Furniture Stores in Joliet, IL: The Ultimate Buying Guide
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Furniture Stores in Joliet, IL: The Ultimate Buying Guide

|Aug 25, 2023

Joliet, Illinois, is a city rich in history, culture, and an equally compelling retail landscape. This serene locale is also a furniture-shopping mecca, home to a multitude of fantastic finds for any interior design enthusiast.

If you're looking for the perfect piece to complete your space, whether it's a vintage armoire, a chic modern sofa, or the perfect dining set, you'll find no shortage of options in this vibrant city.

1. Autonomous

When talking about furniture stores in Joliet, there's one game-changing name we just can't ignore - Autonomous. Bursting onto the scene in 2015, this brand has been turning heads in the world of office furniture, all thanks to its relentless passion for technological innovation.

Autonomous really champions the spirit of practical, functional minimalism, which shines through in their products. Their pieces aren't just drool-worthy; they're built to last.

Their journey started with the “Autonomous Desk” - a standing desk and a brilliant piece of design and utility, but that was just the beginning. Nowadays, their portfolio is teeming with a variety of smart ergonomic office furniture, such as the ergonomic office chair, and the L-shaped standing desk. If high-quality materials, sturdy construction, and ergonomic design are your jam, Autonomous will hit the right notes.

But that's not all! The good folks at this furniture store in Joliet, IL know a thing or two about giving your wallet a break. Their Bulk Order Program lets you buy more for less - a real money-saver if you're furnishing a new office space. Simply put, the more you buy, the more you save. Plus, you'll enjoy flexible shipping, with deliveries scheduled whenever you need them.

Autonomous furniture store in joliet

Fancy a bit of design help? Autonomous's office layout design service provides a free workspace design consultation. They'll whip up a 3D design layout for your workspace, giving you a real feel for the space. You can move around, tweak angles, and suggest changes. The package includes personal customer support for personalized office setup ideas, a 3D floor plan layout, a suggested shopping list, and concierge service. It's all about saving you time, money, and stress.

But here's the cherry on top - Autonomous rewards you for loving their products! Their referral program means that if you recommend them to someone and they make a bulk purchase, you receive huge rewards worth $5000 to $15000. Not too shabby, right?

Autonomous is more than just a brand - it's an experience. And trust us, once you go Autonomous, you'll be singing their praises to anyone who'll listen!

Autonomous bulk order

2. Rustic Elements

When it comes to finding top-notch furniture stores near Joliet IL, Rustic Elements surely steals the spotlight. Famous for its specialty in hardwood furniture, particularly tables, Rustic Elements is a store that goes beyond the usual. They let you design your own furniture, tailoring each piece to your style and your room's dimensions.

And when they say high quality, they truly mean it! In the words of the store's owner, Scott, "I look at tables as workbenches in a family's home, a piece that sees daily use. The amount of wear and tear tables go through is not matched by any other furniture piece in the house, so each one that leaves our workshop is meticulously hand-built with solid hardwoods and the best finishes."

And guess what? You can experience the magic of their craftsmanship in person! They've got a showroom on NW Frontage Road, Joliet, Illinois, where you can check out their masterpieces. Can't make it to Joliet? No problem; you can check out all the different customization options right on their website. Plus, they ship nationwide!

But what really sets Rustic Elements apart is their commitment to customer service. You won't just hear it from them but from the scores of glowing reviews on Yelp. Customers can't stop raving about not only the stunning quality of their furniture but also the stellar service they received. One happy customer shared on Yelp, "Rustic Elements is a first-class organization. From the initial appointment to delivery, the Rustic Elements team couldn't have been more helpful." Another wrote, "Scott's team is fantastic, everyone was incredibly responsive and friendly." And their sparkling 5-star Yelp rating is just the cherry on top!

So, if you're hunting for a unique, affordable, custom-made piece, make sure Rustic Elements is on your list.

Rustic Elements

3. Bring It Home "Again"

Speaking of furniture lovers' paradises in Joliet, IL, there's a unique gem that's hard to overlook; Bring it Home - Again. As the name suggests, this innovative store gives preloved furniture a new lease of life, offering customers an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to furnish their homes.

Bring It Home "Again" is not your average second-hand store. It has a robust selection of preowned furniture, which ranges from vintage pieces carrying a tale of their past to nearly-new items waiting for a new story to begin. Each piece is meticulously inspected to ensure it's in great condition before it hits the floor.

You'll be amazed at the diversity of their collection. From sleek, modern sofas to rustic wooden dressers, and quirky lamps to elegant coffee tables, there's something for every style and every room of your house.

But it's not just about the extensive range of items. It's also about the feeling of discovery, the joy of giving a piece a second chance to shine, and the satisfaction of finding a real bargain.

So if you're passionate about sustainability or just love the thrill of finding a hidden treasure, be sure to stop by "Bring it Home - Again." After all, every piece of furniture deserves a second act at this furniture store in Joliet, IL.

Bring It Home

Which Store Should I Choose?

With this comprehensive breakdown, we've uncovered the top furniture stores in Joliet, IL that you simply must visit. Whether you're eager to transform your family dining room or curate an inspiring workspace, you're sure to find something to cater to your taste and needs in this blog.

Each store, be it Rustic Elements with its hardwood masterpieces, Bring It Home "Again" with their preloved treasures, or Autonomous with its tech-savvy office solutions, offers unique options that are sure to enrich your spaces. Enjoy your exploration of the fantastic furniture finds Joliet has to offer. Happy shopping!

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