Get Started with USDC Payments in the Autonomous Store!
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Get Started with USDC Payments in the Autonomous Store!

|Jan 25, 2022

Autonomous is embracing the future of digital payments with a new option to use USDC cryptocurrency payments when shopping for any Autonomous product! Making practical applications for up-and-coming tech solutions has always been in our DNA, and now we’re opening up our payment options to reflect what we think is the future of e-commerce payments.

How to set it up

From January 26, 2022, we’ll support all USDC payments made via Phantom Wallet on the Solana network. USDC payments are only available for US orders and only for products made by Autonomous (USDC payments for vendor products are currently not supported). Here’s a quick guide on how to obtain USDC for use in your Phantom Wallet:

  1. Buy USDC on a platform that enables USDC withdrawals via the Solana network (e.g., Binance, FTX, FTX.US, etc.)
  2. Obtain the USDC deposit address for your Phantom WalletHow to find Wallet Address
  3. On your platform of choice, select Withdraw USDC via the Solana network
  4. In the destination field, paste your Phantom Wallet deposit address 
  5. Receive USDC in your Phantom Wallet

How to buy Autonomous products with USDC

Once you’ve completed those steps, using your USDC in the Autonomous store is simple:

1. Choose "Pay with Solana" icon


2. Connect your Phantom wallet

Connect your Phantom wallet

3. Choose "Approve" to complete the transaction


4. Once you’ve accepted the terms, your transaction will be complete and you’ll receive a confirmation email and receipt. 

Please note that Phantom Wallet will charge a very small transaction fee, paid in SOL.

Return and Refunds

Once orders reach the shipping stage, they can’t be canceled. You can cancel your order as long as the status of your order is Pending. Once the status changes to Shipping, you won’t be able to cancel the order. 

For refunds, all product refund policies and trial periods apply. For more information, please contact the Autonomous Customer Service team for further details and to process your requests. All refunds will be returned to your Phantom Wallet that you originally used to pay with USDC cryptocurrency.

We hope you enjoy this new convenient, secure, and fast payment method! Though it’s only available for US orders for now, look out for announcements coming soon regarding availability in Canada, the UK, and Europe! 

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