Heavy Duty Computer Chair - Big & Tall Office Chairs (2024 Listing)
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Heavy Duty Computer Chair - Big & Tall Office Chairs (2024 Listing)

|Nov 22, 2021

Heavy-duty chairs, also sometimes called bariatric chairs, are designed to fit the needs of tall and big office workers. These chairs are built with their well-being in mind and allow them to relax and remain comfortable while working. For years, employers used the same type of standard office furniture for everyone, ignoring the fact that these chairs don't suit all body types. In recent times, business owners are starting to realize how important it is to invest in these heavy duty office chairs to reduce stress in the workplace. 

Heavy-duty executive chairs are designed especially for heavy-duty use.  They feature a larger frame and a larger-than-usual seat size. They also have a reinforced mechanism that carries all body shapes. 

These big and tall office chairs also have contoured seats and shaped backs. They also have backrests, back tilts and seat slides, and height-adjustable arms. They are often finished with leather, fabric, or mesh and offer the utmost level of comfort to anyone who sits on them. 

What Do You Need In a Heavy Duty Office Chair?

Frequently, we get asked about the weight capacity of our office chairs. It is a very good question, especially if you buy chairs for your employees or guests. There is no one-size-fits-all heavy-duty office chair, so you should provide your employees and guests with a variety of options to ensure their safety as well as the longevity of the heavy duty office chair. About 250 pounds can be comfortably supported by the standard computer chair or guest chair.

The weight capacity of the average big and tall office chair varies from 300 pounds up to 800 pounds. Our big and tall chairs have different weight limits depending on the chair you're looking at. The weight limit can also be accessed through the product specifications and filtering by weight capacity. You can browse our best-selling & top-rated selections of big and tall products if you are looking for big & tall products but don't know where to start. These are a few things to look out for when choosing a heavy-duty office chair

1. The Base Set

Base Set of heavy duty computer chair

Heavy duty desk chairs feature a strong base set. Base sets on heavy-duty chairs should have three components. These include gas lifter, five-star base, and castors. The gas lifter is that part of the chair that allows you to lift or lower the seat on a chair. It also cushions the impact of your weight on the seat when you sit. Gas lifters have class rating markings and the gas lifter on a big & tall ergonomic chair should be marked as a class four. Class four gas lifters have higher load ratings than the class three ones typically found in everyday chairs. Unmarked gas lifters because they might be fake or unable to carry the expected amount of weight. 

Another part of the base set is the castors. In a heavy-duty chair, castors are always larger than those of standard chairs. That's because heavy-duty chairs carry more capacity. Castors can either be soft or hard rimmed ones. Hard rimmed castors are most suited for carpeted floors while the soft rimmed ones are suited for strong surfaces such as tile floors. 

The base set also consists of a 5-Star base, made from either formed tubing, glass-reinforced nylon, or aluminum. Aluminum is the best choice of material for a base on a heavy-duty chair. Despite being very expensive, aluminum bases can carry a lot of weight. There are cheaper alternatives for aluminum, which aren’t quite as strong. These include nylon bases reinforced with fiberglass and bases made from steel tubing. 

2. Chair Mechanism

The mechanism on a heavy duty office chair refers to that part of the chair that permits you to change the angle of the seat and backrest. In a heavy-duty executive chair, the strength of the mechanism is important. Some organizations carry out tests on such mechanisms to ensure that they're fit for use on heavy-duty chairs. Such organizations include BIFMA and SABS. 

3. The Seat

The Seat of heavy duty computer chair

The best office chairs are heavy-duty. The seats on these oversized office chairs must also be heavy-duty if they are to do a good job. These heavy duty desk chairs perform some heavy functions. So, their seats are usually made up of a seat base, some foam, and some upholstery material. 

In big and tall office chairs, the seats are made from very thick laminated plywood. This material ensures that the seat is strong enough for heavy-duty applications. Other not so strong materials used for seat making on heavy-duty chairs include nylon and polypropylene. These materials often require additional reinforcements. 

Foam is also another part of the seat. In heavy-duty chairs, the foam should be a high-density molded one. This type of foam is more resilient and better suited for heavy-duty executive chairs. 

When buying this type of chair, look out for upholstery material that fits well into your work environment. Leather and vinyl may cause heat and sweating. Acrylic and polyester are more breathable materials. 

