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Getting into the zone at your office desk

Autonomous Autonomous | Oct 5, 2017

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For a long time, we have underestimated our office desks. We use our office desks to put things on and store things in. But our office desk is not just a platform or a storage unit, it is the symbolic centre of our working day, our personal space within the company space. In practical terms, our office desk is the space that we are given within an office to work from, it demarcates the realm of our working life and the more we can do with that space the better. To be productive, our office desk needs to be our ‘zone’ the place to focus and put our heads down and push forward with our goals. If we start to think about what we need from that personal space, we can better create what we need from our office desks to help us get into that zone.

For a long time our personal and physical space was demarcated by the cubicle but the cubicle was never the place to get into a ‘zone,’ it was a space to whittle away whole afternoons watching the clock and wondering where else we could be.

It’s possible that the cubicle and the office desk, or what they represented about working life is exactly what has sent a generation of digital nomads away from their office desks and into foreign locales to conduct their work. Perhaps this generation were so determined to work anywhere in the world other than a cubicle or an office desk that it got them thinking of the wildest locations and they soon found themselves on beaches and in jungles, plugging in and connecting to far flung wi-fi networks. Yet we’re confident that remote working has it’s drawbacks and if the digital nomad trend is taught us anything, it is precisely the value of an office space and a dedicated office desk.

As they say, no man is an Island and the most collaborative work environment are the most dynamic and productive. Start-up culture is so vibrant because it is collaborative. Start-up’s inevitably start small and it is the meeting of minds and the cross pollination of ideas that allows them to be so innovative and experience rapid growth. The best way to put our heads together and do good work is, still, to have everyone under one roof. What would we call such a space? Well.. the best name for the space where everyone in a company hangs out under one roof, believe it or not - is the ‘office.’ In short, we haven’t given up on the office space yet, it just needs a bit of a rebrand.

What people get from working in cafe’s, co-working spaces and even the hostels of far flung locales opposed to at office desks, is a sense of individuality and autonomy. They’re able to carve out their own space in the world. Yet there’s no reason the office desk has to be antagonistic to this. If our standing desk is our anchor in the work environment it also needs to be a place where we are able to exercise our autonomy and individuality. To us that means an office desk that is flexible and adaptable, that accommodates for our physical and mental needs rather than constraining them.

Perhaps the reason cubicles and office desks were so disliked in recent years is to do with the physical toll they take on the body. It certainly isn’t healthy to spend your days behind walls, sitting sedentary for prolonged hours. No wonder our image of an office worker is dreary and grey, when sitting reduces circulation to the body and the brain to make people lethargic, less focused and not particularly rosy cheeked.

What needs a change, to create the space for individuals within an office space. Our office desks should be a sanctuary and an incubator, a place we go to be productive and get stuff done.

That is why we believe everyone should have a standing or sit to stand office desk. The SmartDesk is just an office desk it’s an office desk which helps you to get into your ‘zone’ and be productive, which accommodates for your changing needs in a work day. With just the touch of a button the SmartDesk office desk raises or lowers to different heights allowing you to move between sitting and standing with ease. It not only moves silently and smoothly but will even remember your favorite heights to give you one less thing to think about. With the SmartDesk office desk a sit to stand office desk becomes a movable space for you to work in opposed to another platform to rest things on.

Much has been said about how standing from your office desk can alleviate the health risks of sedentary working. By standing behind your office desk for just a few hours a time you can significantly improve your productivity, health and well being. Standing from your office desk can reduce the risks of heart, disease, diabetes and other health conditions. Whilst is also increases circulation to enhance your focus and concentration for longer periods. Overall and unsurprisingly, getting on your feet from time to time will make you feel a lot better day to day.

If you are new to standing, it may take some time to get used to it. It’s best to transition gradually by standing for a couple of hours a day at first and working your way up to more hours from there. Before long you’ll start to tune into your body and know what it needs at different times throughout the day.

Many people find standing first thing in the morning a good way to launch into the work day. If you want to get your day off to a good start with a productive session, start by standing at your office desk. Standing from your office desk will give  will help you to channel that morning energy into your work without getting distracted. If you have a super productive morning and want to settle into a steady workflow at your office desk for a few hours before lunch, then it’s a good time to take a seat for a couple of hours and take it down a pace without burning out. Whilst you’re making the change, taking a moment to relax can be very reviving and allow for a better workflow overall.

Equally, in the evening, it’s wise to take it down a pace instead of ramping it up and pushing through. This will help your body wind down for the evening. If you’re working in the evening, lower your office desk and take a seat. If you have an ergonomic chair, put it into a reclined position and take up a more slow and steady pace. This way your office space will be in synch with your body clock as you wind down for the evening and help you get a better night sleep.

Many people have found that, by transitioning to a standing desk office desk, they’re able to make their desk their ‘zone.’ A place where they have choice and can respond to the needs of their body. An office desk that they look forward to arriving at in the morning, from where they can launch into the day ahead.

But getting into the zone at your adjustable desk is about the things you don’t do as well as what you do. To prevent the office and your office desk becoming a space to just ‘get through’ the working hours, it’s important to preserve your office desk as a space for productivity. The more you push through the more you will start to feel bound to the space and the more it will become associated with frustration. As such, if you have been working for too long or are hitting a wall it’s best to step away from the desk until you’re ready to be productive again. Take a walk, do something active like small exercises or go and talk to a colleague. Don’t push through to try to get back into the zone it will only make the space start to seem stagnant and frustrating.

Equally, carve out different spaces for collaborating or brainstorming. If you’re going to troubleshoot or discuss some ideas with a colleague, go to a communal space to take a break from your office desk for an hour or so.

If we can start to see our office desks and places to work as our personal spaces, spaces that need to work for us and suit or needs and our pace of work we can steer clear of feeling contained by them or getting ‘cubicle- syndrome’ where we dwindle away hours glued to our chair. Your office desk should be your ‘zone’ and if it doesn’t work for you, it’s not working. Carve out your own space in your office, make your office desk the place where you work best, a pace you can come and go from and get into your flow.

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