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Top Gaming Corner Desk Setup Ideas for You

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Jul 29, 2021

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Are you tired of your desk the way it is, or do you need to create space for some new gaming gear? Improving your corner desk gaming setup could help you enjoy games better, prevent controllers from being knocked over and keep hundreds of cables hidden away. It would be best to have these DIY gaming desk setup ideas transform the way your corner gaming desk works. Our list is easy ideas that can help give you more space, maximize gaming surface and place your gaming peripherals within reach.   

Gaming desk factors to consider

Gaming desk factors to consider

Like any other kind of furniture, the corner desk gaming setup has certain things you need to know about. To begin with, you need to select the ideal space where your corner desk PC setup will go and then move onto determining the desk you require.   

Space and size

Think of how much space is required for your gaming setup for the L-shaped desk. You could easily choose one desk that has all of the best features. However, your efforts will go to waste if you can’t fit that awesome desk in your home. Measure out space before you get to your desk. Then select those desks that fit into those measurements.



Now check the price on each suitable gaming L-shaped desk for gaming. Prices can range anywhere between $100 to $1000. Match the prices with your budget to get a clear idea of how much you would need to spend. Also, consider shipping, delivery, and assembly charges.  



Each standing corner desk that you find online will be made out of an assortment of materials. Common among them include metal, plastics, wood, melamine. Plastic is generally inexpensive, lighter but may not be very durable even if it is easy to assemble. Metals are heavy, durable but feel artificial in a home setup. Wood looks the best in a home setting, is durable but very heavy when assembling or moving around. Your other gaming desk setup options include glass desktops.          

Extra Features

Some of the very best L-shaped standing desks include added features like small cabinets, gear holders, power connectors, adjustable height, etc. These may be built into the desk or are available as purchasable add ons. While some of these features improved the way the desk looks, others may improve the overall gaming experience.       

Setting up your ergonomic gaming desk

Desk height

Desk height

A gaming desk, particularly an electric standing desk, should let your hands and arms stay parallel to the ground. It places your feet on the floor, legs at a comfortable 90-degree angle whenever you’re seated. Not all desks are going to be this way. So, it’s up to you to fine-tune them. You can use a keyboard tray, footrest, desk risers, or adjust seat height. Electric standing desks have height-adjustable legs.     

Ergonomic seats

Ergonomic seats

A comfortable chair for the corner desk gaming setup lets you sit comfortably without a problem. When it comes to choosing a good chair, you have to deal with prices, sizes, and brands. No one size fits all, and it is better to test out a chair before or after you buy it. Instead, look for these key features:

  • Seat depth: The size of the seat pan must leave an inch of space between your seat edge and knees. This depth needs to be wider and adjustable.
  • Lumbar support: The curve on the backrest that supports your lower back and the S-shape it has.
  • Chair height: This height needs to be adjustable, so your feet are always flat on the floor. If not, you can add on a footrest.
  • Armrest: These should keep your entire arm at the right height so your shoulders don’t hunch over.
  • Recline function: reclining in your chair takes the load off your back.   
  • Material: Chairs are full-mesh, foam backrest and seat, or a mix of both. These changes are based on weather, price, budget, and preference.    
  • Placement of monitors:

Incorrect placement of monitor screens strains your eyes, shoulders, and posture. If you have multiple monitors, it helps to have them placed on a corner desk gaming setup, so it’s easier to turn your neck. If not, then screens should be 20 to 40 inches away from your head.

If the screen is too far away, you lean forward and take away back support. Ideal monitor height is when the top of the screen is at eye level. Keep the screen tilted to a maximum of 20 degrees and perpendicular to any window to prevent glare.    

  • Keyboard and mouse:

Keyboards need to be closer to your body, so your elbows stay at that 90° angle, lowering shoulder strain. It should be kept at a height that leaves your elbows parallel to the floor and keep your wrists angled downwards or flat. Desk accessories for an ergonomic typing experience include a wrist rest and keyboard stand.


Your mouse should fit all of these requirements, including a wrist rest also. These factors change slightly when using a laptop. Since the screen and keyboard placement are fixed, you need accessories for optimal viewing and typing. You can get a laptop stand that changes the height of the screen.

If you find yourself switching laptops and PCs, then a separate keyboard would be a better option. You have specially designed ergonomic gaming keyboards with heavier bases and mechanical switches for faster response time. These switches promote rapid and accurate responses in your corner desk gaming setup. They're expensive but worth the comfort. Some even lack a number pad so you can keep the mouse closer and prevent stretching out your arm.

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