Ergonomic Office Design for Your Employees' Health
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Ergonomic Office Design for Your Employees' Health

|Oct 7, 2021

Managing a business is not easy at all. You need to take many things into account to make sure your employees feel comfortable. 

Many things could decrease your productivity, so it’s essential to put effort into helping your employees feel better while working.  

One of the most effective ways of boosting productivity and creativity is making an ergonomic office layout.  

That includes finding the correct ergonomic furniture for your workers. Yet, making an ergonomic office space is more than just purchasing ergonomic products. You need to consider many things before doing it.  

Things such as your budget, product adjustability, product quality, and activity space are fundamental when creating an ergonomic office layout. It may seem overwhelming, but you can do it if you read what we have to tell you. Keep reading this article to know how to make an ergonomic office design for your employees’ health! 

Why Are Ergonomic Features Important?

Why Are ergonomic office designs Important

Getting products with ergonomic features determines if your employees do an average job or if they increase their work performance. That’s because office items with ergonomic features provide many more benefits than traditional office products. 

Those benefits not only promote your well-being and increase your creativity, though. People can suffer from many health issues while working. However, those problems don’t come from the job itself, but from working while feeling uncomfortable.  

That’s one of the main reasons people get ergonomic products for their ergonomic office design. Feeling uncomfortable while working significantly jeopardizes your work performance.  

Some stats show the impact that office working can have on health and productivity. The main issue that office workers tend to suffer from is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and back pain. Depending on what your job consists of, you may suffer from both problems.  

Programmers and graphic designers often get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome after working for an extended period without using ergonomic products.  

Back pain and neck pain are more common among office workers who need to sit on their chairs all day. Back pain normally comes from working in a bad posture for your spine. The worst thing about suffering from back pain is that it makes working an uncomfortable activity.  

Many people ignore that they have this problem and keep working like nothing’s happening. Yet, the issue just intensifies over time, which makes the pain even worse. That makes you work under uncomfortable conditions.  

Doing that triggers other problems such as anxiety, stress, and mental exhaustion. After some time working under those conditions, you may start to dislike the idea of working. Regardless of that, you don’t need to get to that point.  

You can prevent all that from happening by investing in ergonomic products for your ergonomic office design.


High-quality ergonomic chairs provide you with optimal lumbar support. That feature focuses on supporting your back at all times to reduce and prevent back pain. Additionally, the chair’s design is made to adapt to your body to help you adopt an optimal posture while working. 

Those functions are extremely helpful by themselves. Fortunately, ergonomic chairs bring you even more benefits. You can adjust their features to fit your body characteristics and taste. Thanks to that, you don’t need to worry about buying a product that is not your size. The same happens with standing desks in your ergonomic office design.  

Unlike what many people think, working while standing brings you wonderful benefits. That’s because that posture is the ideal posture you should have while working. However, you can switch from standing to sitting any time you want to.  

Working in the same position for hours can also reduce your productivity, so that’s an excellent feature.  

As you could see, ergonomic chairs and standing desks can keep many issues from happening by themselves. Regardless of that, you can get even more items to optimize your workspace and work in a better way. Office gadgets such as LED desk lamps and desk organizers do a great job making you feel better while working.  

How Can I Improve my Employees’ Productivity?

How Can I Improve my Employees’ Productivity

The best way to improve your productivity is by making an ergonomic office design for your workspace. Investing in those products can represent a profitable decision in the long run.  

Experts agree that using items with ergonomic features helps you improve your work performance.  

That doesn’t mean you can’t work with traditional office items. However, doing it with the products we are mentioning represents a highly beneficial advantage. Using those products doesn’t help you if you don’t use them right, though. You need to take all the time you can to get the item you feel most comfortable with. 

After that, it’s essential to make all the adjustments needed to make the chair or desk fit your body characteristics. It could seem like a nuisance, but we assure you it’s worth it. Improving your office’s aesthetics is also an excellent way of boosting your productivity.  

Working at an ergonomic desk design that looks appealing to you makes your brain feel more active while doing it. Many people ignore that fact and decide to not buy office wall decor for their workstations. Try to save some of your budget for decorations and enjoy the benefits of it! 

You don’t need to spend all your budget on that, though. Getting a chair model that you visually like also helps. If the item you are buying is available in more than one color, choose the one that best adapts to your office’s aesthetics. Don’t hesitate to invest in office desk decor!


How To Design an Ergonomic Office

Now that you know why ergonomic products are so important, it’s time to see how to make a proper ergonomic office layout. As we mentioned before, doing it is not only buying products with ergonomic features.  

You need to put effort into it if you want to get the advantages we mentioned before.  