4. The Backrest

Research has long proven the importance of backrests during seated work. The backrest of a heavy-duty chair consists of the frame, mesh or foam, and lumbar support. The frame consists of upholstered plywood, the foam soft, and a block cut. The mesh should be a good quality one if it’s to last over a decade.  If not, they sag with time and fail to provide the desired ergonomic support for one back. Some heavy-duty chairs come with a lumbar support adjustment feature that permits one to readjust the lumbar support when desired. 

5. Armrests and Headrests

Armrests and Headrests of heavy duty computer chair

Heavy-duty chairs should have ergonomic armrests, preferable ones that are height-adjustable. Height adjustable armrests help to improve posture. Armrests are of different types. Some are multi-functional, their widths and heights are adjustable, and one can move the arm pads backward or forward. 

Some armrests have up to three different arm options and one could configure it depending on their preferences. Headrests on the other hand are not as important as armrests on heavy-duty chairs. They may be susceptible to stains, which means you should probably not get a headrest that’s upholstered in a hard-to-wash fabric. It should be easy to wipe down a headrest at the end of every day for hygiene purposes. 

List of Heavy Duty Computer Chair for Big & Tall People

Here is a list of the top heavy duty office chairs for big and tall people who require additional support from their office chairs. 

1. Autonomous ErgoChair Pro

ErgoChair Pro heavy duty computer chair

This fully adjustable heavy duty office chair is supportive and made with breathable material. The ErgoChair Pro tops this list because it is the best office chair for big people. Its best features include its adjustable height, seat tilt, armrest, backrest, and headrest. 

This big and tall office chair allows you to recline smoothly and offers five lockable reclining positions. It also provides adequate lumbar support when sitting. It is strong and supports up to 300 lbs. It also comes with a two-year warranty and offers several benefits such as posture correction, fighting fatigue, relieving back pain, preventing hunching, improving circulation, and strengthening your core. 

This heavy duty desk chair is meticulously tested for a wide range of sizes and weights. It has been certified by BIFMA as safe and durable and can last several years. If you’re looking to buy ergonomic chairs, this is a top pick.

Here are a few pros and cons of this heavy duty office chair.

  • Incredibly supportive, especially for big and tall people.
  • Numerous adjustable pieces make it comfortable for everyone.
  • Take no time to assemble.
  • It has too many handles.

2. Autonomous ErgoChair Plus

ErgoChair Plus heavy duty computer chair

This heavy-duty executive chair deserves a spot as one of the best heavy-duty chairs because of its frame-free construction that fosters unhindered movement. The ErgoChair Plus comes with five caster wheels each of which measures 2.56 in diameter. It is also sturdy like the Autonomous ErgoChair, being equally able to carry up to 300 lbs in weight capacity. On this chair, one can move without bounds. It provides adaptive spinal support with its fully adjustable back. It also allows you to discover your ideal position with its 26 degrees of recline and eleven lockable positions. The chair is certified by BIFMA. 

Here are a few pros and cons of this heavy duty office chair.

  • Suitable for people of all kinds of shapes and sizes.
  • Assembling instructions are straightforward to understand.
  • Keeps the body healthily aligned.
  • It comes in numerous color options.
  • The process of assembling this big and tall office chair, though simple, might require more than one person.

3. Autonomous AvoChair

Autonomous AvoChair heavy duty office chair

The ergonomic design of the Autonomous AvoChair and its elastomeric mesh back provides ventilation and support. This chair features an aluminum alloy base, a sturdy foundation for reclining, and elliptical arm pads for comfort.

4. Vertagear Gaming Chair SL4000

Vertagear Gaming Chair SL4000 heavy duty office chair

This ergonomic Vertagear SL4000 gaming chair has been designed with motorsports inspiration to support neck and back health. Every time you play, you're more comfortable. The 5-star base is made of aluminum alloy and steel skeleton, offering great stability and durability.

It is wrapped in dual-layer ultra-premium high resilience foam to provide prolonged comfort. With the detachable neck and lumbar support pads, you can enhance your gaming posture. Featuring adjustable tilt tension, 140° of back recline, and 4 key points for locking, you can better enjoy long, comfortable gameplay.        

