Home Extension Ideas for Essential Extra Space
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Home Extension Ideas for Essential Extra Space

|Nov 19, 2021

Quarantine made us realize many things. From valuing the simple things in life to not taking our loved ones for granted no matter how far from us, but most importantly, it made us realize the value of our homes, which was our shelter for months and the only safe place. Being stuck in our homes, we thought of various possible ways to make our homes the coziest place for us.

That being said, working from home has been both a blessing and a challenge. From getting significant control on our work hours, improved flexibility to suffering to find the perfect quiet corners to take on those meetings, it is a bitter-sweet experience. But work from home in many ways demands your home to be nearly equipped like an office.

Since work efficiency and productivity result from many factors, you need a proper home office setup to generate valuable productivity. This is where several home office extension ideas come in handy. People who have realized they are limited to work from home only are now considering serious ways to build extensions to houses to focus on work and rule out the distractions.

Now home extension ideas seem like a huge take on budget, and as it is, there are many other less expensive ways to get small home extension ideas to work for you. Keep reading to find the best ways to create an extension to your home that can be used for whatsoever activity.

How to Expand a Mobile Home?

How to Expand a Mobile Home

You've come to the correct spot for advice on where to start and imaginative house expansion ideas, whether you're not quite ready to move but need extra space to get you through the next few years, or if you want to create your house into your long term home then extension is the right choice.

And the greatest thing is that when it comes to a house extension, you can play with various options. So the one thing that doesn't work for you, you can pick something else instead. Here are some of the most common and workable house extension ideas you would like to try.

Work Pod

Work Pod home extension ideas

To buy a work pod might not be a party for your bank, but when you consider building a new wing to the house, a work pod is the most affordable solution comparatively. Work pods are tiny portable offices that come in multiple types and offer varying functionality. They are also known as privacy pods and office pods since a work pod can get you a separate private space right in the middle of the chaos.

Many people opt for soundproof work pods to make a separate home office in their home. You can also get an outdoor work pod if you want to be close to nature and don't have enough space in your home. A work pod tunes out the life happening around you and gives you utter privacy just by entering into it and closing the door behind.

Room in Loft

Here is one of the interesting home extension ideas. Owning a loft in a busy, expensive place is a perk, and while you may think of your loft as very tiny to get any privacy, here is a simple solution. Build a room in your loft that is only suitable enough to hold your bed. You can relax on the floor by laying down on a couch, and the space can also be adjusted to create a tiny shower setting.

Over the Garage Extension

Over the Garage Extension

Building an expansion over an existing garage can be a cost-effective house extension for any budget. It is less expensive than constructing a new ground-floor expansion, as long as the existing foundations can support the load. You'll also want the services of a designer and a contractor.

Rear Extension

Here is another home extension idea for you. If your home is surrounded by some pretty area nearby and some spacious space, making the most of it is not a bad idea. A single-story back addition is a great method to add more living space to your home while also changing the layout to fit your needs better. It's the ideal location for a new open-plan living, kitchen, and dining area, which are ideal for families and, of course, are so popular among potential purchasers.

Home Office

Home Office

There might be a room or corner where no one ever goes or isn't just used properly. That place could be your ultimate chance to set up a home office. A home office pod gives a similar action; hence it can be placed in a basement or near the storeroom where the crowd is less likely to gather. There are many ways to get a work pod of your requirement as they come in different shapes, sizes and also offer varying features. An Autonomous work pod is one of the most common picks opted by the users.

An Open Dining Space

It’s one of the popular home extension ideas today Whether you want to use it once in a while when grilling those steaks or make it a family ritual to dine in the open air every day, open dining space is one of the most romantic experiences. Side returns are typically underutilized as garden space. They don't add value to your home, so converting one into a big and light-filled space might be a terrific way to change an existing and possibly narrow rear room.

It's a plus point if the chosen space opens up to the garden facing or gives a nice refreshing view of the surroundings. You can also add some tiny plants to stay closer to nature, and now who wouldn't like that?

Garden Room

Garden Room for home extension ideas

Get on the hunt to find a place in your garden because this idea is one of a kind. If you need additional space but don't have the space to add an extension to your home, building a garden room is a terrific option. A garden room, whether it's a home office or a theatre room, might answer all of your space issues. It can also be used as a home gym, hobby area, or kids' playroom.


Kids love tree houses but couldn't it be your escape from reality as well. Cooler in summers and warmer in winters, a treehouse is popular for a reason. You get the right privacy, proper control over the noise, and also enjoy the nature vicinity. You are lucky if you get the chance to build a treehouse because if you do, we don't think it's worth missing it anyway.

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