Gaming PC Build Parts List: What Do You Need?
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Gaming PC Build Parts List: What Do You Need?

|Jan 10, 2022

Most folks are looking for ready-to-use computers or gaming computers.  Experts know that most manufacturers don't aim for the best operational efficiencies from their systems to keep costs in control and have a larger audience that buys.  Buying a plug-and-play PC is surely a time-saver but may not live up to your expectations.

Expert gamers, and those looking for specific performance parameters from their computer, prefer to build one.  This allows them to get configurations that they want specifically.  Economizing on costs is generally the second most important factor why people choose to build their gaming PC.

Let us explore more.

Checklist for Gaming PC Build Parts List

Checklist for Gaming PC Build Parts List

What are the gaming PC build parts list you must have before getting started?  Well, most amateurs would talk to you about an input mechanism (keyboard), processors and an output (printer) device.  While these are essential, the CPU build checklist has much more detailing required.  Perhaps that's one of the reasons that some folks may go through this article.

When making your gaming PC, you will need to ensure that the parts are compatible with each other.  You don't want one part that doesn't speak to another part. 

Your build gaming PC checklist should include a CPU, a motherboard, a RAM card, a graphic processing unit, a storage unit or hard disk, a power supply unit, a system cooling unit, and an operating system.  While these are the major components, you may need other things like CPU casing, cables, toolkit, soldering tools and more. 

Top Gaming PC Build from Autonomous

You may want to read up on our blog on gaming PC desk setup before you decide to build one.  It will help you have a larger picture of the kind of setup you would like to have.  Keeping space and dimensions in mind will help you consider the products you may want to install on your gaming PC.  Read more on how to build a PC full beginners guide by PC gamers.

Here are the top three gaming PC builds you may want to consider before others!

1. Compact Workstation PC by Autonomous x Artesian Builds

Compact Workstation PC by Autonomous x Artesian Builds

You will love this mini gaming PC build available at the house of Autonomous.   Offered by x Artesan Builds, this Artesian Builds Mini custom-built PC is available in four different colors.  The CPU unit is not the large one you normally find in stores or online.  The mini-CPU is the show stealer and helps you manage your basic requirements.

This powerhouse is a small form PC that is built for sustainable performance.  You get a sturdy powder-coated steel constructed CPU case that has aluminum sides.  You will love the wooden top panel of the CPU, which makes an elegant entry to your workplace. 

The quiet operation from a liquid-cooled CPU is something that lets you focus your mind on gaming as you aim for the best scores.  The best part is that you can expand the hardware in the near future or as needed.  You will be amazed at the 5-year warranty that is being offered.

It offers you a massive 3 TB storage space, a CPU processor that is Intel I7 10700K and a motherboard (B560 ITX) that you simply won’t be able to resist.  The amazing 32-GB DDR4-3200 RAM memory allows you to operate several windows in one go, taking up the much-needed workload.  You will find the best graphics card, the NVIDIA RTX 3060 GPU that gives you sharp and colorful graphics.

What are you waiting for?  Explore more about an aesthetic gaming PC!

2. Rookie Gaming PC by Autonomous x Artesian Builds

Rookie Gaming PC by Autonomous x Artesian Builds

Looking for a gaming PC built for your AAA titles?  Well, for the layman, AAA is an informal classification in the video gaming industry.  It suggests gaming titles produced by mid or major publishers with higher development and marketing budgets.  Really?  Yes!  They produce video-games that hook you up with all the fanfare created through marketing.

So what is special about this Artesian Builds customize gaming PC?

Well, to start with, it has an Intel I-5 processor (10600K) with 16GB RAM and a 1 TB hard disk storage space.  It is Wi-Fi-ready and has amazingly eight different RGB fans for its smooth operation!  This space-optimized, sturdy construction comes to you with tempered glass side and front panels.  This makes the CPU look quite attractive as the RGB lights flash inside as the fans cool the system.  Awesome looks and feel!

The gaming pc build list includes a motherboard from Asus. This is the ASUS TUF Gaming Z590-Plus Wi-Fi.  It is cooled by Deepcool Castle EX240 RGB 240mm Liquid Cooler.  The NVIDIA GTX 1660Ti GPU graphics card keeps you on the edge of your seat as you take aim and conquer galaxies in outer space.  Or sit back in your gaming chair and chill with a glass of beer as you fish in a lake!

This gaming PC build offers you a Windows 11 Pro Operating system, one of the latest.  Amazing, isn't it?

3. Gaming PC by Autonomous x Artesian Builds

Gaming PC by Autonomous x Artesian Builds

Need something better?  Well, the best gaming PC build from Artesans is here for your keeping!

Get yourself the latest with an Intel I-7 processor to speed up your games.  When you are in the fast lane, you can’t be driving an old Ford saloon!  That’s right!  This Intel I7 processor (10700K) is one of the best that very few else can beat. 

Now store all your games on the local hard disk of 1 TB storage space for easy access.  The ASUS TUF Gaming Z590-Plus Wi-Fi motherboard is the spine that holds everything together and acts as the control center too.  The 32 GB RAM covers all your needs for most complex games, providing ample RAM space.

Loaded with the NVIDIA RTX 3060 GPU graphics card, you are on top of the world.  Why?  Sharp, clear and colorful graphics that you simply can’t resist as you play any of the games! 

With so much in offering, you are sure to go for a ready gaming PC build that has superb configurations!

Here is our guide on a RGB gaming setup with a full gaming PC build parts list.


As we sum up, going for a gaming PC build is one of the best options to get the best specifications you want in this gaming PC build parts list.  Now play to your heart's fill as you build or compete online in games. Other gaming PCs now seem to be very basic once you have experienced one of these. Happy gaming!

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