shape of our spine to provide better support and prevent strain on the muscles. Not all person is the same and nor their body structure, which makes it more and more necessary to have adjustable back support.

A good quality ergonomic office chair will have the option to adjust the back support backward and forward to adjust to the requirements of the person sitting on it. The tilt and angle of the backrest play an important role in relaxing the back to avoid strain on the muscles. An ergonomic chair with reclining option is a good option to have for relaxing the back.

Adjustable Lumbar support

Lumbar or lower back support is essential to maintain the natural curve of our spines. If we are forced to sit upright without taking into consideration our natural spine curve, it will result in dislocation or damage to the spine. To prevent such a condition, check for adjustable lumbar support in your office chair.

Adjustable lumbar support allows the person sitting on the chair to move the support up or down based on their body shape. Otherwise, it will strain your lower back and cause pain and injuries to the lower back.

Check the seat material

The materials used in the seats can also add up to the comfort and ergonomic aspect of an office chair. If the office chair seat has a softer material it will provide better support to the spine and the back allowing it to be in a correct posture. On the other hand, if the seat is hard or made of uneven material it will not provide equal support to the body and can strain the muscles on the weaker side.

Office chairs with back support for back pain have extra padding and foam to support the back and provide more comfort. It is thus necessary to check the material you are getting that is effective in supporting the back or simply act as style material.

How can ergonomic office chairs help in back pain

Ergonomic office chairs that support back is necessary for back pain - Image 3

Ergonomic chairs can hugely impact your back pain and prevent it from getting worse. It can help in reducing the strain on the muscles and prevent back pain. Ergonomic chairs are meant to be supportive and caring for the back. They have adjustable parts to allow the user to custom set the supports to match the need and body structure of the person.

Support body for a correct posture

An ergonomic office chair provides support to the parts of the body that affects the posture, especially the back, lower back, neck, arms, and shoulders. Studies and experts have suggested having a slightly curved posture with lumbar support to support the natural shape of the spine. Additionally, our arms should be parallel to the floor while typing and perpendicular to the upper arms to avoid strain to the upper arm or neck.

An ergonomic office chair takes these in consideration with adjustable height, seats, backrest, armrest and, to support proper posture. It prevents slouching and forward head postures which are not spine-friendly and cause injuries.

Provide movement

Most ergonomic office chairs come with swivel and wheels to allow for some movement while sitting down for long hours working on the computer. Sitting in a similar posture for a long time can result in a strain on the muscles which later can cause wear and tear or injuries. It is ideal for every desk worker to have a timeout to move around and change the sitting position to relax the muscles. Additionally, the swivel features increase the reach of the person sitting on the chair and does not have to stretch their arms at full length to reach for objects. This, in turn, can help reduce the strain on the back and help in back pain.

Provide comfort

A good quality ergonomic chair is built with quality materials that are comfortable to use and sit for long hours. Most modern ergonomic chairs are ditching the old heavy leather upholstery to go with cleaner looking mesh design. You will find the mixture of comfort and style in the range of modern ergonomic office chairs to match most office decor and styles.

The materials along with adjustable components on the ergonomic chairs make it ideal for comfort and support to the body. They provide optimum support to sit for long hours without fatigue and straining your back.

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