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What Functional Desk Accessories Should You Buy?
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What Functional Desk Accessories Should You Buy?

|Oct 7, 2021

When you invest in desk accessories, you enhance your work organization. Functional Desk Accessories may include a lot of things ranging from pens, pencil holders, and writing utensils. Even a desk lamp that provides proper light or a small fan that keeps you cool can be suitable accessories for your standing desk.

Top 15 Functional Desk Accessories

Below we have provided a list of the top fifteen functional desk accessories.

1. Calendar Weekly Desk Pad

This is one of the best functional desk accessories for work. It is because when you have a calendar, you can plan your entire week. In addition, it makes you more flexible as you can make changes on the calendar itself without having to open a program on your computer.

You can further make your plans more effective by using adhesive tabs, washi tapes, and sticky notes on your calendar. This can also enable you to handle your tentative meetings and commitments easily.

2. Blue light blocking glasses for computer

blue light glass as functional desk accessories

Blue light blocking glasses for your computer make excellent functional desk accessories. This can help safeguard your eyes against the blue light coming from your laptop or computer screen. It will also prevent frequent headaches.

If you work in front of a screen all throughout the day, then it can affect your body. For instance, it may disturb your sleep pattern and hormones. Thus, these blue light-blocking glasses will prevent insomnia.

3. Reusable bottle of water

bottle as functional desk accessories

It can be a challenge to remain hydrated during the entire day while you are working. You must not rely on bottled water or a cup of coffee; rather, you need to keep a reusable bottle of water. This will allow you to refill it whenever it gets empty.

The reusable bottle of water can clean itself quite easily, so you do not have to waste any extra time to clean it. It will also help you feel fresh and rejuvenated after a long day of work.

4. Faux Leather File Holder

It can sometimes be difficult to deal with piles of paperwork. For example, it can become increasingly frustrating to sort them out while you are sitting on your office chair. Faux Filet Leather holders can help organize your papers and keep them in proper order. It can further enable you to find them more easily.

5. Desk Mat

Desk Mat as functional desk accessories

This is one of the top standing desk accessories. It can provide an upgrade to your desk. Besides, it can make your desk look visually appealing while providing a lot of functional benefits.

A proper desk mat can offer protection to your keyboard and laptop. It can also guard it against wear and tear. Desk mats can make your writing enjoyable and smoother. 

6. Noise Blocking Headphones

Background noise can range from irritating and loud to mildly distracting. They form one of the best functional desk gadgets. This is because they block the noise coming from across the street and help you stay focused and productive.

You can opt for wireless noise cancellation headphones as it enables you to lessen desk clutter and remain mobile. Modern headphones come in different kinds of styles and colors that will suit your other functional desk accessories set.

7. Laptop Stand

If you use a laptop every day, you must invest in a laptop stand. This also falls under functional desk essentials. Additionally, it can provide an ergonomic angle and improve your posture.

8. Desk Plant Pot

Having a desk pot where you can keep your plants can help reduce stress. It can further maintain the levels of air humidity. Moreover, they can keep your surrounding environment clean.

9. Desktop Organizer with Multiple Drawers

Desktop Organizer as functional desk accessories

The desk organizer comes with multiple drawers to hold sticky notes as well as paper clips. You can also store your file folders, papers, and notebooks. Thus, it will help you to compartmentalize and find things easily.

10. Decorative Wrist Support Mouse pad

When you use a mouse all day long, it can tire your hands, wrist, and arms. This type of mousepad will offer ergonomic support to your wrist. The beautiful decorative patterns can further allow you to express your personal style.

11. A Cork Board and Whiteboard Combo

This is a half cork board and half whiteboard that you can hang vertically or horizontally against the wall. On the cork side, you can hang documents, notes, and decorations. You can write with markers on the whiteboard.

12. Gaming Desk Accessories

Gaming functional desk accessories

Among all your gaming desk accessories and functional desk accessories, you can add a desk air purifier that can keep your air fresh and clean. The air inside your room can get stuffy because of bad odors and dust particles. Small and compact air purifiers are perfect for your gaming desk.

13. Monitor Arm

A monitor arm can help to relieve neck and eye pain. This helps to maintain a healthy posture. It also enables you to enhance your focus and increase the flow of blood to the brain.

14. Cord Desk Pad

Cord Desk Pad

A cord desk pad is eco-friendly and provides more flexibility and space. This also helps to increase your productivity. Its anti-slip surface further provides the required security to keep all your valuable items on the desk.

15. LED Desk Lamp

desk lamp

Here is one of the must-have functional desk accessories. LED desk lamps help to conserve energy and generate less heat. It also helps to adjust the brightness of your light. In addition, you can adjust the height of your lamp to maximize visibility and minimize glare.

You can get five different levels of brightness and several color options. The memory function helps to transform your mode or intensity. It further consumes less power and lasts for a period of five and a half years. This will reduce the strain on your eyes by providing more light.

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