Home Office Renovation: Where Do I Start?
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Home Office Renovation: Where Do I Start?

|Sep 30, 2021

As home offices have become popular with the pandemic setting-in, many folks have been waiting for their home office renovation plans. While the pandemic seems to be a stop-gap arrangement, no one is sure when the effects will last. As a result, many employees are opting for work from home even post the pandemic. Why? They have realized the benefits of being productive working remotely, studies by Microsoft suggest.

Some people lacked the space of a separate room to be converted to a home office. Some others have had to make do with the dining table or the kitchen being used as a home office. In addition, many have had to prioritize using a spare room for their children to study while using the bedroom themselves.

It is essential that your home office offers you maximum comfort and offers you peace to be productive. Whatever the reasons you remodel your home office, creating a new space or redoing the home office can be chaotic.  It would help to prioritize your needs to make the best use of available space and budget on your mind.

To renovate your home office, it would help if you had a budget in mind. If not, freeze on your requirements and prioritize them. In any case, here are some home office upgrade ideas to get started.

How Much is it Going to Cost Me?

How Much is it Going to Cost Me for home office renovation

Do you have a budget in mind for your home office renovation? If you did, it would be a good start. However, some folks like to consider what their priorities are before they commit to their budgets. You don't have to blow out your entire funds with this renovation. Consider looking into some garage sales or sales from furniture shops. A few folks also suggest asking your work colleagues or your friends and family to see if they have a table or chair extra that they can give away.

Some folks often say their renovation needs are a minimal change of office desk and chair and a coat of color on the walls.  Many companies have added work-from-home policies for employees, enabling them to set up a home office. Such policies include an employee purchase program for employees benefit. 

What is My Top Need?


What is the main purpose of your home office renovation? Are you looking at carving out a study from the existing space, or do you have the space available but need to redo the interiors? Your budget could vary from one extreme to another if you have thought through your top needs from the new home office.

Do not ignore the need for ergonomic furniture that gives you comfort over some time. You cannot undermine the hidden benefits of the ergonomic desk and chair. Check with your company's HR team for wholesale office furniture schemes that your company may have. 

What Changes do My Office Desk and Chair Need?

Office Desk and Chair Need for home office renovation

Usually ignored home office renovation ideas, ergonomic furniture is low on the list of needs. Why? Well, they don't prioritize their health and look at aesthetics more than comfort.

The best is to look for an ergonomic chair and an office desk. Why? They offer you the best comfort for your health.  The desk is made from wood, allowing you to be closer to nature. You could always lower or raise the height as you work standing or sitting.  Ergonomic chairs offer you comfort as they are completely adjustable. Thus these chairs enable your body to be supported for best-sitting postures as suggested by Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Where Should My Office be Located?

It would make a wise choice to have your home office renovation located in a peaceful corner of the house. For some folks, that statement is a misnomer, with children in the house.  With a window overlooking a garden or green, you are peaceful. Why? Studies suggest that natural light promotes positivity and enhances productivity.  You could always consider putting a LED desk lamp or more with warm lighting to stimulate your brain and body to perceive warmth during the winters.

How Much Space is Available?

How Much Space is Available

Usually, most folks would reason out the lack of space for renovating their house. First, however, it needs to be seen if all the rooms and areas are being used wisely. An initial examination and logical reasoning would help you get some space.

Consider rearranging your furniture or floor layout to create additional space. For example, you may not want a lounge chair in your bedroom, given that you can accommodate an office desk. Such office desks are ergonomically designed to give you the option to work as you stand or sit.

How do I Create More Space at My Home?

Consider repurposing a room or the garage to manage your home office instead of creating an entirely new one. For example, think about using a folding desk that you could put up on a wall or inside a closet that can open up. 

What Colors Would be the Best?

color for home office renovation

As you work from the home office, choose colors wisely that help you stay positive and be effective at work. Study the psychology of colors to identify those that give you peace and tranquility. Consider the overall theme of your house/ room. Look at retaining those that work for you.

How do I Get Additional Storage Space?

How do I Get Additional Storage Space

Don't miss getting a filing cabinet that you can easily put under your work desk to save space. With a filing cabinet, you can declutter your desk to give you maximum workspace. An additional thing that helps is to consider modular storage. You will notice that your needs may change with time. You may want to change the space between each shelf or put away a shelf or two.


Whatever be the reason for your home office renovation, you don't have to worry about where to start. First, identify your top reason and must-haves. With this, look at how to save costs as you ask yourself some basic questions listed above.

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