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How To Evaluate Employee Competencies And Skills

How To Evaluate Employee Competencies And Skills

|May 2, 2021

The business environment in which the companies thrive is very dynamic. There are ample additions in each passing moment, and therefore, employees must be adaptive to these changes. It becomes the duty of the management to ensure that their employees are equipped to deal with such situations, and this is where the evaluation of skills comes in.

Once the management is aware of the key result areas, they can formulate strategies and competencies evaluations to educate their employees. They will also have the first mover’s advantage if they analyze the situations quickly and then take steps accordingly.

If you are willing to learn more about how to evaluate your employees’ competency, you must read this article till the end. This information will add to your pool of productivity as you will be better prepared to cope up with the dynamism of the real-time world.

How Do These Evaluations Help The Organization?

These competencies evaluations are responsible for gathering the essential intricacies of the personnel at hand. This information is then further scrutinized to create an employee persona so that their skills can be put to the best use possible. It may foster a positive work culture.

These competencies evaluations also help with employee development by understanding the needs of the employee and then considering them. Most organizations use this tool during the training phase of the associates so that they can mold their values from the beginning.

1. Testing The Skills


The best way to get a first hand idea of your employees’ skills is by making them take a test. This test can be conducted in any way that the management deems fit. Once the results of these employee competency assessment tests are out, you will be able to chart out the skills of every employee in your organization.

It will also act as a mirror for the firm since you will know what to expect from each employee. This drill is quintessential for future satisfaction so that you do not get disappointed by the offerings from your personnel.

2. Self Assessment

self assessment

Self-assessment is one of the essential tools and competency assessment tests hat every organization should include in their existing regime to assess employees competencies and skills. It acts as a portal to a person’s self-understanding of their virtues alongside their motivation to reach the ultimate goals.

The questionnaire of this form should be decided after tons of brainstorming so that the employees do not feel attacked by any specific question. The questions should be welcoming and focused on the positives of each person. You can also draft separate questionnaires for each employee if you have the resources to do so.

Self-assessment may not be able to give you the most precise picture as the answers will be subjective to each employee’s perception. Therefore, you can use this tool as a part of a more extensive mix of tools.

3. Simulation Through Games

through games

Another great competencies evaluation tool that you can deploy is simulation. Nothing can be better than to record your employees’ reactions to the situations that they will have to endure in the real world. This exercise will help you to see their level of preparedness along with their innate competence.

Simulation games have been proven to hike up the productivity levels of organizations owing to the similarities they share with the brick and mortar world. You can read more on how to increase productivity at work on this website.

4. Testing Their Innovation


It is the duty of the top-level management to test the creative quotient of each employee. Creative employees tend to tackle unprecedented situations in a better way owing to their natural instinct and mental acumen.

There are plenty of ways to conduct this employee competency assessment. You can take the help of games and case studies so that your employees can be completely involved. It will also help in team building as these activities are usually conducted in teams and groups.

Employee innovation is a crucial factor to any organization’s growth, and therefore it should not be ignored at any cost. Therefore, it is important to encourage employee innovation.

5. Performance Recognition


Before you set out to review your employees, you must conduct an internal review of the management too. Some organizations are not fair when it comes to compensation, and therefore, their employees lose all their motivation to work.

Every organization should be generous and considerate towards its employees when it comes to expectations and compensation. It will make the employee feel more connected with the vision of the company and, in turn, will result in increased productivity.

Once this review is completed and you have ascertained that your employees are catered to in a generous way, you can conduct the competency assessment test. This test will give you an authentic version of the current reality.

Performance recognition is a crucial cog in the corporate wheel.

6. Client’s Intel


Servicing a client is the primary objective of every corporate institution. If possible, you can directly approach the clients to derive the necessary feedback. That will increase the client’s trust in the organization, and therefore, they will be happy to share their valuable insights.

You can use these insights to mark your employees as competencies evaluation and then take the necessary actions to follow up. However, if things take a negative course of action from the client’s end, you must protect your employee on the front and then correct them later.

Final Words

Employee competency can be measured easily, and therefore, these evaluation drills must happen in timed intervals. Your employees are your biggest asset, and thus, it is your duty to help them out during times of distress. So, how to measure competency of employees is no longer difficult. 

You can incorporate small gestures from your end, which can include giving them access to a better work environment. You can opt for ergonomic office chairs and office standing desks so that your employees can have a break from the corporate monotony.

These are some of the best possible competencies evaluation methods to measure the competency at hand. Go ahead and implement this drill if you haven’t already!

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