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How an Ergonomic Gaming Setup Takes You to the Next Level
Work Wellness

How an Ergonomic Gaming Setup Takes You to the Next Level

|Apr 22, 2020

During this COVID-19 season, there’s been a huge movement of employees and working professionals moving from the office to their homes for remote work. While ergonomic home office furniture has skyrocketed in popularity thanks to more and more people making long-term investments in their home offices, increased leisure time has led to a growing trend among gamers as well.

Gaming is increasingly becoming popular through multiple generations, old and young. Thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones and sophisticated hardware, smartphone games are perhaps the easiest and most accessible portal to gaming that nearly everyone can access, which cheaper gaming titles that give you hours of entertainment (and which can be easily updated and expanded regularly with new content). Beyond that, gaming consoles and (for the more experienced gamers) specialty PCs have never had a better and more expansive catalogue of games suited to just about any level and interest.

Have you joined the thousands of new gamers by purchasing a popular home console like the Nintendo Switch? Or perhaps you’re a diehard PC gamer with a lot more free time on your hands. From gaming amateurs to hardcore professionals, everyone’s looking for easy ways to boost their gaming performance with a competitive edge to help them snatch those extra wins.

work from homeThese days, up to 128 million Americans play video games on a somewhat regular basis, averaging about 6 hours per week. And out of this growing number of gamers, a whopping 87% of them report pain in the neck and shoulders after gaming for prolonged periods of time. This can mostly be attributed to poor posture and prolonged periods of staying motionless in one position, often hunched over, due to a lack of ergonomic furniture in their gaming setups.

Other than the clear benefits of using ergonomic furniture for bodily health, sitting and playing comfortably can actually improve gamers’ performance by up to 30%. That’s a dramatic boost that could make all the difference in a tie-breaking round, or give you just that little bit of extra stamina to stay sharp and alert during a chaotic online shootout.

Before we get into some recommended gaming furniture, let’s first examine the benefits of an ergonomic gaming setup more in-depth.

Beyond Back Pain

back painThe immediately obvious benefits of an ergonomic chair involve supporting the lower spine and lumbar curve, giving you improved posture and alleviating back pain that can grow and worsen over time. However, ergonomic seated posture has the potential to benefit much more than just your back.

Sitting with correct posture reduces the stress placed on your muscles and spine, which can actually improve blood flow. Having a cushioned seat that supports optimal leg positioning promotes good circulation that impacts every part of your body...most critically, your brain. Yes, proper seated posture can even impact your ability to think clearly and stay focused, and reduce instances of headaches that can result after long periods of time staring at a computer screen.

Ergonomic keyboards and mice are also a huge consideration for PC gamers, who depend on these tools for intense gaming, especially first-person shooters that require rapid movement and pinpoint precision. Carpal tunnel is a common issue for typists and gamers who rely on keyboards for extended periods of time, and similarly an ergonomic mouse that gives you a comfortable grip will reduce instances of muscle cramps and aches.

Investing in an Ergonomic Gaming Setup

ergonomic gaming setupMore and more people are realizing the ergonomic benefits of gaming in comfort, and best of all, many of the same ergonomic principles we apply to work-related equipment make them excellent options for gamers as well.

For working professionals who do a lot at home and like to game in their free time, investing in an ergonomic setup has the dual benefit of allowing you to get your work done productively, while gaming during your free time in comfort and style.

The ErgoChair 2 is a popular offering from Autonomous which combines high-quality materials, multiple adjustment points for optimal seated comfort, and a long-lasting guarantee backed by a warranty which makes this a worry-free investment for the future.

In addition to a comfy gaming chair, working and gaming on a height-adjustable standing desk can make a huge difference in your alertness and energy levels by changing up your posture and (literally) keeping you on your toes. The SmartDesk 2 Premium is a great option for anyone who wants the sturdy flexibility of a quality standing desk that features a minimal design aesthetic and reliability for years to come.


It’s a gamer’s market these days, with more and more comfortable ergonomic solutions available for everyone. Anyone who takes gaming seriously should make the investment into an ergonomic setup to not only benefit their health but boost their gaming performance as well.

What are some of your must-have ergonomic tools in your gaming setup? Let us know in the comments below!

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