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Gadgets You Need for the Perfect Gaming Desk

Autonomous Autonomous | Aug 22, 2018

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If you have a gaming PC, you know how important it is to have a proper desk. Sure, the desk itself is crucial, and choosing one can really open up your possibilities, and unfortunately limit them. In this article, we’ll take a look at the gadgets that you need to grab for your desk in order to really maximize your experience.

The Desk

First things first though, what desk do you go with? How do you decide what works best for you? In short, you might not know what works for you, which means a desk with customization capabilities and a clean space to work with. A few things are necessary, and a few things are just nice perks. Luckily, one desk has everything you may want, and ever need. Our Autonomous Gaming Desk is essentially the total package, hitting the two major factors you should consider when buying a gaming desk: space and height.

gaming desk gadgets


A computer tower isn’t small, but it also shouldn’t take up your entire desk. Plus, a monitor can be quite large too. You need a desk that gives you plenty of space to not only store the essentials but adds to things that enhance your experience. The Autonomous desk has so much space on its surface that you can store a tower, monitor, and still have a ton of room for added gadgets. The best part? It’s made of a state of the art surface that you can rely on to hold all of your expensive gaming hardware. The desks are tested by the manufacturer to withstand combat, so you know they’re built to last. It’s not like your punching or kicking your desk (hopefully) but it’s nice to know that it can take a little wear and tear without wearing or be tearing.

Another added perk about the space offered with the Autonomous Desk is that it doesn’t have side compartments or shelves. While some still believe that tower shelves to the side of your desk and underneath the main surface are necessary, they actually do more harm than good. To be honest, putting your expensive tower in a small, confined space is playing with fire, and could cause even the most ventilated computer to overheat and possibly damage the inner components.


The level at which your desk lays is important to your experience as well as your health. You might be concerned with a proper level in order to maximize your gaming success, but there are a lot of health issues that can occur because of arthritis, bad posture, and neck strain. When your desk is too low, you’re forced to lean forward more than is natural, and that can really cause damage to your lower and middle back. When it’s too high, your desk can cause you to lose a straight posture and lean too far back. No matter how great your chair is, you will suffer from a desk that isn’t set to your level.

Luckily, our Autonomous Desk is built to work for you. A mechanical lift allows you to move the desk to your desired height by setting it to how you want it. Don’t worry about moving some heavy platter or turning a plastic knob, the desk sets itself for you. If you have different levels for different games, you can even program certain heights into your desk, and then Autonomous does all the work for you by setting itself to what you desire. The ease of finding the correct height with the desk is almost unbelievable and makes the Autonomous desk a must-have if you plan on buying extra gadgets. With the space offered and the height customization, you have a desk that allows you to add on all the extra hardware you need for a dream set-up. Your desk is important, and the Autonomous is a 5-star recommendation, but let’s take a look at some gaming desk gadgets you can add & take your gaming station to the next level.

Headphone Gadgets

It’s important to have a great set of headphones to immerse yourself in every game you play, but a few added gadgets to your headphone storage and display can really help make your desk look cleaner and more serious.

Gaming desk gadget - Headphone

Nothing looks worse than headphones thrown across a desk, with the cord tangled and astrew. It can be tough to find a way to store your headphones for easy access in a way that also looks good. The Anchor is a product that many have turned to in order to hide their headphones away from the top of a desk, but also allow for a clean way to store them. The look of the Anchor is simple and almost seems as if it might not be that helpful or attractive, but its simplicity helps keep your headphone storage look clean.

When you spend a decent amount of money on headphones, it can be difficult to take proper care of them. The real damage to the headphones can be done while you’re wearing them, but the threat most don’t think about is when they’re not being used. Especially if others you may live with have access to your gaming desk, it’s important to keep your headphones stowed away. The cord to your headphones should never be wrapped around the base of the ear cups or headband, although it may seem easiest. That can damage the cord over time, and analog connections used in typical headphones are not as durable as you’d think, even with a rubber casing around the cord.

The best way to store headphones is to take the cord and wrap it around the length of your elbow and hand, and then carefully lay that loose hoop gently on a surface or, in the case of the Anchor, on a hook where it can hang properly. For many, headphones are one of the first accessories to buy for a dream gaming setup. Don’t treat your beloved audio, one of the most personal, poignant parts of gaming, like garbage. The Anchor is an inexpensive way to organize your headphones and keep them safe. 

