How an Adjustable Home Office Desk Impacts Remote Workers
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How an Adjustable Home Office Desk Impacts Remote Workers

|Apr 23, 2022

When working from home or your office is a remote arrangement, it is more likely to lose work-life balance and fall prey to unhealthy work habits. Since one does not have to dress up or show up to the office, we tend to find the laziest possible way to get things done. This promotes a sedentary lifestyle and is why so many people became obese as the pandemic broke out.

Hence sticking to healthy ways of work, maintaining the right posture while working, and ruling out bad work habits become even more integral when you are a remote worker. Thankfully a change such as an adjustable home office desk can help you achieve the right level of focus and improve productivity. Choosing an adjustable home office table or an ergonomic desk will help you experience an improved mood, and you will find yourself overcoming challenges easier than before.

This article will discuss all the benefits of using a home office furniture adjustable desk and enlist some of the best home office desks for you.

Benefits of a Home Office Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Benefits of a Home Office Height Adjustable Standing Desk

While you cherish the ability to check your emails in bed or love doing that presentation while you are on the couch watching TV, it is proven that a distracted or lack of proper workplace can do you a lot more damage than good. Employees who don't have a dedicated home office space or haven't invested in an office desk have lower productivity in the longer run, increased stress, and also complain about physical health issues such as poor posture and back pain.

Here are some benefits of having a dedicated ergonomic workstation for your home office.

Better Posture

If your shoulders tense and your wrists groan by the middle of the week, it's possible that your lousy desk posture is to blame.

Standing up and down throughout the day helps keep your limbs and joints fluid because you're more active while standing than when you're sitting. As you type or skim through emails, you'll be more prone to alter postures and maybe develop a rhythmic sway of the hips. These constant free movements keep your body under healthy micro-movements, but they are also a great way to reset the energy levels and keep the mind fresh while working.

Better Focus

Better Focus

Since working while standing involves your entire body and all the body parts are under work to make you stand upright, this encourages maximum blood flow and improves circulation level.

With improved circulation, one's capacity to concentrate improves. And when you're able to focus, you'll be able to do tasks more quickly while also getting superior results. You'll also feel better about the task you've done because optimal blood flow to the brain encourages deeper thinking and feelings of accomplishment.

Improved Metabolism

adjustable home office desk Improved Metabolism

If you work from home, you probably get done with your breakfast a few minutes before the meeting begins or maybe have it while you are typing that email. All of this eating while sitting is extremely harmful in the long run. Even if you take proper breaks to finish your meals, the time you spend sitting after eating is probably the cause you are getting rich in fats.

A standing desk helps a person regulate and digest their meals effectively, and the rate of metabolism when you work with a standing desk is faster, which ensures proper and quick digestion.

Best Adjustable Standing Desk for Home Office

While buying an adjustable home office desk rules most of the decisions, it is also equally important that you choose a product that fits your needs and does the job well. Here are some of our top recommendations for a height-adjustable standing desk.

1. Compact Desk by Timotion

Compact Desk by Timotion adjustable home office desk

Our homes are not well large enough to host a huge home office setup with a large central desk, a few storage items, and shelving. Hence a compact desk is a right pick for anyone with an average-sized home. This Autonomous x Timotion small standing desk is a sturdy, compact desk built for such cases.

The desk has a small-sized desktop with enough space for your large to medium-sized screen and a few accessories. The tabletop has a minimalist finish, and the adjustable home office desk has a silver frame to pair with the matte black surface. It offers height adjustability from 25 inches to 45 inches and is controlled with the help of simple keypad controls.

2. Compact Desk by Mount-It!

Compact Desk by Mount-It!

This white electric sit-stand desk from Mount-It! will be your best ergonomic buddy when you feel isolated while working from home. The desk offers height adjustability of 29 inches to 49 inches making it suitable for a diverse crowd. It has a weight capacity of 176 pounds and comes with a ten-year-long warranty.

One of the distinguishing features of this smart desk is its sit-stand reminder which ensures your work hours are spent in the best ergonomic possible way. This compact desk is also affordable for the features it offers.

3. Autonomous Desk Expanse

Autonomous Desk Expanse adjustable home office desk

For remote workers who have a lot going on at once and only have their desk as the dedicated work area, this L-shaped desk from Autonomous will provide you with the perfect blend of ergonomics and functionality. The adjustable home office desk comes in an attractive white, black, or gray finish and is powered by three powerful motors for a smooth uplifting mechanism.

It has a weight capacity of 400 pounds and comes with four programmable settings that allow you to adjust the ergonomic height and save it for the next time.

4. Autonomous Desk Eureka

Autonomous Desk Eureka adjustable home office desk

Autonomous Desk Eureka is a smart office desk with a height range of 26 inches to 52 inches. The desk has four programmable settings, works with dual electric motors, and has a quiet motor operation. The desk has an improved load capacity of 310 pounds and supports up to an extra-large desktop thanks to its spacious work surface and powerful motor capacity.

5. Compact Desk by Wistopht

Compact Desk by Wistopht

Those who prefer aesthetics as much as they prefer features must look at this adjustable standing desk with drawers from Wistopht. The desk has a tempered glass surface that adds a glamor look, and the desktop has a built-in wireless charger to keep your gadgets and accessories up and running at all times.

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