Get a Portable Office Organizer to Survive in Your Mess
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Get a Portable Office Organizer to Survive in Your Mess

|Aug 10, 2022

Buying a portable office organizer is one of the best ideas to try, especially if you can’t find anything in the mess of your office space. Take a look at the top 30 alternatives to choose from. 

Top 30 Portable Office Organizers You Should Buy

1. AOTHIA’s Metal Desk Organizers

AOTHIA’s Metal Desk Organizers

If you’re looking for a top-notch portable office file organizer, AOTHIA offers a model you should consider – it’s one of the best ones available!

The AOTHIA Metal Desk Organizer is a portable office supply organizer with a sophisticated design that can match the style of your workspace. Additionally, since its primary material is lightweight, you won’t have any issues moving it around if you want to change its position!

2. Bigso Three-piece Office Organizer Kit: Leather Handle

Another fantastic alternative you should consider is the Bigso Three-piece Office Organizer Kit: Leather Handle. It’s a portable office and storage three-piece kit that you can use to keep your desk tidy.

Each of the three pieces you get is stylish and their design adds beauty to your surroundings. Furthermore, they come with a leather handle for easy transport. 

3. The Office Oasis Magnetic Desk Organizer

The Office Oasis Magnetic Desk Organizer

Keep clutter under control with The Office Oasis Magnetic Desk Organizer. With this beautiful item, you can focus on your work while making sure that your surroundings are impeccable.

Since it has a solid and sturdy bamboo base, this item is durable and trustworthy. You can organize all your office supplies in it, and it’s available in different colors, so it’s the ideal addition to your stylish office. 

4. Mindspace’s Desktop File Organizer

One of the best models you can choose is Mindspace Desktop File Organizer, which offers visible storage space to help you organize your documents.

It’s spacious, and its design allows you to quickly see what you’re looking for in case you need a specific file, notebook, or document. 

5. Mindspace’s Multi Step File Organizer for a Desk

Mindspace’s Multi Step File Organizer for a Desk

This brand is a top-notch one to offer different alternatives, so Mindspace’s Multi Step File Organizer is another option you should consider.

You get no less than eight compartments to classify your documents, so there is plenty of space to keep your desk free of clutter. Its primary material is wire mesh, so the item is immensely long-lasting and durable. 

6. Mindspace’s Rose Gold Desk Organizer

If you want something more feminine and stylish, Mindspace Rose Gold Desk Organizer might be for you.

With an electroplated finish that feels fantastic when you touch it, this is one of the most stylish alternatives you can choose. Therefore, if you want your desk to stand out, this might be the ideal option. 

7. AOTHIA’s Magnetic Desk Organizer

AOTHIA’s Magnetic Desk Organizer

A portable office organizer must be durable, useful, and stylish, especially if you care about the aesthetics of your office space.

AOTHIA Magnetic Desk Organizer is the perfect example of this – it’s beautiful, long-lasting, and it offers all the features you might need. It displays a flat, smooth surface that can catch anyone’s eye, and its magnetic board allows you to keep your things in order.  

8. JSungo’s Portable File Box with Handle

Another portable office storage container to consider is JSungo’s option. With this alternative, you get a classic and straightforward box to classify your documents. 

Buying JSungo’s portable office storage container means you get an inexpensive, simple, and durable option. Therefore, it’s one of the best alternatives to pick if you’re on a budget. 

9. Really Useful Clear Portable File Box

Really Useful Clear Portable File Box

If you go through different under-desk organizer ideas, you’ll find that one of the most common ones is to get a clear box that allows you to see what you’re keeping inside. 

Thus, the Clear Portable File Box is a fantastic portable office supply organizer if you want to go for this aesthetic – since it’s transparent, you can find what you’re looking for with just a quick look at its contents. 

10.  Pendaflex’s Portable File Box

Getting Pendaflex’s portable office and storage organizer is a fantastic idea as well, especially if you want something classy and versatile. 

This option has a slim and imposing form, which is an aesthetic you might be going for. However, you can't personalize it, so you should find a different option if you want to customize your organizer.  

11.  Dbest Products’ Two-wheeled Quick Cart with Collapsible Handcart

Dbest Products’ Two-wheeled Quick Cart with Collapsible Handcart

As an office worker, you might need to move your documents around your workspace. When this happens, you’ll need an item to help you store everything. 

The portable office organizer by Dbest Products is immensely useful since it’s a box with wheels and a collapsible handle. Keep all your documents inside and move the item around whenever you need to. 

12.  Portable File Folder Organizer, Magazine, and Book Storage Box

A chic choice for you to consider is this portable supply organizer, which lets you arrange all your books or documents without being too extravagant. 

If you want an elegant and beautiful alternative, this portable office storage container is probably the correct option for you. Take the aesthetics of your office to the next level by adding some classiness to your desk! 

13.  Vaultz’ File Organizer

Vaultz’ portable office organizer

Some workers need a storage unit to keep highly confidential documents inside. If you want something like this, the portable office supply organizer by Vaultz might be the ideal option. 

At first glance, this elegant organizer looks like any other cosmetic box. However, it offers two number code locks for you to secure your files.  

14.  Simple Trending Desk File Box

Optimizing your office space can be a much more straightforward process if you have the right items. This box, for example, allows you to classify your documents and keep them under your desk. 

