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A Complete Guide to Office Hoteling Space for Business
Hybrid Working

A Complete Guide to Office Hoteling Space for Business

|Jul 3, 2021

One of the many hybrid office solutions is the office hoteling space. Office hoteling space has many benefits and advantages over a conventional work mode, and it also ensures increased productivity for the employees. Although office hoteling best practices take some time to ace, the method and the hybrid work model also have many important aspects of smooth implementation. With the right ideas, a workplace can easily follow this in a flexible workspace.

This article is a complete guide to setting up an office hoteling space for your business.

What is Office Hoteling?

Office Hoteling is a modification of hybrid remote work where employees can reserve their working spots and choose a workplace. Office hoteling is important for employees who have to work long distances and don't want to spend a lot on an office setup upon their visits to different locations.

In professional office management, office hoteling is becoming more popular. Office hoteling has given Coworking and shared workplaces better mobility, productivity, flexibility, and efficiency, depending on the application. It also allows members to form teams more simply and within proximity.

What is Office Hoteling?

In a nutshell, office hoteling is the removal of allocated seats in a workspace, allowing members to book office space daily for whatever sort of work they need to accomplish. Given the growing reliance on remote work, this works effectively.

For people still confused about what a hybrid workforce and how it is different from office hoteling space? Well, office hoteling, hot desking, hybrid working are all extensions of flexible working systems, all of which are aimed to enhance productivity and reduce cost and space utilization in a workplace.

What are the Benefits of Office Hoteling?


Office hoteling is mainly utilized when there is a limitation in the workspace. Office hoteling allows employees to share a desk by booking it before reaching the workplace. This allows rotation, and employees can better collaborate for team projects. This also improves better collaboration in the workplace. There are many benefits of an office hoteling setup but to name a few:

More Talent

With the application of the office hoteling system, a company can acquire more talent from miles apart without having any restrictions. This allows a firm to establish more employees if the workload increases or a certain project demands extra talent. This temporary acquisition is beneficial for both employees and employers.

Space Utilization

Space Utilization

Hoteling lowers the number of necessary workstations while allowing employees to work more efficiently. At their most basic level, these adaptable workplaces maintain order and structure. A good mix of hotel desks, traditional workplaces, and other dynamic areas lead to effective space utilization, especially when backed up by workplace data that indicate increased usage patterns.

Improved Collaboration

Allowing employees to choose where and how they work maximizes their productivity. Individual labor and contributions to various projects and teams are affected by this. Collaboration is easy and smooth with a proper hoteling process, regardless of where people work with their coworkers.

On-Time Availability

On-Time Availability

With an office hoteling system, a workplace can establish their work desks in more than one part of the world. This allows an organization to have a small office set up in many different locations. Rather than traveling miles to reach a single meeting, employees can connect over the phone or video chat and maximize the workflow.

How to Setup an Office Hoteling System?

Since office hoteling space hasn't been a very old practice in the market, organizations need some time for organizations to get used to this practice. And to have a smooth implementation of the hoteling system or any other hybrid work model, there are certain tips and arrangements.

Hoteling Software

Any modern system such as office hoteling or hot desking requires suitable hoteling software. Without proper software, these systems cannot work to the fullest capacity. And before you choose a hoteling software for your workplace, make sure it has the following points.

Hoteling Software

  • You'll need a method to know what workstations are open and where people are seated using interactive floor layouts.

  • Integrations: To make it part of your ecosystem, you'll need software connecting to your communication platforms and other applications.

  • Mobile accessibility is critical, especially if your facilities are larger and you manage hotel offices while on the road. Moreover, it also allows the employees to book their workstations on the way.


Modifications in the workplace like office hoteling require a lot of enlightenment. Employers must be aware that there will be a lot of resistance from employees towards the application of this system in the workplace. In such scenarios, an organization must be open about its goals, visions, and long-term plans.


Before you choose a place to set up your office hoteling setup, make sure the areas you have selected have the right equipment and technology tools. Before you ask your employees to book a work desk or make it available on the official hotel reservation list, the desk must be equipped with all the right elements.


Desks in the office hoteling space should have a phone with a unique extension, a computer, and an Internet connection with a unique sign-on as a rule of thumb. Details should be included in booking confirmation emails or displayed at hotel front desks. Usernames, passwords, Wi-Fi guest credentials, phone extensions, and IT support contact information are examples of this.

Maps or Wayfinding

Maps or Wayfinding

Wayfinding is crucial in any hotel or hot desk setting. Workers will find it easier to identify their temporary location if desks and spaces are properly designated. Although physical signage is an option, digital navigation is becoming increasingly common.

Other Policies

It's critical to establish expectations for office hoteling space desks. When dealing with areas that are built around ambiguity, you require uniformity and order in particular. Make sure you create enough awareness about the importance of cleanliness in the workplace. Each employee should be responsible enough to leave the desk tidier than they received, and all the employees must be taught about the value of office hoteling equipment as being a property of the workplace rather than their own.

Is Hoteling Good For Your Business?

Offering office hoteling spaces to remote employees, guests, or regular office personnel who desire a change of pace may help any organization. It's up to facility managers to figure out what size of hoteling is most efficient.

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