We know it seems difficult, but we are here to help you do it in the best way possible. Follow the steps below to make the best ergonomic office space for you. Remember you can add more steps if you want to.  

1. Measure Your Space

Measure Your Space in ergonomic office design

You can’t buy ergonomic products blindfolded. Even if you can adjust those items when you get them, you still need to measure your space and analyze how much you want for each thing. For example, getting a large ergonomic desk for your ergonomic office design is great, but doing it can leave you with no space for your chair. 

Feeling trapped in your workstation can make you feel stress and anxiety, which worsens your work quality. The ideal thing is to have enough space for you to work and walk around your office. Take the measurements of your office and buy your products accordingly.  

The same happens with your body characteristics. Most ergonomic products allow you to adjust some features, but not all let you customize every part of it.  

If you feel you need to make several adjustments to the chair or desk you want to buy, make sure to also take your body measurements and see if the product supports it. 

Not doing that can bring you several nuisances in the future. Fortunately, many ergonomic brands offer a guarantee that helps you get all your money back in case you don’t like the product you bought. 

Some circumstances need to be met, though, so check that out before making a decision.  

2. Get Ergonomic Furniture

Get Furniture for ergonomic office design

Naturally, one of the most important steps of making ergonomic office designs is buying ergonomic furniture. To do it, we recommend you take into account all the things we mentioned before regarding ergonomic features and how ergonomic chairs and standing desks can help you.  

All ergonomic products are different from each other. Yet, they should have some essential features to help you boost your productivity. Those functions change depending on the product you are getting. When it comes to ergonomic chairs, you need one that gives you proper lumbar support and full adjustability. 

When talking about standing desks, make sure to get one with height adjustability features. Apart from that, your standing desk should be able to lift all your working equipment with no problem. The best ergonomic products brand you can buy your office items from is Autonomous. 

That’s because of the wholesale office furniture it offers you. The Autonomous Chair is the best ergonomic chair for lower back pain. This product gives you all the features you need in an ergonomic chair, and it’s available in a decent variety of colors. Regarding desks, the Autonomous Smart Desk meets all the conditions we mentioned before.  

3. Add Proper Lighting

Add Proper Lighting in ergonomic office design

It’s difficult to work without clearly seeing what you are doing. Offices with bad lighting tend to have low productivity levels. That’s because its workers have to put an additional effort to see everything. Even if it’s at a low scale, working with poor lighting can make you develop sight problems. 

This issue is not that common among big companies, but you still need to make sure it’s not a problem at your office. After getting the best ergonomic furniture you can find, make sure to get items that optimize the place’s illumination. LED lamps should be enough for that. 

Autonomous also offers a LED desk lamp for your ergonomic office design. The good thing about buying products from this company is its EPP for Company: Employee Purchase Program, which consists of giving workers a discount on office items. 

That can significantly help you stay on your budget while purchasing the products you like the most. 

The Autonomous LED Lamp has some features that make it more than an average desk lamp. You can adjust its angle whenever you feel like it to adapt it to your desk and how you want to work at the moment. Brightness and light color adjustability are also available with this item. 

4. Include Some Home Office Gadgets

Include Some Home Office Gadgets

Getting to the last step of this guide, you have to include some office accessories in your working equipment and ergonomic desk designs. Whether it’s office desk decor or a desk organizer, buying office gadgets can take a lot off your plate. That’s because those items are made to make working easier for you.  

There are many office accessories on the market. For example, you can get dual monitors to encourage multitasking among your employees. However, make sure to combine that item with a monitor arm or laptop stand that holds and supports both monitors.  

Other items such as a calendar and a smart clock are also useful. That’s because they help you keep track of time and your deadlines. It’s common to stress over your to-dos and forget important dates while working.  

Fortunately, a proper calendar pad and a smart clock can get rid of that issue.  

Keeping your desk organized is also a fundamental part of keeping your focus. The best gadgets to make sure everything is where it’s meant to be are desk organizers, desk trays, and cable trays. They are meant to give you a place to store your working gear, so don’t hesitate to get them.  

Bottom Line

Preparing a creative office space can take some time. Yet, doing it brings you several benefits in the near future. If you take some time to get all the office furniture you can for your employees and for your ergonomic office design, the productivity boost those items give you can help you take a step forward from your competitors.  

Regardless of that, keep in mind that you need to buy products of decent quality. We recommend you go for Autonomous products. The Employee Purchase Program helps office workers and managers to get all the items they need. 

Check our website to know more about that matter! You can also find other articles about ergonomic products, office products, and subjects related to the worker’s well-being and comfort.

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