Colored Backlight

This might seem a little silly at first, but if you’ve never played at a desk with a backlight, you won’t completely get it. The experience of gaming to an array of colors is something that is very peripheral, and to be honest, doesn’t get a lot of love because it doesn’t necessarily play into the actual gameplay. You need a mouse to play, you need a keyboard to play; you don’t necessarily need a backlight. That being said, this gadget can take your gaming desk to the next level and enhance your favorite games in ways you might not have considered.

Gaming desk gadget

An array of colors are available to set the mood or energy of your gaming desk and to be honest, it makes a huge difference. Playing a fun platformer with bright colors shining through the back of your desk makes the experience playful and adventurous. Hitting the court or field in a sports game with lights that mimic the bright lamps of a professional stadium make you feel like you’re on the actual team, and not just sitting back playing as one. Horror games that already send chills down your spine become much spookier with a blood red light in the background. Everything is enhanced with a little extra color.

Best of all, backlights aren’t very expensive. Even if you don’t think setting a color to your game is necessary, it can be very helpful to have a little extra light at your gaming desk to help find things, or see cords. Sometimes when troubleshooting PC gaming issues, it can be difficult to find your way around the contraptions created through cords and wires. A little extra light can help, and a basic fluorescent-style light option is available if you just want a sort of hidden lamplight. It might not be totally necessary, but some of the most impressive gaming stations feature backlights like these, and if you’re serious about upping your game, it’s an easy, affordable way to take your game to the next level.

Racing Wheels

Even if you don’t consider yourself a huge fan of racing games, this is something everyone should own for the sheer rush of using lifelike configurations to race from your PC desk. A lot of racing wheels and pedals come in packages that are affordable, and it’s worth every penny to have the option to hop in a virtual vehicle and drive like the pros. NASCAR games, as well as hit series’ like Forza and Dirt, are just a few ways that you can race at your PC gaming desk in style, and the experience makes racing simulations feel all too real.

Racing Wheels - gaming desk gadgets

The ways in which we game authentically are limited to games that aren’t realistic. You can’t hop into a pipe controller when playing Mario, or slay dragons with a sword controller that weighs a ton. What you can do, however, is plug in a racing wheel and drive like you’re actually on the roads. For many, a racing wheel and PC monitor is the most authentic gaming setup for a racing title you can get without buying an arcade-style cabin. Something a lot of gamers who don’t play racing games will argue is that playing racing simulations is silly when you can hop in a real car and drive.

The benefit of a racing title is you can drive in ways you can’t in real life. 100mph speeds and cutthroat tracks aren’t available to the casual driver, and it’s a rush to use a racing wheel and simulate what driving in those conditions would truly feel like. It’s insane how real it feels at a PC with a wheel and pedals. Combine that with the Autonomous desk and its ability to adapt its height, and you can set your wheel to a realistic position. It’s an experience in gaming unlike any other, and it's something everyone should experience. If you don’t feel confident that you’d get $200+ use out of it, find one used; many racings wheels from the last generation of gaming consoles will work on a PC.

Why Gaming Gadgets Matter

These are just a few examples of the hundreds of ways you can adapt your gaming PC desk for your enjoyment. There are plenty of gadgets for keyboards, mouses, monitors, and more than take your game and make it as authentic as possible. The ways you adapt your PC desk are up to you, but it helps to have a desk that can handle the limits of your creativity. That’s why it's recommended to go with the Autonomous desk for maximum freedom in adding gadgets, as well as having a desk you can trust to hold your expensive tower and monitor.

The backlight included in this article is very affordable, as is the Anchor. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to break the bank when buying gadgets for your PC. It’s actually quite easy to find accessories you’ll love for a great price, and it’s important to put money into the desk itself rather than the gadgets. That being said, as you obtain more funds for your gadgets, some of the mouses, keyboards, and headphones can get quite expensive. None of those will mean much, however, if you don’t have a desk you can trust and rely on. Some things take priority at your PC gaming desk, and the desk itself needs to be the first piece of the puzzle. From there, the possibilities are endless. The Autonomous Gaming Desk pairs well with all gadgets and accessories, and with adjustable mechanical height control and a state-of-the-art design, all three gadgets in this article plus hundreds more can be added to your configuration to make your desk truly yours. Happy gaming!

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