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Gaming Chair vs Office Chair: 7 Main Differences

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Dec 24, 2020

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Most studies that focus on spinal health show that sitting for a prolonged amount of time is unnatural and unhealthy for the human body. Yet, nowadays most people work sitting and then spend hours in front of the computer, therefore the chair designs and technologies are constantly developing.

On the market, you can find standard office chairs vs gaming chairs. Most people and firms decide to buy an office chair, because of the lower price while streamers and gamers prefer a gaming chair which has higher price. Saving money on the furniture you spend most of your day in might be a very bad idea that can cost you your health.

Here are the seven differences between a gaming vs office chair:

1. Armrests

The first feature indicates the difference between gaming chair vs office chair is armrest. Some traditional office chairs do not have armrests. In the case of those who have them, they are usually fixed. If they do have them, they can still not be good for the user, for example, there is no way to adjust their height. In effect, the arms' weight has to be supported by the arms, which can lead to fatigue, hunching, and unnecessary pain.

Gaming chairs have armrests that the user can easily adjust. In most models, you can modify the height of the armrests. Additionally, some chairs, such as the ErgoChair Pro, has adjustable armrests which allow you to move the armrests in and out to provide you with even more comfort. When your hands are supported, your spine doesn't have to deal with this extra weight.


2. Back, Neck, and Head Support

When it comes to gaming chair vs office chair, ergonomic support is the most important thing you should consider.

In a standard office chair, the back doesn't adjust to the person. It is rare to get an option to regulate the back tilt. Moreover, the back of a seat that cannot be adjusted is never going to meet the user's needs. The lack of back support can cause pain, and in effect, you are going to slouch.

Gaming ergonomic chairs give you extra support options, such as additional cushions, regulated tilt, backbend, and others, to keep your posture straight and give you options to move, even when you sit.

Moreover, most gaming chairs have neck and head support. They can have a form of a headrest or an additional cushion. Thanks to them, you avoid an annoying stiffness in your neck, and your spine can rest as it doesn't have to support your head's full weight.

Back, Neck, and Head Support

3. Padding

You must notice padding when compare office chairs vs gaming chairs. Gaming chairs were designed to resolve the problem of unhealthy sitting habits. They simply adapt to the user. You can pick from various models, starting with small to extra-large, to choose the one that suits your body type best.

Chairs dedicated to gamers usually have thick padded seats. That provides a good base for the buttocks and hips. Moreover, the padded backrest and neck pillows give some extra comfort.

Office chairs are designed to be more discreet, and they have thinner padding than a gaming chair. Some of them only have seat padding, and the back goes without any additional cushioning. Because of that, they may be less comfortable for the user, especially with a higher weight. Thin padding doesn't provide sufficient support necessary to keep the right posture while playing.


4. Reclining

Do reclining have any difference beween office ergonomic chair vs gaming chair? A standard office chair rarely has an option for reclining, and if it does, it is very limited. Only some ergonomic chairs have this reclining feature in their design.

The reclining function was invented in 2006. It is very important for your health and comfort. It helps you to move when you sit in a chair. Thanks to this, you don't have to stop your work or playing to give your body necessary stretching and movement. When you move your muscles, your blood circulation improves, thanks to which you can feel more energized.

A reclining backrest can simulate muscle activity and reduce pressure on the lumbar discs. It is one of the most important functions of an ergonomic gaming chair. You should be able to recline and lock the seat at various angles.

When you focus on an intense game or work, it's best to keep the angle straight. But when you think, read, or give yourself time to relax, you can set up a deeper recline.


5. Material

Standard office chairs were designed to be cheap and simple. Because of that, they are usually executed in lower-quality materials.

On the contrary, gaming chairs use modern technologies that make them adjustable and durable.

A big difference between a standard office chair and a gaming one can be easily noticed. It is their design. While gamer chairs have bold, visible designs, traditional office chairs are discrete and blend in.

However, to meet clients' needs, some ergonomic chair producers bet on the classic, minimalistic design that connects functionality, beauty, and technology. Thanks to this, you can enjoy the features of the gaming chair without standing out.


6. Seat Shape

Standard office chairs do not adjust to the user’s body. Because of that, they cause back pain and lead to bad posture, as overtime, slouching is more comfortable.

Chairs dedicated to gamers have a special seat shape that can easily adjust to the user’s body. Very often, they have memorable foam. Some of them are inspired by science and have a special design that gives full comfort to the body. The back seat of ErgoChair Pro+ was executed using the shape of the electromagnetic field. The fishbone shape easily adapts to the human body, giving strong support.

Seat shape

7. Price

Of course, price is the biggest differentiate thing between gaming vs office chairs. Gaming chairs are usually more expensive than an office chair. However, they give you much more comfort and options for modifying. Moreover, they are executed from better quality, long-lasting materials, which means that gaming chairs are much more durable than a standard office chair.

Buying an office chair should be an investment for years. A gaming chair saves you a lot of money that you would spend for healing your back problems resulting from using an uncomfortable chair. Autonomous chairs have a warranty, thanks to which you get the security that the product you are buying is going to last years.


Hope 7 things above can help you to distinguish between gaming vs office chairs. Many people choose a standard office chair to work, study, or for gaming. That might not be enough. If you are a person who is sitting most of the day, you should consider investing in an ergonomic chair dedicated to gamers. You can create an ultra-comfortable working or gaming space by choosing an ergonomic chair and a standing desk - all of this for less than $1000.

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