5. Vertagear Gaming Chair SL5000

Vertagear Gaming Chair SL5000 heavy duty office chair

Its density is well above the industry standard for high resilience foams. Our UPHR foam is 62% stronger than standard High Resilience foam. Standard High Resilience foam can withstand about 2.5 pounds per cubic foot. Foam prolongs the heavy duty office chair's lifespan by preventing deformations caused by long-term use, making it closer to the characteristics of memory foam.

The steel frame of the Vertagear SL5000 gaming chair is designed to ensure long-term durability. Even the casters have a motorsports theme. These beautiful polyurethane (PU) casters are designed to glide smoothly on any surface while remaining carefree. 

6. Vertagear Gaming Chair Special Edition

Vertagear Gaming Chair Special Edition

The gaming chair supports neck and back health and is ergonomically engineered to provide a comfortable gaming experience at all times. With this Vertagear breathable gaming chair Special Edition gaming heavy duty executive chair from Vertagear, you will have access to 16.8 million colors of RGB LEDs that you can customize and synchronize. By combining RGB LED Upgrade Kits with NXZT CAM, you can create the setup you want, with different colors, audio interactions, gaming modes, and mood settings.

The durable PVC & soft faux-leather combination limits odor, reduces bacteria and increases breathability and hygiene. Enjoy the long-lasting performance with HygennX's Coffee Fiber Padding and Silver Lining Embroidery. The low maintenance character of PUC makes this heavy duty office chair easy to keep clean without sacrificing comfort.

7. Karnox Leather Gaming Chair

Karnox Leather heavy duty office chair

PU Leather Gaming Chair by Karnox combines sharp looks and peak performance with a tilt mechanism to adjust to the user's setting preferences effortlessly. It is a good choice for a heavy-duty office chair. Rich PU leather surrounding high-density contoured foam makes it easy for users to choose their preferred sitting position. This soft, lustrous, satisfyingly plump PU leather gaming chair feels smooth and luxurious to touch.

Its wide seat, side lumbar supports, and padded headrest come in two pleasing colors: electric blue and deep black, with its contrasting PU leather strips that hug the sides. You can game for hours on end in this ergonomic chair inspired by race cars. With high-quality castors and a 5-star base, Karnox furniture moves with exceptional ease.

8. Karnox Slate Gray Gaming Chair

Karnox Slate Gray heavy duty office chair

A gaming chair that combines sharp looks and outstanding performance is built with a luxury gray Karnox Livorno Fabric with rich PU leather. The fabric is highly breathable so that heat is not absorbed. Karnox LIVORNO Fabric has the elegance of two-tone fiber sand technology combined with the softness of long fiber dyeing.

Each side of this fabric gaming chair has a wide seat, a tall back, and lumbar support. This chair will keep you comfortable for hours playing your favorite games. The Karnox 5-star base with high-quality castors provides exceptional mobility on any floor type. A simple Allen Key is all you need to assemble your Karnox gaming chair.

9. Karnox Suede Gaming Chair

Karnox Suede heavy duty office chair

The Karnox PU Leather offers a unique gaming experience spliced with a luxurious suede-feel fabric. It is comfortable and durable. The fabric Suede gaming chair comes with wide seats, tall backs, lumbar supports on the sides, padded headrests, and additional lumbar and head pillows.

A soft, luxurious look and feel with breathable properties is created with PU leather 2.0 and premium suede fabric. Heavy-duty 2.5" casters provide stability and effortless gliding. The polyurethane coating keeps them from damaging your floor.

10. Secretlab Titan

Secretlab Titan heavy duty computer chair

The Secretlab Titan is more popularly known as a gaming chair; however, it still deserves a spot as one of the best office chairs that's heavy-duty. The design of this chair was inspired by a racing car. It's made in a way that assists the user to sit with their backs as straight as possible. This prevents any chances of back pain in the long run. One of its best features is its 4D armrests which can be in four dimensions. This feature is especially beneficial to big and tall people who need some extra space to move their arms while working.

Here are a few pros and cons of this heavy-duty executive chair

  • Thanks to its gaming chair design, this chair does a great job of stabilizing the spine.
  • The Secretlab Titan looks good and offers great aesthetic quality.
  • 4D armrests that keep you in positions that are as comfy as possible.
  • The chair looks a lot showy and might not fit your overall office decor.

