Housecall Pro Employee Discount Program from Autonomous
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Housecall Pro Employee Discount Program from Autonomous

Autonomous|Dec 25, 2021

The Autonomous Employee Discount Program is a new offering aimed at employers and employees who want to work in an ergonomically sound way. Using this Housecall Pro employee discount program, buyers can avail themselves of superior quality, modern ergonomic office furniture that makes them more productive and comfortable.

Introducing the B2B from Autonomous for Housecall Pro Employee Programs

In a company, employees may be struggling to stay motivated and maintain a high level of performance. Employees who want to live a healthier lifestyle understand the physical and mental challenges. Autonomous Smart Products employee purchase programs can facilitate better workflow and enhance focus by providing a more comfortable working environment. Now, they can use this Housecall Pro employee discount for a much better purchase.


Buy now (discount according to company level)

Autonomous sends an email for employee equipment requests. Employees need only spend a few minutes to select the products that suit their needs for the home or the office. Your employees only send you a direct ‘Request Payment’ approval to their company. Keep reading to know how that works. The best part is that your Housecall Pro employee benefits or discounts grow progressively – so, the more your employees spend, the more benefits you receive.     

Buy more save more (bulk order/ wholesale)

If you don’t have a special company portal where employees can pick out individual pieces, you can go ahead to the bulk order section to buy many units in one transaction. Check out the Volume Pricing plans listed next to the product description of the items you’re interested in. It includes special bulk office furniture prices with progressive savings that make sense.

We’ve even saved you the hassles of lengthy invoices, expense approvals, receipts, and staff reimbursements collections too. We ensure that the employee purchase program streamlines the company purchase system on our site and have included a Housecall Pro employee referral program.

Buy more save more (bulk order/ wholesale)

Pay for me (charge to the company)

Your employees can head over to our website and click on the ‘For Employees’ tab to make the most of the Housecall Pro employee benefits 2021. They can enter their work email address on this page and then check their inbox for mail from our side. This mail contains information on how to use Autonomous EPP. They can purchase the Autonomous office furniture of their choice; this includes a link redirecting them to a page where they can shop for what they need through the company benefits portal.

Our special discount prices are applied across the entire site after signing into the Autonomous employer purchase program site via this Housecall Pro employee purchase program link. Employees pick out what they need and then send you the payment request. Employees can track pending payments and order status. You get a Housecall Pro benefits Oracle email from us notifying you about each request, reviewing all requests, and entering in payment information for approved requests.

Pay for me (charge to the company) Housecall Pro employee discount

UPDATE: Our employee purchase program and referral program are only valid through December 31, 2022, and will no longer be in effect from January 1. Stay tuned, as we’ve got plenty of awesome programs and promotions coming up in 2023!

Some Popular Autonomous Products Available Through Our EPP

1. Autonomous SmartDesk

This standing desk has a minimal and straightforward layout that makes it easy to adjust. It blends seamlessly into modern offices because it is simple in design.

Almost any space can accommodate the desk, so even those with limited space can use it. The user interface is straightforward. You can adjust the desk very quickly, and it doesn't take much time to wake up. The desk adjusts immediately upon pressing a button. And it happens quickly as well.

It is suitable for low chairs and tall people because of the large height range. Also, it is easy to adjust with the SmartDesk. There is a significant reduction in speed as you approach maximum capacity, but most users won't be concerned. The average user can probably expect the desk to maintain a speed of around two inches every second.

Autonomous SmartDesk Housecall Pro employee discount

2. Autonomous ErgoChair

Trying to find an ergonomic office chair that makes your remote working experience as comfortable as possible? You've come to the right place. The chair offers fair comfort and support. We like how comfortable it feels, like sitting on a warm quilt that breathes well.

Despite its high malleability, about 3 inches of foam inside the seat feels like memory foam. Despite being soft, it compresses to a still respectable 2 inches at the center and tail end with the weight of your body.

There are two adjustable features on the headrest -- the height (up to 4") and the angle (30 degrees vertically). These features remain in place when the headrest is adjusted. You can adjust it in various ways to adapt to different sitting positions because of the highly breathable mesh material and the many possible adjustments.

Autonomous ErgoChair Housecall Pro employee discount

3. Autonomous accessories

Desk lamps

With Lumicharge, you can charge iPhone and Android devices wirelessly and fast charging. The lamp not only illuminates your room, but it is also capable of charging your iPhone or Android device with its fast 10W wireless charger. Using the USB port, you can simultaneously charge two devices if you have another device that needs charging.

Listen to your favorite music and charge your phone while you work with its built-in Bluetooth speaker and microphone. The result is that you can answer phone calls and watch movies from your smartphone with crystal clear sound. Alexa and Google Assistant are compatible with LumiCharge T2W.

LED Desk Lamps provide a bright atmosphere to enhance any workspace with their compact office lighting design. The lamps reduce eye strain so that you can work more efficiently. Is the task you complete delicate, or do you need a warm, general glow? Optimize the right amount of shine for any occasion by choosing one of four color temperatures.

Desk lamps Housecall Pro employee discount

You might like the Lexon Mina M Wireless LED Lamp, which is compact and wireless, waterproof, dimmable, and comes in 9 different colors. The domed mushroom lamp, a winner of the Reddot Award for design in 2021, is described as a product that "can achieve emotional impact with its expressive appearance and elegant appeal." By pressing down the lamp's head, users can control the lamp's 9 LED colors and dimming function.

Standing desk mat

This gaming pad provides an aesthetic designer touch and comfortable work and gaming experience made from polyester and eco-friendly rubber. The smooth polyester provides ideal traction for your mouse, while the smooth polyester provides ideal traction for your mouse. An eco-friendly anti-slip rubber base prevents your mouse pad from sliding.

These mousepads are easily cleanable and machine washable. With dye-sublimation printing, images are produced with high quality. Furthermore, it has machine-stitched edges to ensure it stays clean and durable over time. Furthermore, we offer vegan leather desk mats and desk mats made of responsibly harvested cork tree shavings.

4. Other brand products

A wireless charging station by City Energy by Lexon features a Bluetooth speaker and microphone that can stream music and videos and make hands-free calls. It also delivers fast, wireless charging to all Qi-enabled smartphones.

Similarly, Lexon offers a wireless charger and a 5000mAh Power Bank with a USB-C or USB-A port. Thanks to an innovative thermal cooling system and power management system, you can charge with confidence.

Other brand products

Among its innovative features are our other office accessories, like the SabineTek SmartMike+ Wireless Microphone with full-duplex stereo sound, Bluetooth technology for transmission between phone and microphone, and noise reduction with high fidelity. The cable clutter is now a thing of the past! All types of professionals can work remotely with our accessories.

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