GravaStar Mars Pro: A Speaker with Space Age Technology
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GravaStar Mars Pro: A Speaker with Space Age Technology

|Oct 16, 2023

First impressions count and this GravaStar Mars Pro speaker is no different. In fact, it starts with the packaging. As the name implies, there’s a real other world vibe going on - with a funky silver box adorned with space themed images. And there’s the picture of the speaker itself, modeled on a spaceship.

There’s no doubt what you’re buying.

The Box Opening

The opening of the box is the most exciting part of getting a new product - and this does not disappoint. Firstly, you get how secure the speaker is within the packaging. The product was held firmly in place by styrofoam which was fitted around the speaker itself. And yet, it was easy to remove.

GravaStar Mars Pro review

Taking away the top half of the styrofoam reveals the top of the speaker, which can then be taken out. 

The first sight of the speaker was impressive. It’s not your usual Bose style, that’s for sure. It’s sphere design, supported by a tripod, gives you sensations of the 1960s space race. Also, it feels solid, like everything is well-built.

GravaStar Mars Pro review

Turning it On and Connecting

This is where I have my only minor reservation on this product. It did take me a while to figure out how to turn it on. There are three main buttons, which are all black and blend into the main design itself. The instruction manual was also a little misleading, suggesting the power switch was higher than where it is.

GravaStar Mars Pro review

However, it did only take me a couple of minutes to figure it out and once you suss it, it’s all very intuitive. There are several ways to connect your devices - either with USB or bluetooth. I chose the latter and it was seamless. 

GravaStar Mars Pro review

There’s also the lighting - which has different colors for different modes. The accompanying sound effects add to the fun nature of the GravaStar Mars Pro. 

Overall, it’s relatively straightforward - once you turn it on!

GravaStar Mars Pro review

The Sound

Now for the most important part - the sound quality. It’s absolutely top notch, easily beating anything your computer or laptop can produce. It does lean more towards the bass sounds, which is excellent for gaming or watching a big action movie.

The touch sensitive volume control is also handy to have, but that can also be controlled by connected devices like your phone or laptop. The GravaStar Mars Pro carries the sound around the room with ease, even if it’s not quite the surround sound experience you can get with more advanced speakers.

GravaStar Mars Pro

For everyday use, I find this model to be a perfect balance between strong sound quality without being overwhelming. And you have complete control over the volume and how it carries. The bluetooth connection also makes a difference here, where you can adjust the sound from the device you’re using.

GravaStar Mars Pro

Final Thought

I review a lot of products and I can honestly say the GravaStar Mars Pro has impressed me. The build quality is excellent, with a good weightiness. The way it grips the surface on its tripod legs is also worthy of mention - you’re not going to knock it over easily. The funky, space-age design catches the eye - particularly when it lights up. 

More importantly, the speaker delivers in terms of audio. The way the sound carries around the room and the bass quality to it makes it perfect for gaming, or whatever you need it to do.

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