How to Hack Productivity by Building Good Working Relationship

How to Hack Productivity by Building Good Working Relationship

|Mar 21, 2021

An essential part of your career is developing relationships with your coworkers. Creating and fostering an effective working relationship in the workplace can bring you a step closer to succeeding in your career. This is because relationships can significantly impact many aspects of your work life that directly affect your productivity.

Take the initiative and build working relationships with your peers. It’s the most straightforward way to improve your work satisfaction and further develop yourself as a professional worker.

What Is a Working Relationship?

Working relationships are the interpersonal connections you form with your colleagues, coworkers, partners, and managers in your workplace. Every job requires its employees to communicate between themselves at some point.

People who do remote work aren’t exempt from this. If they want to have a good and satisfying virtual work environment, they eventually need to build relationships with their clients or colleagues in the company. If you find yourself included in this category, you can implement many virtual team bonding ideas at your workspace to improve your working relationships.

What Is a Working Relationship?

It’s a crucial aspect of everyone’s work, even if most people can realize that the relationships you build in the workplace with your coworkers aren’t as deep as the ones you have with your family and friends. It could help if you remember that working relationships aren’t the same as personal relationships.

Personal relationships can help you maintain good mental health thanks to the close emotional bonds they give. With a working relationship, you are looking to build a link with your coworker to improve your workplace’s environment, teamwork effectiveness, and productivity.

Why Is It Important to Have a Good Working Relationship with Your Coworkers?

Building good, healthy work relationships with your coworkers can be the most critical aspect of your job. This is because getting along with your coworkers influences many parts of your work life.

You can improve your workplace’s teamwork if you build good working relationships with your coworkers. It lets you have an easier time communicating and collaborating among yourselves, allowing you to complete your work projects more effectively.

Why Is It Important

Having a greater degree of respect and goodwill towards your coworkers usually lets you handle any issue that arises effectively. In work environments like that, people with good working relationships have improved morale and typically feel happier.

If you get along with your coworkers in your workspace and work with them earnestly, you can significantly increase your productivity. More productive people usually feel more satisfied with their job and feel motivated to keep on working.

Ultimately, you can focus more on developing your professional career. It’s even possible to receive occasional help and knowledge from your superiors if you manage to maintain a good working relationship with them.

How to Build Positive Working Relationships with Your Coworkers?

Don’t fret If you’re wondering how to build relationships with your coworkers. It usually involves a lot of time and patience, but the reward is more than worth it. Here are some steps you can follow to help you build a good working relationship quicker:

Dedicate Time for Those Around You

Making time for the people around you is a simple thing that has many benefits. Spare a couple of minutes from your work and walk over to your colleague’s workspace to talk for a moment. You can talk about anything related to work or something else entirely. As long as you try to do it consistently, you can eventually build up a good working relationship and establish a connection.

People working from home should also make an effort to communicate. There are many essential communication tips for remote workers that can improve their relationships with their coworkers and their virtual workspace environment.

Be Trustworthy

Most relationships are based on trust, even those in the workplace. Should you make a promise to a colleague, ensure that you don’t fail to deliver on it. Whether it’s a small favor or some significant help with their work, follow through with your commitment.

Offer your colleagues help and support whenever they look like they need it, as helping them is an excellent way to build trust. It would also be helpful to be consistent as you establish your relationships. Showing trust to a colleague can also make them feel like they can count on you in future endeavors.

Be Trustworthy

Don’t Gossip and Avoid Office Politics

Gossip is a commonplace occurrence in any workplace, but it’s best if you don’t indulge yourself in it. While most rumors can be harmless or don’t have malicious intent behind them, they never contribute positively to work relationships and environments. Avoid taking part in any conversation or behavior that doesn’t fit a professional environment. It is a good way to avoid miscommunication in the workplace.

The best thing you can do if you have an issue with a coworker is to strike a respectful and honest conversation with the person in question. If nothing positive results out of it, then you can involve your superiors on the matter. As long as you resolve the case transparently and professionally, it shouldn’t negatively affect other working relationships.

Don’t Gossip and Avoid Office Politics

Collaborate and Support Your Coworkers

As previously mentioned, supporting and collaborating with your coworkers can help you gain their trust and establish positive working relationships. Make an effort to mentor and educate new junior staff if you are in a senior position. Give them praise whenever it’s due, and never focus on their shortcomings.

If you are an employer, then an excellent way to support your workers is to invest in smart office furniture for them. Providing them with an ergonomic office chair or an adjustable height desk can improve their well-being, and in turn, their mood during work. Workers who have a good state of mind can be more proactive in their work relationships and projects.

Collaborate and Support Your Coworkers

Remain Positive

There isn’t a job that doesn’t have its share of difficulties. Whenever you’re facing some impending deadlines or any other stress-inducing task at work, remaining positive can keep your coworkers’ motivation high.

You can quickly build working relationships with your colleagues if you can maintain a positive attitude through most situations. It can also make you the one they seek for assistance or guidance as they begin to expect level-headed advice from you.

Remain Positive

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