Top 7 Footrests for Ultimate Comfort - 2024 Ratings & Reviews
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Top 7 Footrests for Ultimate Comfort - 2024 Ratings & Reviews

|Jul 24, 2022

When it comes to choosing the most important pieces of furniture for your office, a good footrest for chair use is probably very low on your list. However, this is one of the things you definitely need to have, especially if you are going to be spending a lot of time behind your desk. 

A lot of research has been put into identifying ways to help reduce the health problems that are associated with spending long hours working behind a desk, such as back problems, sore neck and shoulder muscles, as well as the development of poor posture. 

One of the chief findings was that providing proper support for your feet using an ergonomic footrest goes a long way in helping alleviate some of these issues. Sitting posture, for example, depends a lot on how your feet are anchored beneath you and an under-desk footrest will make sure they are positioned at the correct angle. 

At Autonomous, you can find some of the best under-desk footrests available. If you are an office worker and you care about your health, then take a look at some of the office chair footrest choices on the website. 

The Science Behind Footrests

Many different products are regularly promoted as the best ways to solve back-related problems for office employees, but most of them have no real scientific evidence to prove that they work. 

Providing an ergonomic footrest for your feet has been proven to have real health benefits that you can experience for yourself even after a few days of use. You might be wondering how such a simple piece of furniture, such as a footrest for chair use works. Well, the principle lies in two important features: support and movement.


The support that comes from giving your feet a comfortable place to rest, at the correct height, is important because it allows your leg and back muscles to rest in their natural position. 

You might not realize it at first, but when you sit without a chair-adjustable footrest, your muscles will be in a constant state of tension that will eventually cause you problems. An office chair footrest made from sturdy material, and adjusted to the correct height, will solve that issue.



Have you ever stood up after sitting for many hours, only to feel as if your legs are still asleep? That is caused by forcing your lower body muscles to remain still for way too long while you concentrate on your work, to the point that blood flow to these areas is restricted. 

Even a little bit of movement now and then will benefit your muscles greatly and help maintain good blood flow to your extremities. Research has also shown that moving your feet around while working boosts concentration levels and improves productivity .

Benefits of Using a Footrest

Whether you prefer a traditional desk, or you use a modern height adjustable standing desk, you still need a good ergonomic footrest. The following are some of the benefits you can expect from investing in a footrest for chair use: 

  • Helps prevent computer-work posture-related back problems, by maintaining a healthy height for your feet
  • Reduce back pain even after hours of sitting
  • Gradually improves body posture after extended use
  • Allows easy movement while working
  • Reduces numbness in the lower body
  • Improves productivity and focus
  • Better blood circulation
  • Makes it easier to work for longer hours before feeling fatigued 

Looking for a Good Footrest for Chairs at Work? Try These Great Choices

Thanks to all the information provided above, you should be ready to choose the best footrest for chair use out of the many available varieties. Take a look at the following options to make your decision easier: 

1. ErgoFoam Foot Rest

With an endorsement from US chiropractic doctors, you are guaranteed that the ErgoFoam FootRest is the ideal solution for solving posture-related back problems. Whether you are very tall or short is not a problem, because you can easily add or remove inches from this footrest until you achieve your ideal height setting.

It is made from a high-quality breathable mesh material that is great for use during those long hot summer days. If you want a bit of extra movement you can easily flip the ErgoFoam footrest over and use it as a rocker.

ErgoFoam Adjustable Foot Rest

ErgoFoam Adjustable Foot Rest

Dimensions17.3”L x 11.8”W x 5.9”H
MaterialsPet-friendly breathable mesh

2. Addaday Foot Massager

If you are looking for the best ergonomic footrest for comfort, then you can give the Addaday Foot Massager a try. It is made from high-quality material, but its best feature is the massage function. With this footrest, you can release tightness and tension from your lower legs, and with a bit of creativity, you can even treat carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow. It comes with three different message settings to choose from and is available with a one-year warranty from Autonomous.

Addaday Bliss: Foot Massager

Addaday Bliss: Foot Massager

Power Consumption25W
VoltageDC12V, 2.5A
Massage modesThree modes (low, high or auto intensity)
Warranty1 year

3. Capra Leather Ergonomic Footrest

Nothing says "quality" like an ultra-luxurious leather cover, such as the one found on the Capra Leather Ergonomic Footrest. The full-grain leather material sets it apart from the other under-desk footrest options in this article and makes it the best choice for those who take pride in owning high-quality accessories.

As a bonus, the filling is not only environmentally friendly but also very easy to use when you want to adjust the height of the footrest.

Capra Leather Desk Footrest Cover

Capra Leather Desk Footrest Cover

DimensionsMedium size: 16.9”L x 9.8”W x 5.5”H
Large size: 23.3”L x 9.8”W x 5.5”H
MaterialsFull grain leather
ColorsBlack, Tan, Distressed Tan
Warranty5 years

4. Adjustable Height and Angle Ergonomic Footrest By Mount-It!

If you really want a great foot rest option, but you are worried about not having enough space under your desk, then the Ergonomic Footrest - Adjustable Height & Angle by Mount-It! is the best option for you. Available from Autonomous with a great 10-year warranty, this is a must-have office accessory that will last you a lifetime. Even with the three-height settings, it is still able to fit comfortably under your desk.

