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Fighting Climate Change On Saint Patrick’s Day 2021
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Fighting Climate Change On Saint Patrick’s Day 2021

|Mar 23, 2021

As one of the world’s leading providers of ergonomic Smart Office solutions, we believe that everyone deserves the means to lead a healthier lifestyle. But why should serving the direct needs of our consumers stop at product design? For Saint Patrick’s Day 2021, the team at Autonomous decided that it was time to think about the bigger picture. It was time to establish other meaningful ways to improve the lives of others. It was time for us all to give back and share some of that lucky four leaf clover. 

Share the luck

In our very first fundraising campaign - Share the Luck This St. Patrick’s Day! - we set out to raise funds to help fight against climate change. From March 16 - 22, we collected $2 from every Autonomous purchase made and donated 100% of all money raised to Earth Island and Climate Action Now! (CAN!). Whether it was one of our electric powered height adjustable Autonomous Desks, an ergonomic office chair, or one of our many useful Smart Office accessories, every one of your valuable purchases provided much needed aid towards a fantastic cause. 

Painting the Town Green with Earth Island and Climate Action Now!

Painting the town green

Earth Island Institute supports environmental action projects and helps foster the next generation of environmental leaders. Founded in 1982, for more than three decades, Earth Island has been the organizational home to over 200 environmental action projects and currently has an impressive network of more than 75 projects. These projects span the globe and serve to protect marine life, confront plastic pollution, preserve forests, help protect sacred indigenous sites, and restore wetlands, to name just a few.

Currently, Earth Island supports several initiatives that directly tackle the issue of global climate change such as CAN!, which has a number of active programs that work to cultivate social changes that lead towards more widely practiced sustainability within the community. CAN! Is dedicated to providing clean drinking water, safe open spaces, nutritious organic food, and healthy meaningful work to many. The organization is well known for removing existing grey pavements and replacing them with lush sidewalk gardens, public community gardens, and urban forests. 

Thank You For Helping Share the Luck on Saint Patrick’s Day 2021

Thank you for sharing the luck on Saint Patrick's Day

We received so much positive feedback in response to our first fundraising campaign. Over the seven days of our Saint Patrick’s Day 2021 fundraiser, Autonomous received a total number of 7,483 orders from within the U.S. alone, which helped to raise an incredible $14,966! All funds raised have been donated to the Earth Island Institute to feed directly towards their CAN! initiative. 

From the entire team at Autonomous, a big fat thank you goes out to everyone who took part in our Saint Patrick’s Day 2021 campaign. Thanks to you, we’re helping the community take the necessary steps to help nip climate change in the bud! And thank you to our campaign partner - Earth Island. We have mad respect for everything that you do for Mother Earth and the future of our planet and generations to come. We hope that this small contribution will help raise awareness across many communities, and aid in reducing the harmful impact of climate change.

Let’s Continue the Good Fight!

Continue to donate

Together we can continue to make a difference. No matter how small, every contribution counts! Even by simply sharing this meaningful campaign with your friends and on your social feeds, you’ll help grow global awareness on a very urgent matter that needs immediate action. At Autonomous we will continue to make every effort to be a socially responsible company. Be sure to follow our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and subscribe to our blog to stay up to date with all future Autonomous fundraisers.

If you would like to donate directly to Earth Island, CLICK HERE.

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