Ergonomic Solutions for Government Office Workplace
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Ergonomic Solutions for Government Office Workplace

|May 25, 2022

According to research published, around 15 workdays per annum are lost per employee to the face of sickness and sickness-related absence from work. These alarming stats are increasing and on the verge of damaging workplace productivity for many reasons. While most workplace absences are sicknesses unrelated to the work environment, a major portion accounts for issues within the workplace.

This could be anything from mental to physical. Anxiety, depression, and a sense of extra pressure in a toxic workplace results in fatigue, and hence employees take leaves. On the other hand, physical sickness, which includes back pain, joint stiffness, muscle issues, long term musculoskeletal disorders, are all reasons which can make an employee not able to sit on that chair anymore, let alone attend the office. If ignored for long, even after persistence, such physical issues can lead to permanent absence from work and permanent damage to the body.

Hence it is highly important to implement ergonomic solutions in the workplace. To clear the misconception, ergonomics in the workplace compass further than an ergonomic chair and a standing desk, but it covers all the measures taken to keep the employee safe physically and mentally. This article will cover all the ergonomic desk solutions needed to create a healthy work environment.

Benefits of Ergonomic Health Solutions in the Workplace

Benefits of Ergonomic Health Solutions in the Workplace

Using ergonomic office tips is beneficial for the individual employee and the entire organization at a bigger level. Employees will be happier and healthier if they work at ergonomic government workstations, contributing to higher productivity and lower health insurance and workers' compensation expenditures. Standing desks, ergonomic chairs, and other ergonomic government office equipment promote a more active lifestyle by supporting good posture.

 Many workplaces promote the use of ergonomic furniture. You can also obtain ergonomic furniture and accessories for remote workers through the government purchase program or employee purchase program, which gives a substantial discount on ergonomic products for the office. Here are some benefits of implementing ergonomic computer solutions in the workplace.

Ergonomics in the workplace keeps a user's action. It reduces the sedentary lifestyle by allowing employees to switch between sitting and standing. This increases the muscle movement hence preventing any pain or strain on the muscles from sitting in for too long.

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Secondly, implementing ergonomics can eliminate long back pain and neck strains. A modern ergonomic office chair can help rest the pressure points in the body with comfortable cushioning, so the user doesn't feel any stress on the weak neck and lower back muscles. An ergonomic chair also improves the sitting posture while working.

One of the best reasons to use ergonomics in the workplace is that employees can experience improved energy while working with an ergonomic lifestyle. They have higher activity levels and are also more productive in a said time than sitting in an improper chair.

Solutions to Improve Ergonomics in the Workplace

Solutions to Improve Ergonomics in the Workplace

Using a range of ergonomic furniture and finding the best office layout to provide a productive workspace, an office space can easily implement ergonomics in their work setting. Here are some ergonomic solutions to apply in your work setting.

Ergonomic Desk

Ergonomic Desk ergonomic solutions

Your desk is your workstation where the computer, desk accessories, and other items will reside. Hence caring for the comfort of your desk is a smart decision. An uncomfortable desk will keep you frustrated and angry and limit your creativity as it will be cluttered and messy most of the time. A spacious, ergonomic desk is an effective solution to combat any work-related issues.

Ergonomic desks are also very useful because they allow you to work both sitting and standing, so you can choose the ideal posture for you. This is especially useful for people who suffer from back issues and pain in the lower body, so they don't need to subject their bodies to long hours of sitting or standing.

Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic Chair ergonomic solutions

Even if you plan to work with a standing desk, you don't need to stand all day as it can damage the leg muscles due to excessive strain. The wise thing is to purchase an ergonomic chair that will make your sitting time as pleasant and healthy as while you are standing. A reclining ergonomic chair is one of the best options to buy in this scenario because it allows you all the comfortable options to enjoy working.

You can tilt your chair back to rest your back muscles and straighten it forward to attain an upright working posture. Using an ergonomic chair can also prevent the health risks of sitting at a desk all day because ergonomic chairs are contoured to your body's natural posture and prevent unhealthy bends and movements.

Office Ergonomic Accessories

Office Ergonomic Accessories ergonomic solutions

Here is one of the important ergonomic solutions. Modern offices realize that comfort is much more than just a chair and desk. There are other aspects to building a comfortable and ergonomic workplace, including ergonomic accessories. Using ergonomic accessories builds a comfortable environment and ensures your office space is inviting and suitable for everyone. Here are some ergonomic tips for applying other than a desk and chair.

Ergonomic Footrest

Use a footrest if your chair is too high for you to rest your feet level on the floor or if the height of your desk necessitates you to lift your chair. Footrests are also great at minimizing the strain on your feet and keep your sitting angle as ergonomic as possible. Using a footrest also minimizes chances of developing lower back pain.

Seat Cushion

Seat Cushion ergonomic solutions

While modern ergonomic chairs come with adequate support for your back and the lumbar region, compromising your health is not right. Use an ergonomic seat cushion for your back if you feel the constant pinch or pressure on your lower back while working. An ergonomic seat cushion absorbs all the impact while working, and it allows you to keep the spine in the most comfortable posture.

Monitor Placement

Place the monitor in front of you, approximately an arm's length away. The screen's top must be at or just below eye level. The monitor should be positioned exactly in front of your keyboard. If you wear glasses then the screen should be lowered a slight one or two inches to prevent glare and minimize the discomfort.

Keyboard Placement

Keyboard Placement

Here is the last one in our ergonomic solutions list. Place your mouse on the same surface as your keyboard and within easy reach. Your typing posture should be in a way to minimize or prevent the strain on your wrists. Another thing you must take care of while working is that your upper arms are closer to the body so the strain in the shoulders and armpits is as minimal as possible.

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