If you hang the Desk File Box, you can ensure that you have everything you need close by whenever you have to use it. 

15.  Pendaflex’s Portable File Box in Granite

Pendaflex’s Portable File Box in Granite

Finding a secure box to store your documents might not be very challenging. However, if you want a pretty and colorful option, you may have to spend more time looking around.  

With Pendaflex’s alternative, you can save precious time – the brand offers a cute box that you can use to store your most crucial files. 

16.  White Linen File Box

If you’re looking for desk organizers for women, the White Linen File Box might be one of the most stylish options to consider.  

Forget about boring, dark-colored alternatives. This white option can upgrade your office’s style and make it look much more elegant! 

17.  Chic File Organizer in Black

Many workers prefer carrying some of their documents around, and if this is something you want, check out the Chic File Organizer in Black. 

Buying this portable office organizer means you get a sturdy, black leather tote bag to store your office essentials. You can keep your books and files inside and carry them around whenever you need them. 

18.  Birdrock Home’s Rolling File Storage Organizer Box with Lid

Birdrock Home’s Rolling File Storage Organizer Box with Lid

You don’t need to get a plastic or metal portable office file organizer. Some options are available in natural materials, such as this one! 

If you get this portable office supply organizer, you’ll have the opportunity to store all your documents and files. Since it’s partially open, air can pass through and guarantee that none of its contents will ever get damaged. 

19.  Desk Hanging File Box

Workers like you might care more about design than security, so you may prefer a stylish portable office and storage organizer like the Desk Hanging File Box.  

With this alternative, you get a mesh file box that looks immensely stylish, elegant, and beautiful. It doesn’t matter where you put it – it can completely upgrade the looks of your workspace! 

20.  Storex’s Portable File Box with Wheels

Another portable office and storage organizer you should consider is the Portable File Box by Storex, which has a sleek and elegant design and it’s immensely useful.

If you need to transport your documents to different places, keeping them inside this box is one of the best alternatives you can explore.  

21.  Pendaflex’s Portable Desktop File Organizer

Pendaflex’s Portable Desktop File Organizer

A portable office organizer doesn’t have to be too extravagant. Some people prefer simpler and more elegant options, and this is what Pendaflex offers you with this model. 

Buying the Portable Desktop File Organizer means you get an open box with different compartments to store all your documents. It has a unique look and it can offer you all the options you need! 

22.  Collapsible Hanging File Storage Organizer

If you want a more over-the-top alternative, this portable office supply organizer might be what you’re looking for.  

It displays a woven rattan design, so it’s a fantastic alternative if you want your office to have a more rustic look. 

23.  STORi’s Clear Plastic Hanging File Organizer with Handles

Get a beautiful minimalist vibe with STORi’s option – the Clear Plastic Organizer with Handles. Since it has smooth surfaces, it can make your surroundings look tidy! 

Buying this portable office storage container is ideal if you want an item to store your supplies, documents, and more. It’s immensely lightweight, so you can move it around your office space without any issues.  

24.  Akro-Mils 12-gallon Plastic Storage Hanging Box

Akro-Mils 12-gallon Plastic Storage Hanging Box

A sturdy portable office supply container might be what you need to organize even your thickest books and heaviest documents. 

This box might not be as stylish as others on the list, but it makes up for it by giving you a sturdy build that lets you keep all your office accessories inside.  

25.  Decorative File Organizer Box

Turn your office around by adding stylish boxes into the mix. These portable office organizers are straightforward, but they’re appealing enough to upgrade the look of your surroundings. 

Furthermore, the boxes have handles, so you can move them around if you need to. Since their exterior is made of fabric, you can combine them with the rest of your office décor. 

26.  Levenger’s Prestige Portable Tote

Portable totes are also a functional and beautiful addition to your surroundings. If you want something that you can carry around, this option might be the one to buy. 

Levenger’s portable office organizer is available in different colors, so you can choose the one that matches the style of your office. It’s ideal if you need to organize different supplies and carry them with you! 

27.  Mindreader’s Portable Rolling Mesh Box File

Mindreader’s Portable Rolling Mesh Box File

A portable office file organizer with a lightweight frame and wheels might be all you need to take your office space to the next level.  

Mindreader’s alternative is one of the best options to consider if you want something movable and functional. Since its design is sleek, it can also make your surroundings look much better! 

28.  BirdRock Home’s Seagrass Rolling File Cabinet

You don’t need to make your office space look boring just because you work in front of a computer a few hours a day. 

Instead, get BirdRock’s Seagrass portable office and storage organizer, which can give your workspace a bohemian look. It’s a mobile file box, so you can quickly move it around if you want to. 

29.  SentrySafe’s Fireproof Box

If safety is your priority, SentrySafe’s alternative might be the right one to consider. This portable office supply organizer is fireproof and has a lock to keep your documents secure. 

At the same time, its black color allows you to conceal it from prying eyes. Since its design is sleek, it can also enhance the style of your office space. 


30.  First Alert’s Black File Box

The last option on this list is First Alert’s box, which is black and has a metal frame. The combination of these two features makes the design immensely beautiful, and this is something that might interest you if you care about aesthetics. 

It’s black just like the previously mentioned model, so you can quickly make it blend in the shadows of a drawer, cabinet, or shelf. 

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A desk organizer allows you to keep your surroundings tidy and guarantee that your documents are always in order. Pick your favorite and say goodbye to clutter!

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