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How a White Color Scheme can Bring Your Home Office to Life
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How a White Color Scheme can Bring Your Home Office to Life

|Apr 28, 2020

Take a moment now to examine your surroundings in your home office or desk setup. What does it say about you?

If it’s cluttered or cramped, don’t worry—we’re all human, and with our busy lifestyles it’s hard to keep everything neat and clean and organized all the time! If anything, clutter is a sign that you’ve got a lot going on to keep you busy. Many creative professionals thrive in a cluttered environment, as the disorganized arrangement of things may actually encourage you to think outside the box and without restrictions.

Beyond clutter and organization, there’s another key characteristic to your workspace that may be influencing your mood without you even realizing it—the color scheme!

You might be aware of how certain colors can impact your mood. Red, typically associated with passion and fire, can be a great motivational and sensual color. Green, associated with growth and new life, is similarly a positively associated color that many incorporate into their work environments with indoor plants.

However, another color should not be underestimated for its powerful, emotional associations: white. White is typically associated with innocence, peace, clarity, cleanliness, and calm. White invokes the jubilant purity of a wedding, or a baby shower. 

It is simultaneously neutral yet complimentary to any color scheme, which is why fine restaurants most often use white tableware to really make those entrees pop. It goes with anything, and it lends itself to a modern-looking environment that is at once well cared for and pairs nicely with just about any accent pieces you might have.
From a clean, smooth, white desk surface to a white porcelain vase for some flowers or a potted plant, here are some nifty ideas to add a touch of white to any workspace.

1. White furniture

white furnitureModern office furniture often comes in a variety of shades suited to many different work environments. Having a white desk surface coupled with a white office chair is a great way to make a statement while still blending in with your home decor. 

A great advantage to having a white desk surface is that non-white objects tend to “pop” more against its neutral backdrop. Whether they’re tools like a stapler, or decorative items with a different color to contrast, you’ll have no trouble spotting everything you need. All those seconds add up over time!

2. White potted plants

plantWhite porcelain potted plants are a beautiful way to accentuate your indoor plants while giving them a clean, polished aesthetic. In addition, there are some lovely white flowering indoor plants that you might want to consider to add some green—and natural, clean white—to your home office space.

Peace lilies are a commonly available and low light-friendly indoor house plants, featuring glossy green leaves and beautiful silky white flowers. They’re easy to maintain and are particularly useful for indoor air purification.

A moth orchid is another popular indoor plant, flowering once a year but typically lasting for months at a time. These beautiful plants are available in many colors, including white. 

For a great low-maintenance option that seldom needs watering, the Christmas Cactus is a great flowering plant that comes in a white variety. This is a great, unconventional and modern twist on indoor house plants that is sure to make your indoor workspace stand out.

3. White wall decorations

white wallApart from having a white wall (as many houses and apartments do by default), you can frame photos and decorations on the wall with plenty of white space to give them a sleek, modern and sophisticated look.

A simple, slender black frame with white padding is a great way to add interest and a focus to the photos on your wall. Try an asymmetrical arrangement of different size frames on the wall, to add interest and variety to your space.

4. Everything else

all whiteWhite office supplies can easily be found with a simple search on the web. Giving your office supplies a uniform color scheme can add a striking element of modern pizazz. 

Everything from white pencil/pen holders, white tape dispensers, and white staplers can be found on Amazon and other popular online shopping sites. Autonomous offers a variety of office accessories available in black and white. Manufacturers such as Apple and Logitech offer clean white accessories like keyboards and mice for your computer (and if you like Apple’s accessories but own a PC, fret not! Their bluetooth connectivity makes them compatible with Windows computers as well). 

White compliments your favorite colors!

Though white is a great choice for modern home office decor, you might have your own preferred color scheme! Still, having just a few white accessories can help give those other colors in your workspace a little extra “pop.”

Choose whatever colors for your office that suit your personality...and consider who having a white backdrop or desk surface can add a touch of cleanliness and modern simplicity to your workspace!
What are some of your favorite ways to decorate your home office? Let us know in the comments below.

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