City of Oxnard ADU Requirements: Your Essential Compliance Handbook
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City of Oxnard ADU Requirements: Your Essential Compliance Handbook

|Dec 7, 2023

City of Oxnard ADU requirements are plenty, so make sure you follow each one of them carefully to build your dream prefab ADU without any legality issues. In this article, you will learn all the rules regarding the construction of an ADU in the city of Oxnard. From the number of ADUs allowed to the size restrictions, you will get detailed information on almost everything. However, before we discuss the California ADU law 2023, you need to learn about the different types of ADUs that exist.

Types of ADUs in the Oxnard

Attached ADU

The first kind is the attached ADU, where you have your primary and secondary dwelling units attached. The entrance might be separate, but the walls of one side of the two buildings will be attached to look like a single unit.

Detached ADU

Detached ADUs, unlike attached ADUs, are separate from the primary dwellings. They are kept at a distance and have their own separate identity. The utility connections and sewage system are also private, and for that reason, the rules for such ADUs are more strict as well.

Conversion ADU

Conversion ADUs are built by converting an existing structure of your house, such as a basement, attic, or garage, into an accessory dwelling unit. These structures can easily be converted and even expanded up to 150 square feet.

Junior ADUs

Junior ADUs are a smaller version of detached ADUs. They are kept separately in the backyard or at some distance from the primary dwelling. Any ADU size smaller or equal to 500 square feet is considered a junior ADU.

Types of ADUs in the Oxnard

City of Oxnard ADU Requirements

Location Where You Can Build an ADU

To build an ADU, you need to make sure that you live in an area that is zoned for residential usage and allows the building of additional accessory dwelling units. Single-family or multi-family properties in California are allowed to have ADUs with their primary dwellings.

Minimum and Maximum Size

The maximum size allowed for an ADU in the city of Oxnard is 800 square feet for single and multi-family dwellings. However, this size restriction is not applicable to conversion or junior ADUs, as they are meant to be much smaller than this size.

Number of ADUs You Can Build

ADU California requirements state that you can only have one accessory dwelling unit with single-family dwellings and two ADUs with multi-family dwellings. However, keep in mind that a conversion ADU or junior ADU and a detached ADU can both exist on a single property side by side without any legality issue.

Number of ADUs You Can Build

The Maximum Height You Can Build

The maximum height you can build for a detached ADU is 16 feet. On the other hand, if you opt for an attached ADU, the total height you can go for is 25 feet, but it shouldn’t be higher than the primary dwelling. Most manufacturers of tiny homes in Oxnard keep this restriction in consideration before constructing tiny home kits.

Setback Restrictions

In prefab homes in California, the setback requirements are 4 feet on the rear and sides from the primary dwelling. On the other hand, the street side setback should be even greater than 4 feet. These restrictions are only for the ADUs that are not attached to the primary dwelling or built by conversion of the existing structure.

Parking Requirements

For manufactured homes in Oxnard California, you are required to have at least one separate parking. These types of homes are considered detached ADUs, so you need to make sure that you keep them at a distance from the primary dwelling. Keep in mind that the parking requirement is exempted for the cases where public transit is located only half a mile away from the ADU location. On the other hand, if you are converting your current garage into an ADU, you are not required to build a new separate garage for your ADU. 

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Building Permit Process

Once you have submitted the application, start the construction process. The permit application will take around 60 days to complete from the time of submission. The time taken to complete the process depends on how well you completed the ADU California requirements. You will also have to bear a small permit process fee in order to complete the procedure.

Renting of an ADU

Renting an ADU is allowed as long as you are opting for a long-term rental of more than 30 days. Any shorter term would not be accepted by the State, so make sure you keep the terms and conditions accordingly. Oxnard mobile homes are great for earning quick profits through rental services.

Owner Occupancy

California ADU law 2023 doesn't require you to occupy the ADU in order to make it legal. All you need to have is a primary dwelling beside it, and your ADU will have no occupancy required. However, you can occupy the ADU or rent it, depending on your requirements.

Selling of an ADU

Fire Safety

Fire sprinklers are only required if they are a requirement in your primary dwelling as well. In any other case, you don’t need separate fire sprinklers for your ADU. However, we highly recommend installing one for your safety, especially if you are living in hot weather conditions.

Tax Implications

Tiny homes in Oxnard are subject to taxes as they are combined with your house to become a part of it. The overall tax is accessed after considering your ADU as a part of your primary dwelling.

Selling of an ADU

According to Assembly Bill 1033, the new law is allowing people living in California to sell their ADUs like condominiums. This is a huge opportunity for homeowners to build an ADU on their properties and sell them separately to earn quick profits on their investments.

Selling of an ADU


All the city of Oxnard ADU requirements listed in the article above need to be carefully implemented in the design and layout plan, which would make the permit application procedure much smoother. Whether you are building a tiny home, a manufactured home, or a container home in California, these rules and requirements will help you with every ADU kind and type.

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