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Give your Back a Relaxing Time Out with Reclinable Office Chairs

Autonomous Autonomous | Dec 23, 2018

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Almost 80% of people working in an office suffer from neck or back pain. Most of the back pain issues arise from bad posture or bad office chairs. Most office workers spend hours sitting in a similar posture on office chairs. A reclinable office chair is ideal for most desk job workers for a healthy back. This constant pressure and weight of the body causes discomfort and pain in the spines. The reclined position is found to be best suited for long-term sitting on chairs without causing damage to the spines. This will reduce the chances of degenerated back pain which are the result of constant pressure from sitting down.

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Good news is most office chairs today come with a reclined backrest. You can adjust the backrest to suit the comfort needs of the one sitting on it. A comfortable sitting position is necessary to work long term sitting on an office chair. Office chairs should be comfortable that can support the body for better posture and reduce the effects of sitting on the office chairs. A bad posture can make repetitive stress injuries common among office workers. Back pain and stress injuries can diminish the work and social life balance. If the workplace condition does not improve or change, it can cause permanent injuries and damage to the spine.

Benefits of having reclined chair

Relief to back

Back injuries are very common among office workers who spend a lot of their time sitting down on chairs. Preventing back pain and injuries are becoming an increasing concern for people who spend hours on desk jobs. There is no single technique to relieve the back pain or improve the working condition for desk job workers. However, the reclined position is proven to be best suited to provide support and relaxation to the back. It also aligns well with the natural curve of the spine and supports our back for a correct sitting posture.

A single size does not fit all, and thus an adjustable reclinable office chair is best for reducing back strain and keeping the back healthy. It will also reduce the chances of injuries from bad posture and strain on the back. The adjustable chairs provide the option for the person to adjust the chair to suit his comfort and support needs. If your back is at a comfortable posture and supported by the adjustable backrest, it will increase your efficiency and make you more productive. A reclined chair efficiently distributes the weight of the body to keep it from putting pressure on a single region to cause injury or inflammation to the muscles.

Sore backs are a everyday affair for people with an uncomfortable chair that forces them to have a bad posture and put a strain on the back. A reclined back will ensure you have less strain on the muscles and thus reduce the instances of sore backs.

Similar to the standing position

The standing position is proven to be the most efficient position that puts minimum pressure on the spine and supporting muscles. If you want to reduce back injuries and back pain, the standing position is ideal and proven. However, it is not possible to work standing inside an office in most cases. It is also tiring and can cause fatigue to other parts of the body from standing for a longer period.

Standing is considered the gold posture as in this posture the inward and outward curve of the spine is in neutral position. This keeps the spine in the right shape and does not put any pressure on the spine of muscles supporting the spines. A neutral position ideal for the spine to facilitate good back health and reduce the chances of injuries to the back. However, we tend to sit just the opposite on our office chairs with a forward head posture. Most of the time we lean forward in the chair to reach our computer rather sitting back with our back comfortably pushed against the backrest.

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Reclined back is most close to the angle at which our spine rest while standing. Thus a reclined position makes it ideal for our spine and back health. It is due to the fact that, an unnatural posture will result in degeneration of the disc and later cause wearing out of the discs in the spine. When you lean forward in your chair it puts double pressure on the spinal discs as compared to a standing position. As reclined position puts the least amount of pressure on the spine it can prevent the disc degeneration of the spine.

Makes it comfortable to sit for a longer period

An uncomfortable sitting posture will make it impossible for anyone to spend long hours sitting down on an office chair. The constant pressure that our body weight exerts on the spine makes it susceptible to injuries and degeneration. To prevent injuries from occurring, changing your position or reclining your back in between work can greatly minimize the risk of back injuries. Experts suggest to move around in your chair a little bit and shift the pressure point from one single area to wider surface to equally distribute the pressure and prevent degeneration.

A reclinable office chair allows your back to rest and prevent constant strain on the spines. An adjustable backrest will allow you to alter the position of your back and prevent any strain on the back. You can achieve a variety of seating positions on a reclinable chair and prevent the chances for injury and back problems. A reclinable office chair has a variety of angles at which the back can be reclined which will distribute the pressure equally on the whole back and not concentrate on a single region.

A comfortable sitting posture will allow you to spend more time sitting on the chair and work with best efforts without worrying about your back. If you are constantly disturbed with a back pain or discomfort you are most likely to lose concentration. An adjustable reclinable chair will provide quick and easy control over the angle at which the backrest can be reclined to provide the best comfort. As it is easier to achieve and efficient in quick relief from strain and pain arising as a result of constant sitting, you will not lose your focus even while sitting for long hours.