11. HON Wave Mesh Big and Tall Executive Chair

HON Wave Mesh Big and Tall Executive Chair

This chair belongs to the list of best heavy-duty chairs because of its qualities. These are its durability, the unbelievable level of comfort it offers, and its affordability.  It’s made with a breathable material that keeps you from getting all clammy and sweaty while working. It also can carry a weight of up to 450 lbs.  It is a big and tall office chair, perfect for big and tall people looking for a strong alternative in heavy duty office chairs. This heavy-duty executive chair is designed to take care of your posture while you work all week long. It comes in leather and fabric options. 

In terms of its durability, the HON Wave Mesh has some very sturdy wheels and a five-star resin base. It also comes with a 5-year warranty, so you know the chair is safe for at least half a decade. All in all, this big tall ergonomic chair easily adapts to your body and keeps you in great shape and maintain good posture at work for years. 

Here are a few pros and cons of this heavy-duty chair

  • Easily adjustable height, backrest, and armrests.
  • Made with high-quality materials and in an ergonomic design.
  • The cushions have two layers of padding.
  • This heavy duty office chair could feel pretty stiff for an ergonomic chair.

12. Reficcer High Back Chair

Reficcer High Back Chair

The Reficcer High Back chair is one of the top choices of heavy-duty ergonomic chairs out there. It could comfortably carry a weight of up to 400 lbs and has a very large seat and strong backrest designed for people who are very big and tall. 

One great benefit of this chair is the fact that it does not sag quickly, even when a big and tall person uses it every day. It comes with high-quality leather seats that are double padded; this gives it an amazing high-end look. It’s also pretty easy to assemble. One person could set the entire chair up in less than thirty minutes. 

It offers users an extremely comfortable and ergonomic sitting position, with long-lasting spine support. There’s no chance to feel cramped in this 22.8-inch wide chair. Its width is larger than those of similar products. The same goes for its 24-inch depth. It offers the durable and comfortable experience that most big and tall people look out for in an office chair. 

This heavy duty office chair has a tilting mechanism that allows its rocking backrest to recline up to 120 degrees. However, this recline has one major weakness, it has no lock-in mechanism. This means that no matter how far you recline the chair, it's going to snap right back once you stop leaning on it.

If you search for the best office chair heavy duty category, the Reficcer high back pops up. However, this heavy duty office chair comes along with the following pros and cons.

  • Extremely strong and heavy-duty..
  • The leather gives it a luxurious feel.
  • Comes with a thick foam padding.
  • Does not sag for a long time.
  • Very wide seat and tall backrest.
  • The armrests cannot be height-adjusted.
  • The back seat recliner has no locking mechanism.

13. Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Series

Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Series heavy duty office chair

New features on the Titan EVO XL 2022 Series include magnetic alterations, including a detachable armrest cover that snaps in place and magnets that hold the neck pillow in place. Secretlab is developing another option that will allow you to customize the PU foam pads with the heavy-duty desk chair.

The Titan Evo XL 2020 Series has everything you’ve come to expect from a big and tall gaming chair. It features a generously sized seat, a higher backrest, a decent height adjustment range, and a maximum weight capacity of 395 pounds.

14. Logitech G x Herman Miller Embody

Logitech G x Herman Miller Embody

Its commercial cousin isn't much different from the Logitech G x Herman Miller Embody. But that's not a reason to dismiss it. This year, the Embody makes a welcome return with its cascading back support and high quality, but now comes with a few more features to lure gamers in. Specifically, extra cooling materials are aimed at supporting an active playing position.

The Embody is less about the changes than about what it can do. What has remained the same is what it can do. A gamer's or office worker's best friend, the Embody heavy-duty office chair is simply perfect for both. It provides active and healthy posture support, is extremely comfortable, and adapts easily to your frame.

15. Anda-Seat Kaiser 2

Anda-Seat Kaiser 2

As a heavy-duty desk chair that can support gamers as large as 397lbs and 7ft tall, AndaSeat Kaiser 2 is certainly a big one. Steel frames support oversized bars on the Kaiser 2. A gaming chair for adults, the Kaiser 2 is covered in thick PVC leather and padded with extra-thick memory foam.

With a black or maroon color option, you will never have to stuff yourself into a tiny gaming chair again. The Kaiser 2 combines function, comfort, and style as a premium gaming chair.

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