History of the School Desk What's the Best for Children
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History of the School Desk What's the Best for Children

|Jul 22, 2021

The history of the school desk is essential to understand its importance in children's lives. Read on and find out more.

History of the School Desk 

The School Desk Through the Years 

The school desk design has changed a lot through the years because education has evolved too. Keep reading!

Before the Invention 

before the inventionSchool desks were not invented until 1880. Before that, few children needed them anyway because most of them did not go to school.

Prior to 1880, the school was not mandatory and many children worked in factories with their parents. If they did have the opportunity of getting an education, they often struggled to write in their laps or at long tables.

The Great Discovery

the great discovery

A man called John Loughling made the first known school desk in Ohio in 1880, and it was called “The Fashion Desk.” 

Even though it wasn't Loughling's plan, his desk became widely popular across the country. The school desk design was so simple that people could put several ones in a schoolroom, which was very convenient if you wanted to teach groups of children.

Loughling's design captivated people. Everyone loved how beautiful desks looked in the classrooms. Eventually, every school in the country was interested in getting some models. 

The school desk design could accommodate two or three children at once, and they had a specific place so kids could put their ink and replenish their pen's supply.

The Next Generation 

The desk Loughling designed changed history and it was used for many years. However, eventually, students had other needs, so the furniture needed to accommodate those new requirements.

New desks had some space below the surface, so students could store their books inside. At the same time, other models included surfaces that students could lift to put all their things in there.

Why School Desks Are Important 

why school desks are important

Now that millions of children go to school every day, the history of the school desk is an essential part of everyone's lives. You might even wonder what are school desks made of.

Desks allow children to comfortably sit while they're studying and doing homework. They also help kids focus on what they're doing because their design favors comfort.

If kids didn't have desks to use while they're studying, it would be much harder for them to pay attention to the content, do their homework, and more.

Nowadays, desks are even more important because many children are either homeschooled or spend a lot of time online researching for their homework. Therefore, not only do schools need the pieces of furniture – homes do, too.

Essential Characteristics of School Desks 

essential characteristics

Since school desks have changed so much over the years, now they have to fit different requirements.

Children today are completely different than some years ago, and they need desks to study properly both at home and while they're at school. Check out some things to consider about the school desk design.

Ergonomic Design 

An ergonomic school desk design is the most important characteristic of a good desk. Without it, children can't sit comfortably.

Undoubtedly, many desks can fit your room or the school classroom, but not all of them are specifically designed to be comfortable.

If your child doesn't sit at an ergonomic desk at home, you risk them suffering from discomfort or even pain.


Desks need to be safe for children, especially toddlers. You can't have a piece of furniture with loose nails or pieces lying around. Your kids might accidentally hurt themselves while using it.

Good school desks ensure that your child can be safe at all times while they're using them. The pieces of furniture are sturdy, stable, reliable, and completely secure regarding children's characteristics.

Environment Friendly 

environment friendly

Preserving the environment is also a crucial aspect desk manufacturers need to consider nowadays.

Companies can't make thousands of school desks while harming the environment. It would give them a bad reputation and probably cost them a lot of money.

Therefore, manufacturers need to ensure buyers that the school desk design is made from good and natural materials and that their production process does not harm the environment.

Beautiful Style 

When you're looking for a desk, you might not consider the style or design important. You're an adult after all, and you want it to be useful, not necessarily beautiful.

However, when it comes to children, design is essential. The desk needs to catch their attention and motivate them to sit down and study, so the style has to be fun.

How to Choose a Desk for Your Child 

Now that you understand the most crucial characteristics desks need to have and the history of the school desk, you might need a children's desk buying guide to find the best kids’ writing desk.

The first thing you should keep in mind is, of course, the school desk design. If what you want is a piece of furniture where your kid can comfortably sit to do their homework, you have to ensure that it offers ergonomic features.

At the same time, you should take a look at the desk's size. You cannot buy one that doesn't fit the space you destined for it, so make sure you consider that before making your purchase.

Finally, you should ask your children which model they like! After doing some research and choosing various school desk design options such as the standing desk for children, they could pick their favorite and be happy once it arrives.

Pros and Cons of School Desks 

pros and consSchool desks also have disadvantages. Take a look at some of their pros and cons, so you understand everything thoroughly:

Pros and Cons of School Desks

  • icon checkThey motivate children
  • icon checkKids can comfortably complete their homework while using them
  • icon timesYou have to spend money on them
  • icon timesYou might have to assemble them

Keynote Takeaways

School desks have immensely changed over the years. However, their purpose is still to allow children to comfortably sit while they're studying and doing homework. Nowadays, technology has made pieces of furniture more beautiful, reliable, and useful!

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