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The Complete Guide to Home Office Renovation

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Aug 22, 2021

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A little change of scenery is good every once in a while which is why we love the month of renovation so much. There is something about that fresh paint or newly bought furniture that instills new hope and improved energy levels in us. Scientifically proven, our environment's impact on us is great, and many studies prove how the right atmosphere can be a mood lifter or downer for a person.

Our workplaces are no different. The choice of the right desk, chair, accessories, and even the paint can substantially impact productivity. Especially for remote workers and people who have been a part of hybrid work arrangements, setting up a home office is important.

Even if you have been working in bed till now, or checking emails at the kitchen counter, now you need a proper workstation at home because the work from home is here to stay. So with our home office renovation ideas and hacks on how to improve home office in the budget, here are some easy and very effective ways to get those creative juices flowing and have the most energy in the workplace.

Small Home Office Renovation Ideas

Many of us are restricted to tiny spaces when it comes to setting up a home office. But who knew you could make the most productive corner in the home and get all those hefty tasks done? Home office renovation sounds like an expensive job, but it can be a way to make any room for the homework if done right. Even if you plan to get the best bedroom workspace, some ideas will go with even under the stairs free space.



The first thing of due importance when it comes to building a home office is the location. It could be your old garage where the mildew has attacked (consider cleaning first), an outdoor area where there could be proper lighting or even the bedroom corner. Make sure you choose a location that could give the most conductive results.

For instance, choosing a quiet corner in your home office renovation will give you a more focused and personal work experience. It will also be easier to attend meetings. Another important factor to consider is the lighting factor. Make sure to choose a place where there is maximum natural lighting.



Ergonomic furniture is the new talk of the town, and it is sincerely the easiest way to enhance productivity in your home office renovation. The importance of ergonomics has been recognized by organizations and people setting up their home offices who have realized how the right desk or chairs can deliver the best results.

Work Desk

You must select the right table before opting for any chair, no matter how set you are on it. Since the choice of work, the chair depends on the work desk's height, location, and specifications. There are many desks available to make your home office renovation the most productive.

But the best ones are those that not only make your health better, restore the perfect posture but also are great for energy levels. This is where standing desks are known the best. Electric standing desk for a home office is the most sought-after choice for many reasons.

They are versatile, smart, easy to control, user-friendly, once for all, and a very worthy investment. However, when it comes to electric standing desks, there are different types too.



SmartDesks, also known as height-adjustable desks, are simple rectangular desks that can increase or decrease in height. These desks are electrically controlled, such as SmartDesk Pro and SmartDesk Core. In addition, SmartDesks often come with programmable settings, so you can save the right height and attain it with just a push of a button.

You can also get a SmartDesk Frame and make your tabletop. If you already have an existing platform, a SmartDesk Frame will give you the required efficiency.

L-Shaped SmartDesks

As the name suggests, SmartDesk Corner or standing desks are shaped by the letter L. These desks are usually made for corners because they can cover the corner area gracefully by providing the maximum work area. An L-shaped desk is ideal for dual to triple monitor setups, and it also gives you the advantage of the corner so the privacy you need to work?  Check!


After choosing the right desk, you need to pair it with the perfect ergonomic chair. Improper sitting in the workplace is painful and extremely harmful to both mental and physical health. With the right chair, you can have more hours of productivity sitting and working efficiently.

ErgoChair Core

ErgoChair Core

ErgoChair Core can be specifically made for home office renovation because of its easy control and wide features. In addition, the ergo chair core comes in two colors to match any home office theme, and it also provides great adjustable functionality.

You will get an adjustable armrest, height, seat tilt, backrest, and footrests. The weight capacity of ErgoChair Core also makes it suitable for the diverse crowd, and the wide meshed back is ideal for a hot workday.

ErgoChair Pro

ErgoChair Pro

The ErgoChair Pro is a fully adjustable chair with a breathable meshed back. The chair has full adjustability with an adjustable armrest, height, backrest, and seat tilt. In addition, ErgoChair Pro offers a smooth recline option with lock ability in five different positions. The chair comes with a woven meshed back to give maximum airflow, and with a high weight capacity, you can enjoy sitting and moving in it for hours in your home office renovation.

Best Desk Accessories

Best Desk Accessories

A desk and chair might be the way to get started, but a home office renovation becomes even more productive with the right accessories. Desk accessories make working even more pleasant and also enhance comfort in the workplace. For instance, if you own a standing desk, investing in an anti-fatigue mat or a flow board is a good idea.

Anti-fatigue mat or flow boards encourage micro-movements, so the user doesn't get tired, and the pressure on the lower body is distributed evenly. Other desk accessories for a better work experience include a filing cabinet, so all the documents remain organized, or a desk lamp for those late-night work hours.

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