Spine muscles are relaxed

While reclining to an angle below 95 degrees your spine is relaxed and at an curved angle which reduce the muscle activity to keep your body weight. On the other hand, while you are sitting upright your body weight is directly handled by the spines which come under tremendous pressure. The muscles supporting the spines also get stressed and result in fatigue at the end of the day. This is not a case with a reclined angle as the muscles are relaxed and they have to put lesser effort to support the weight of the body.

If your muscles are relaxed and not fatigued there are a reduced chance of injuries to the back from constant sitting down in a similar posture. To keep the muscles relaxed the reclined position is ideal and supportive but it requires the work desk to adjust to the reclined angles. Otherwise, it can cause other ergonomic related issues from stretching your arms to reach the computer or pressure on neck and back. Make sure your desk and other workstation is adjustable and can complement to the reclined angle of the chair for comfortable sitting.

Necessary break to the body

While you are constantly sitting down for long hours on the office chair in a similar posture it can cause strain to the muscles which support our back. A reclinable office chair will allow your body to have necessary breaks in a relaxed position to prevent a strain of our back. We are used to sitting for long hours working on our desk and thus forget to take breaks in between to relax our back. This is a harmful neglect to our spine and back as it can cause degenerations of the spinal discs and injuries to the strained back.

Experts suggest to get up from the chair and take a walk or stand frequently while sitting on an office chair working on a desk. This is not always possible in most office setups and thus increases the chances of back injuries and back pain. A reclinable backrest will allow the person to relax their back without getting up from their chair. This will keep your back relaxed and you feeling energized to work without any discomfort.

Reduce strain on spines

The more you lean forward the more pressure is put on the spines which can result in disc degeneration and injuries to the back. On the other hand, leaning back or reclining will relax the muscles on the back and reduce strain on the spine. Disc degeneration is a irreversible effect from sitting in a bad posture for long without taking precautions. This is mostly due to the fact that the effects of constant strain are felt after a long time and when it shows its impact the condition is already worse. To prevent such a situation to arise, it is advised to have a reclinable office chair that will allow your back to relax and prevent injuries.

A proper lumbar support along with the reclined backrest will put minimum stress on the spine. Most ergonomic chairs today comes with an adjustable backrest and adjustable lumbar support to provide the best support and cut the chances of back injuries by a great margin. Unfortunately, we spend most of our time leaning forward while sitting on a chair and working on a desk. This is rather the cause for most back-related injuries and problems. An ergonomic chair with a reclinable back is the way to go for desk workers to avoid the occupational hazard.

Keep focus

A reclinable office chair will allow comfortable sitting posture for the people who spend long hours sitting on a chair. It will prevent the spines from coming under much pressure and thus reduce the chances of injuries and back pain. It will provide a comfortable working posture and reduce instances of back pain. If you are not troubled by continuous back pain, you are more likely to stay focused on your task. It will enhance your productivity and reduce errors from distractions caused due to discomfort and pain. A reclinable office chair will also ensure a better sitting posture that is comfortable for the desk workers to spend long hours sitting down on a chair.

Avoid injuries

A proper sitting posture is a must to prevent injuries to your back that occur from constant sitting down on chairs. A reclinable chair will allow an adjustable posture to keep the muscles relaxed and not get tensed from pressure on the same region. It also ensures that the back is well supported with the curves of the spine to ensure a neutral position for the spine. A neutral posture of the spine will prevent any spine related degeneration and injury.  

Makes working more enjoyable

A reclinable option makes working more enjoyable for the workers who can rest their back in between their intense work hours for a better concentration and relaxation. You can sit back relax and do your work without worrying about straining your back or causing injury to the spine. It will also make the worker feel cared and motivated to work harder on their task without getting distracted from back pain and discomfort resulting from bad sitting posture.

Timeout from pressure at work

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Constant pressure not only affects the back but it affects the mind too. You will feel tired, bored and uninterested towards work if you are constantly sitting in a similar posture for long hours. A reclinable office chair will ensure you can get a timeout from the pressure of the work and relax your body and mind to rejuvenate the interest and passion for work. Thus reclinable chair not only provides relaxation to the back but also provide relaxation to the mind. You can also care to take a power nap or small meditation break by reclining on the chair. Some reclinable chairs can even go down to a sleeping position to allow you to take power naps at work.

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