Graphene Antiviral Mask vs. Normal Mask: Which One to Choose and the Pros and Cons
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Graphene Antiviral Mask vs. Normal Mask: Which One to Choose and the Pros and Cons

|Dec 2, 2020

The world, in general, is not the same today as it was in 2019. There have been so many new ways to go about living life, even in office spaces. Some people are returning to work with extra precautions, and others must conduct their business remotely. Either way, masks have become a significant element of daily living. 

The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that people wear masks in any public setting. No matter where you are if you come in close contact with other people, you should be wearing a mask. According to the Mayo Clinic, wearing masks and taking other precautions, like social distancing and washing hands, can slow the spread of COVID-19. 

Though we know it is critical to wear a mask, there can be a lot of confusion about which one you should pick. New scientific developments show that graphene is a resourceful element to have in your facial-protective garb. Thus, in the debate over the Graphene Antiviral Mask vs. regular mask, which one is better?

Choosing the Right Mask

At the end of the day, any mask is better than no mask. However, some covers work better than others. The most popular type of mask seems to be the single-use surgical mask. Cheap, effective, and easy to dispose of it has its benefits, but to an extent. A graphene-coated mask enhances the quality of a regular mask. Ultimately, if you choose against a graphene mask or a higher strength mask, then the surgical mask is the best choice. Keep reading to go into further depth about a graphene-coated mask. 

Choose the right mask

Why Is It Important to Wear a Mask?

Global health experts recommend wearing a mask in public settings because it can help slow the spread of COVID-19. Some people could be asymptomatic and not know they carry the disease. A facial covering’s job is to protect others from the wearer’s germs but can also have some effect in blocking out Coronavirus disease-carrying droplets. 

 Why Is It Important to Wear a Mask

How Do I Wear a Mask?

The way you wear determines its effectiveness in keeping others protected. The best way to wear a mask is having it attach around the ears or the head and cover both the mouth and nose. 

Graphene Masks and their Role in Scientific Developments

New developments in mask-wearing have accumulated since the beginning of the pandemic. A lot of people have been studying the effectiveness of a graphene-coated mask versus a regular mask. After lots of research, studies show that graphene can make regular masks easier to clean and, therefore, more effective in slowing the spread. When exposed to sunlight for a period, the graphene can rid itself of germs and bacteria. 

How do I wear a mask

Can a Graphene Mask Repel COVID-19?

Graphene is a thin material that can repel liquids. Thus, while it can surely block out anything wet, there is no sure sign that it can repel the Coronavirus. However, it goes above and beyond what a regular mask is capable of doing. 

Autonomous’ Graphene Antiviral Mask is one of the more modern and scientifically advanced variations of the regular mask. It contains graphene, so it can go the extra mile in protecting your health. Plus, it is perfect for office use, going to the store, and everything in between. 

Pros and Cons of the Graphene Antiviral Mask

Graphene Masks

Graphene Antiviral Mask

  • icon checkThin and durable.
  • icon checkReusable.
  • icon checkCan be used up to 30 times.
  • icon checkContains graphene.
  • icon checkComfortable.
  • icon checkFour colors to choose from.
  • icon timesOn the pricier end.

Pros and Cons of a Regular Mask

Regular Mask

  • icon checkLight and thin.
  • icon checkCan be an environmental hazard (single-use masks).
  • icon timesDoes not have the protective power of graphene.

So, Which Mask Is Better: A Regular Mask or the Graphene Antiviral Mask?

When looking at a comparison of the Graphene Antiviral Mask vs. normal mask, the graphene seems to take the cake. It has the flexibility and weight of a regular cover but with more power to slow the spread of COVID-19. Additionally, it can be washed and reused to get your money’s worth. Traditional single-use masks are easy to dispose of, but they pose a threat to the environment. Ultimately, although high in price, the Graphene Antiviral Mask is worth the money because it provides extra protection and more longevity than a regular mask. 

So, Which Mask Is Better

How to Keep Your Office Space at Its Healthiest During a Public Health Crisis?

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