High-End Office Chair Brands You Should Look At
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High-End Office Chair Brands You Should Look At

|Nov 14, 2018

If you have a desk job you probably spend about 8 hours seated every day, that’s if you are sticking to 9-5 working hours. This adds up to 40 hours a week and roughly 2,000 hours a year that’s a lot of time you’re spending seated. That’s why you should get yourself a high-end office chair to ensure you are comfortable while you are at your desk.

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Most people take time to research when they are buying an office desk or a laptop to ensure they get the best product in the market. Sadly that is often not the case when it comes to purchasing an office chair. We usually run down to the local store and grab the low quality $30 dollar seat not knowing it could cause us several problems. Not having a comfortable seat can cause back and neck pain, headaches, reduced focus, trigger finger, eye pain, and more health conditions.

So we advise that you should avoid cheap office seats and invest in a high-quality office chair the investment will be worth it.

Benefits of a High-End Office Chair

A good office chair should be comfortable and ergonomic. Due to its quality, the chair should be able to serve you for a long time some up to 10 years plus. Advantages you will get from a high-end ergonomic office chair will include:

Increased productivity

If you are uncomfortable when working you are likely to get less done. Instead of putting all your focus on your task you will be thinking about how your seat is causing your back pain and other problems. Avoid these distractions by getting yourself a high-quality office chair. A quality chair ensures you are comfortable even when you spend long hours sitting. Using several adjustments you can set your chair to your liking ensuring you are comfortable and only focus on your job.

Research has shown having quality offices chairs increases productivity on average by 17%.  It has also been found that workers were also less likely to ask for time off due to musculoskeletal problems.

Improved Posture

While at work you may not have the time to think about how you are sitting. You may end up slouching on your seat for hours and this, in the long run, can cause you to experience back problems. With a high-end office chair, you can be sure that you will sit upright, which is the correct sitting position, while at your desk. To ensure you have a good sitting posture a quality ergonomic office chair will:

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  • Adjust to your body size and type allowing for good sitting posture.
  • Support your back to prevent slumping.
  • Ensure your feet are comfortably on the ground because dangling feet can cause health problems due to poor blood circulation.
  • Put you in good reach of your keyboard to avoid straining or stretching of the wrists.
  • Ensure you are at eye-level with your computer screen to avoid neck or eye strains.

Reduced health risks

Sitting for long hours has been associated with a host of diseases from heart disease, diabetes, chronic back pain etc. A poor sitting posture can, for example, lead to blood clots because of poor bad circulation. Blood clots as we know can lead to heart attacks or strokes which can be fatal. A high-end office chair can help mitigate against this health problems.

Reduced cost on office furniture

Buying high-quality office chairs will save you a lot of money in the long run. Buying one of this seats may cost you heavily initially but it is a one of cost worth paying for. High-end office chairs are built last and once you buy one you will not be in the market looking to replace it for years. If you opt for cheap chairs you may have to replace them often which can cost your business a significant amount of money yearly.

Brands You Should Consider If You’re Looking to Buy a High-End Office Chair

Ergonomic chairs have become such a buzzword these days. A lot of manufacturers are just labeling their chairs with this term but the chairs are not ergonomic. To ensure you get a quality product consider some of these brands.


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If you are looking for high-quality office chairs that are built to last check out the Autonomous ergonomic chairs. Office chairs from this brand are intelligently designed to offer your back support, ensure correct blood circulation and keep you focused when at work. Started in a New York City in a small apartment in 2015 Autonomous brand continues to gain popularity and has currently grown to have 10 locations around the world.

One of the quality chairs the brand sells is the ErgoChair which is comfortable, offers several adjustable settings and excellent lumbar and ergonomic support. The Brand recently released the ErgoChair 2 which is an improvement on the ErgoChair. The ErgoChair 2 offers more features to ensure your comfort through all the long hours you sit at work. While browsing the Autonomous catalog be sure to check out their OsmoChair - this is another of their premium products. The seat allows you to adjust chair height, the armrest, headrest, backrest and even leg rest. Since we move a lot as we work the seat has recline technology which allows for easy body movement during the entire day and the chair adjusts accordingly to your movements to ensure you stay comfortable. If quality is what you are looking for this chair which combines design and technology will do it for you. To ensure durability and proper functionality all Autonomous products are rigorously tested.

