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Get Massive Sales on Autonomous Black Friday Items
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Get Massive Sales on Autonomous Black Friday Items

|Oct 24, 2021

Smart office setups have completely changed the game. There has never been a higher demand for quality home office setups, which means more innovations are happening every day. 

With equipment and technology this sophisticated, it’s not too much of a shock to learn that office furniture can cost a pretty penny. Luckily, though, you have a chance to make massive savings on the bestselling smart office items on the market. 

Autonomous has always been about accessibility – it’s easy-pay monthly installment plan options are a testament to that. However, you don’t need to go down that road with the Autonomous Black Friday Sale.

Black Friday Office Furniture

SmartDesk - Best Standing Desk for Black Friday

The biggest item you should have your eyes on during the sale is an Autonomous standing desk

These desks are handcrafted and second to none when it comes to ergonomic office ingenuity. 

Each SmartDesk comes with a built-in motor. This motor allows you to adjust the height of your desk with nothing more than a button press. Not only does this mean that the desk can serve every member of a household, but if you want to make use of a standing desk, then it caters to that, too. 

The advantages that come with being able to work sitting down or standing up are tenfold. You’re going to suffer from far less back pain, for example. By standing, you’re keeping your spine extended in its natural position. This helps to alleviate pressure and avoids any permanent bend development.

As well as that, desks like this have unbelievable benefits for your heart. Prolonged sitting has been proven to cause heart defects time and time again. Standing for even two out of your eight-hour days is going to be massive for making sure those problems don’t affect you. 

Standing Desks - Best Standing Desk for Black Friday

It actually helps your body burn an additional 2000 passive calories every week. That’s not an insignificant sum by any stretch of the imagination. Not only does a standing desk help your back and your heart, but you’re going to lose weight with one, too. 

Lastly, it has benefits for your mental health. Standing desks cause your brain to produce more endorphins; these endorphins are a key chemical in helping you feel happy. Therefore, you’re going to be able to work better, work longer, and be happier while doing it. 

Getting a standing desk can completely revolutionize the way you work. The change can be so dramatic that you might not ever go back to using a traditional desk ever again. 

There are various different SmartDesk models all at different price points, but you can expect all of them to see a reduction during the Autonomous Black Friday sale. 

The SmartDesk

You might already be familiar with the SmartDesk family; if so, you might want to check out the newest model. 

The SmartDesk comes with all of the functionality you’ve come to expect from a SmartDesk. It’s adjustable, ergonomic, and fuss-free. 

However, there is one additional feature that makes the SmartDesk superior to any of the models that came before. 

You’re likely familiar with a productivity technique called the Pomodoro. It’s a system that involves working for about half an hour before taking a five-minute break. This cycle continues until you finish your work. 

Well, the SmartDesk actually comes with a Pomodoro tracker built into it. Therefore, not only are you getting a productivity boost from the ergonomic design, but you’re getting the benefits of a Pomodoro tracker, too.

The SmartDesk 4

Office Chairs - Autonomous Black Friday Chairs

There’s going to be a range of ergonomic chairs reduced in price in the upcoming Autonomous Black Friday sale.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of using one of these before, you’re missing out in a big way. 

Each Autonomous chair is hand-designed by a team of engineers and is maximized for posture protection and back support.  By utilizing a lumbar support system, these chairs help you fight against the back pain that has become all too commonplace amongst office workers. 

You’re going to be supported in a way that no $50 office chair can, which is also going to give you a boost to your productivity.  Getting yourself an Autonomous office chair is just as, if not more, important than getting yourself a standing desk.

Office Chairs - Autonomous Black Friday Chairs

With an office chair and a regular desk, you’re going to be using the chair 100% of the time. 

Think of it this way. If you work a 40-hour week from your home office, that’s 40 hours every day that your back is being bent in an unnatural way. Of course, that’s going to take its toll over a few years, if not months. 

Office Accessories

It’s not just the big stuff getting a price cut in the Autonomous Black Friday sale. You can expect the various smart office accessories on the site to be reduced in price, as well.  You might not think much of accessorizing your office, but that would be a massive mistake. 

Not only is it important to customize your workspace so that it feels like your own, but it can have a staggering amount of influence on your productivity.  Not even from an accessibility standpoint but a psychological one.

Office Accessories

Everything down to the colors on your office wall can have an impact on how much work you do and how well you do it.

While Autonomous doesn’t supply paint, it does supply you with the means to set your office up in a way that actually feels like YOUR office, not just another cubicle at corporate HQ.

Pros and Cons of Buying During the Autonomous Black Friday Sale

Autonomous Black Friday Sale

  • icon checkAll of the equipment on the site is going to be getting a price reduction.
  • icon checkYou stand to save a lot of money.
  • icon checkYou’re going to be able to upgrade your office for a fraction of the cost.
  • icon timesIt’s a limited time offer.
  • icon timesYou need to buy fast due to stock potentially selling out.
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