Mount-It! Ergonomic Footrest - Adjustable Height & Angle

Mount-It! Ergonomic Footrest - Adjustable Height & Angle

Dimensions17 L x 13 D (inch)
Height4.25 - 6.75 inch
Tiltaround 30°
Feature3 height settings

5. Ottoman Foot Massager by Ottossage

The list of features packed in the Ottoman Foot Massager by Ottossage is absolutely amazing. This is the true definition of what a high-end footrest that is also an ottoman should be. Invest in this accessory and you will get: 

  • A fully functional ottoman
  • High-quality footrest made from choice fabric material
  • Vibrating function for improved blood flow
  • Heat therapy which is great for soothing sore feet
  • Programmable heat and massage settings
  • Rechargeable battery guaranteed to last more than three hours 

With features such as these, what more can you ask for in a high-quality office chair footrest. The Ottoman Foot Massager by Ottossage is also made from washable fabric for easy cleaning.

Ottoman Foot Massager

Ottoman Foot Massager

Dimensions46cm L x 46cm W x 46cm H x 26.15 lbs
Air Massage that treats the top and backside of the foot

1 year

6. Adjustable Foot Rest With Six Height Settings By Mount-It!

The designers from Mount-It! have outdone themselves again thanks to this Adjustable Foot Rest with Six Height Settings that are made to suit just about anyone regardless of their height. Made from high-quality material and a padded, soft surface, you can be sure that this footrest for chair use will last you a lifetime.

By using simple designs, the makers of this footrest have ensured that the cost remains very affordable while still being able to provide the basic features required in any good quality footrest. With a 10-year warranty, you will be able to enjoy this footrest for many years to come without ever having to worry about finding a replacement.

Mount-It! Adjustable Footrest

Mount-It! Adjustable Footrest

Dimensions15.7"L x 9.85"D x 14.4"T
Weight capacity55 lbs
Warranty10 years

7. EUREKA ERGONOMIC Height Adjustable Rolling Ottoman: Office Footrest

This footstool can be used as a seat, also be used as a footstool in front of sofa, bedroom, balcony, study corner/home office, and indoor shoe changing stool. Wide & thick soft seat design with high-density sponge, soft carbon fiber PU leather, car line design, waterproof, fashion decoration.

EUREKA ERGONOMIC Height Adjustable Rolling Ottoman: Office Footrest

EUREKA ERGONOMIC Height Adjustable Rolling Ottoman: Office Footrest

Upholstery MaterialPU leather
Seat ConstructionWeb Suspension; Sinuous Springs
Seat Fill MaterialFoam
Weight Capacity300 lbs

5 Things To Consider When Choosing the Right Footrest

If you have never purchased a footrest before, you will be surprised at the wide range of available products. Not only that, but they also have vastly different features, from simple stools to elaborately designed office chair footrest options. 

When faced with so many choices, the best way to avoid getting carried away, and choosing the wrong under-desk footrest, is to keep focused on the following important features: 

1. Size

In most cases, footrests are very small when compared to other kinds of office furniture. However, they do come in different sizes. When making your choice, it is better to go for a larger footrest if you have the space. It will allow you more room to move your feet around and provide a better height. 

If space is an issue, then a small office chair footrest will still get the job done, although you will be rather limited on the different angles you can place your feet. 

Size of footrest for chair

2. Adjustment

The greatest benefit of using a footrest comes from the ability to adjust the height to the most comfortable setting for your body size. This is why one of the first things you should do is look for a chair adjustable footrest before you consider any other features. 

You can take your time comparing the adjustability features of each footrest for chair use until you find the one that allows you to sit in a very comfortable posture that feels most natural to you. 

3. Material

Some footrests are made of hard material that provides a solid perch for your feet, while others are made from soft material such as cotton or leather, which allows your feet to sink in. 

Which type you choose usually depends on the kind of feeling that you enjoy and will not find distracting. You also have to choose a material that is long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing. 

Material of footrest for chair

4. Budget

The fact that there are so many ergonomic footrest options of different sizes and materials that are available, means you can also expect a wide range of prices. While it is important to stick to your budget, you should make sure that the footrest you end up choosing is made of good quality and meets all your requirements. With a bit of patience, you can find a good quality office chair footrest even with a very low budget. 

5. Additional Features

Finally, keep a look out for chair-adjustable footrest options that come with a few extra options, such as a foot exercise and massage function. These extra features will usually come with additional costs, but if you can afford them they are great at improving blood circulation. 

Additional Features

Types of Footrests

Knowing what you intend to do with your ergonomic footrest will make your choice much simpler because you will be able to narrow down all the various options much quicker. Office chair footrest design is generally separated into the following two categories: 

Footrests for Function

These types of footrests cater to workers who have a specific requirement in mind, such as those looking for an under-desk footrest that will improve their posture and reduce back pain. You can even select a footrest that is specifically designed to improve productivity by allowing certain types of movements while you work. 

Footrests for Comfort

The second type of office chair footrest is made for customers who just want something comfortable to rest their feet on, without putting much thought into the specific benefits. It is in this category that you usually find footrests made from soft material, such as leather, and those that come with added exercise and massage functions. 

Final Word

A little investment in a footrest for chair use will go a long way in improving your health and posture, as well as making it much easier to spend many hours seated behind a desk. Back issues are among the most common complaints by office workers, and if you wish to avoid becoming another statistic, then head over to the Autonomous website and have a look at the great options there.

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