Heman Miller

This brand was started in 1905 and has built a reputation for manufacturing high-end office furniture. Based in Michigan the American company has some of the best ergonomic office chairs on the market. An option you could consider is the Herman Miller Embody chair this seat will adapt to any body type automatically when you seat on it, so you don’t have to do any adjustments yourself.  To develop this seat the brand consulted 40 doctors to come up with nothing but the best ergonomic chair.

Another great seat from this brand is the Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair. This seat was one of the first ergonomic chairs to be sold back in 1994.  The product was highly popular and its design and technology have been improved on over the years to increase comfort. Herman Miller has other high-end office chairs so if you are looking for a good chair you should browse their selection before you make a choice on what to buy.


Another brand known for its high-quality office chairs is Steelcase. Steelcase was founded in the US in 1912 and is a leading office furniture manufacturer in the world. It has factories and offices in the Americas, Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

The brand offers good ergonomic chairs with beautiful designs and unimaginable comfort level. A Steelcase Gesture Chair, for example, is made to be so comfortable that you can sit on it for hours without experiencing any pains or aches. The seat like the Herman Miller Embody chair also automatically adapts to your body when you seat so you can say goodbye to struggling to make your body adapt to a new seat. The chair comes with a 360 arm support user and several adjustment options that you can use to customize it to your like. If you are looking for a good office seat the Steelcase Gesture Chair should definitely be one of the chairs you consider.

They are several other brands you can look at if you want a high-end office chair. These include Knolls, Humanscale, Haworth Zody, Alera office furniture to name a few.

What Is the Cost Of a High-End Office Chair?

To get a high quality ergonomic chair your budget should range from $200 and can go up to $2000. The ErgoChair 2 from Autonomous, for example, goes for $299. A Herman Miller Aeron starts at $730 for a base model and goes up to about $940 for an adjustable version. A Steelcase Leap starts at $919. You may consider the prices expensive but your better of paying this cost than high medical bills that arise from using bad quality chairs.

In our opinion low cost chairs that are sold at discounts stores for about $30 or $50 with the label, ergonomic chairs should be avoided. These chairs are mostly labeled ergonomic so that the more people can buy them. They rarely provide the health benefits associated with more expensive models.  These chairs look swanky but once you buy them you start to realize they are not all they are billed to be. First, they don’t offer proper back support. Second, they don’t last with parts beginning to break down almost immediately which will force you to spend more money to get another chair within a very short time. If you choose to buy this type of chairs try them out first.

If you cannot afford a new high-end office chair you can consider buying a used one. You can get one still in good condition at a good price which will be better than getting a low-quality seat.

Why are Good Quality Office Chairs Pricey?

Durability has got a Price

Sure you have heard the saying cheap is expensive so many times. That saying is absolutely true when it comes to office chairs. If you spend too little on your chair don’t expect it to last. Chairs purchased at a low cost will most likely have to be replaced every one or two years.  A high-end chair will come at a higher cost but it will take years before you have to replace it. These chairs are usually made of strong material that which can withstand daily use without wear and tear. High-end chairs also come with long-term warranties that you can use in case of any problems something cheap chairs don’t have.

Extra features mean more money

Office chairs are no longer basic these days they come with a host of features to maximize on your comfort. Common features high-end seats have include:

  1. Adjustable seat height
  2. Adjustable back and lumbar support
  3. Adjustable seat depth
  4. Adjustable arms etc.

These features come at a cost with each feature estimated to add $20 to $50 the cost of a chair.

Your office chair finish choice will increase the cost

Most manufacturers offer a different price for a standard and premium finish for their chair models. That means if you want to customize your seats so that they can match your office décor you will have to pay more. For example, if you want your seats to be leather, not upholstery you may have to pay double the cost.


You have already read that we spend a lot of time sitting at workstations. It is therefore only right that you have the best chairs for you or your employees. Getting high-end chairs will improve productivity which could increase your revenue. As a business owner, anything that can increase revenues should be music to your ears. Also if you want to reduce the amount of money you use buying office chairs get high-quality seats and you won’t have to factor that cost every year. The advantages of getting good quality seats far outweigh those of budget seats and we strongly recommend you get yourself high-end office chairs if you haven’t already done so. Doing so will have will have a great impact on your health and business costs.

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