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Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Standing Desk
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Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Standing Desk

|Nov 11, 2019

The smart standing desk has become very popular among corporate employees in a very less period. The studies suggest that these desks have been incremental in providing the employees with an all-around comfort in their work environment as well as helped the companies to enhance their productivity. It is a fact that the earlier sitting arrangement in the corporate offices was very painful for the employees, and it did not let them give their 100% to work.

In the corporate world, most of the jobs are desk jobs, and the employees need to spend a considerable amount of time daily in the same cubicle for years until their retirement. This extended amount of time sitting in one place is like smoking as it gives rise to many health-related issues. Most of the corporate workers complain about having back and neck pain. The key to staying fit in your workplace is to remain active all through the day and spend time doing some physical activity. It will not only keep you lively but also keep you away from any health-related complaints.

standing desk, stand up desk

However, there is no picture-perfect way to use these standing desks more effectively. Nevertheless, here are some of the points that will be a revelation for you and will help you maximize the benefits at your workplace and reduce the adverse effects.

1. Make a proper balance between standing and sitting

It is a fact that when you have your new sit-stand desks, you would love to stand and work in the newfangled workstation. However, you should not start spending long hours in the beginning. Instead, you can start slowly and then make it a habit; otherwise, you will put yourself into some more problems. The reason behind it is that you have to spend long hours at the workplace & changing your natural posture in a single go will not give you benefits. To limit the pain, you need to start by using the new standing desk and your old desk interchangeably. You can shift your positions after a few hours. Make sure you spend long hours standing and fewer hours sitting.  Over time, you will be able to stand for long hours without any need of sitting. However, there is no such rule and time limit of standing and sitting. It solely depends on you. The only rule that can be of help is slowly transforming the way you have been working.

2. Fine-tune your desk and screen

standing desk, stand up desk

It is a fact that perfect sitting and standing postures play an essential role in improving comfort in your workplace. Similarly, perfect adjustment of desk height and the position of the computer screen play a significant role in improving the level of comfort. It also helps in reducing the risk of health injury in the workplace. If the general consent is to be believed, the sit-stand desk should be at elbow height. The elbows should be at a 90-degree angle from the floor. The computer screen should be at a distance of 20-28 inches from your face. It is just perfect for visibility and your eyes. The minimum distance should be no less than the distance between your elbow and the tip of your middle finger. The top of the computer screen should be at your eye level, and it should have a tilt between 10 to 20 degrees for better visibility. It is for the reason that you would no on occasion need to tilt your neck up and down in the course of working.

3. Move while using a sit-stand desk

standing desk, stand up desk

When you are at the workplace, you pay a huge price for sitting too much as it affects your overall health significantly; you should not spend long hours in a similar posture. You should change your posture and be physically active too. The best way to do so is to move around at regular intervals. It is a fact that being static occasionally can be good for your body. From the day you get your stand up desk to work, you should consider moving around sometimes, unlike standing like a statue. It is not only walking that can give you relaxation. You can also consider doing some calf raising exercise too. The only need for going for these crusades is to keep your body in motion and maintain a proper flow of blood. You can return to your sit-stand desk and continue working in a more focused manner.

4. Change your keyboard and mouse position

standing desk, stand up desk

The standing desks are height adjustable, and it can be customized as per your requirement in a matter of a few seconds. You can consider changing the position of your peripherals after much use. It is for the reason that working for long hours on the system can strain your wrists as well as your hand. You must keep your keyboard and mouse at the same level and try to keep your wrist straight in the course of typing. You can also make use of the adjustable keyboard stand and gel pads for your mouse to give you optimal support. The ideal position of wrist changes slightly when you shift from standing to sitting. Therefore, you need to keep in mind this thing and act upon accordingly.

5. Usage of arm supports

You can give better support to your arms by fixing arm support to your sit-stand desk. The arm support is a soft pad that swiftly attaches to your desk and reduces pressure on the wrist that you use to operate the mouse. These pads also help in reducing neck and shoulder problems. It will also provide optimum comfort to your other dormant hand.

6. Preset your ergonomic workspace

standing desk, stand up desk

The standing desks are designed height-adjustable for a reason. It is designed to enhance the working environments as well as provide better support to the employees. If you want to get the most out of the stand up desk, then you need to first adjust it as per your required height. When you keep all these trivial things in your mind, you will move one step closer to making your workplace ergonomics. When your workplace starts supporting you, you will be more efficient in your work, and thus the overall productivity of the company will surely be on the rise.

7. Track your steps

The smart desk is also intuitive, as you believe yourself to be. The smart desk can let you know when you need to stand and when you need to sit. You can take the help of the AI-inspired pieces of advice from the desk and track your activities. It is just like a robot sitting with you in the office to track all your movements. It is capable of letting you know how efficiently you work. It surely serves as a significant amount of motivation for you to contribute more towards doing some physical movements to keep your body and mind healthy. A healthier life is not very easy to achieve; it surely takes much effort to be healthy.

8. Remember to take breaks

standing desk, stand up desk

The level of frustration and stress increases when you push yourself harder towards something. It is a fact that working seriously for some time in the office can get tones of increased stress and anxiety. Standing and leaning on your smart desks will not even help you at this time. Therefore, it is better to go for a short break. You can consider going for some movement, or you can also stretch yourself a bit. A short break can be very helpful in clearing out your head as well as provides the right amount of rest to your eyes. Some individuals know when they should stop working and go for a break while some need an additional reminder. The smart desks can let you know about this. You can set your preferences, and the desk will help you reduce your fatigue. If the reports are to be believed, many employees felt well after taking regular break cycles in between work. It has also helped them reduce pain in their upper limbs as well as back.


On a lighter note, a decent smart sit-stand desk will be an excellent device for your better health.  You must have got a clear picture if you do not shift to smart desks, your professional life will be painful no matter what. Shifting to standing desks without having the proper knowledge of using it can be very harmful to your health. Therefore, it is obvious to understand better how to use it when your employer provides you with a new-fangled way to work efficiently. Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you get the most out of your smart desk as well as improve your physical well-being at your workplace.

So, what are you? Explore the best standing desks on our website and choose the one that suits your requirements.

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