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Get 10% Off Your Dream Home Office and Share with Your Friends!
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Get 10% Off Your Dream Home Office and Share with Your Friends!

|Apr 28, 2020

These days, a lot of people are coming to terms with the fact that a distributed workforce may be the new normal. Even if it’s on and off for the next year, many of us will probably spend at least part of our time working from home as the coronavirus presents new challenges that require quarantining and avoidance of crowded office buildings.

Naturally, many of us are wondering: How much should I invest in my home office? Are the typically high prices for premium quality office furniture worth the investment for the sake of my own comfort and productivity?

Of course, we at Autonomous firmly believe that ergonomic furniture can dramatically improve your energy levels, boost your productivity, and have a tremendous positive impact on your long-term health. Slouching at your desk is not only bad for your back, but can have negative effects on your circulation, your mental alertness, and your spinal alignment. It can even affect your mood. 

So when is the best time to invest in your home office? And what about all your colleagues who are also looking for their own home office solutions?

Well, fortunately for you, we’ve got a special promotion now that gives you a unique 10% off coupon, which you can then share with your friends and colleagues!

All you need to do is provide us with your email address and company name. Upon verification, you’ll receive a discount code and an additional form to send unique codes to your colleagues.

Feel the comfort of an ergonomic chair with over 8 different fine-tuned adjustment points! The Autonomous Chair 2 is our best-seller, available in numerous color combinations to suit the aesthetic of any home office.

The Autonomous Desk 2 Home Office and Premium are also available in different colors and finishes, featuring a sleek modern design that blends in with your home decor. The whisper-quiet but powerful motor has four memory settings so you can get your desk adjusted to the perfect height every time, with just the press of a button!

Check out our office accessories too and take advantage of this limited offer for a discount on your dream home office. Best of all, share those same savings to your colleagues who you think could use a home office makeover!

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