How Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace Helps Remote Workers?
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How Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace Helps Remote Workers?

|Oct 8, 2021

We all talk about IQ, i.e., the Intelligence Quotient, quite often when we judge someone's intelligence. Still, we often forget to talk about the Emotional Quotient that defines someone’s emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence plays an integral role in a person's well-being and eventually affects how a person performs in the practical world. Therefore, emotional intelligence in the workplace is pretty important for both office and remote workers.

To elaborate, emotional intelligence at work helps you relieve work-related stress, defuse conflicts, and overcome challenges by building a better emotional bond with others. When working for a company on any project, either remote or on-site, you are supposed to do teamwork. This is not a one-man's battle who doesn’t need anyone and can do it all by himself. No man is an island, so you will have to collaborate with your team.

Only an emotionally intelligent person would be able to work better in teams because he knows how to share ideas and build a better connection with his teammates so that they can feel comfortable around him. Such people have got the right social skills to create a friendly virtual office and a successful and productive team overall.

The problem with remote worker culture is that here you do not get any chances of in-person meetups with your on-site teammates. Such a lack of interaction affects your performance as a remote worker. The good part is your emotional intelligence can help you get going in this rough journey.

Do you know how? Well, there are certain ways in which your emotional intelligence would give you an edge over other remote workers. 

Why Emotional Intelligence in The Workplace Is Important For Remote Workers

Help You Have Frequent Communication

emotional intelligence in the workplace Help Communication

Frequent communication is a big need of remote workers because they cannot meet their office colleagues daily. So, those remote workers who are emotionally intelligent communicate more frequently with their team members and managers.

Consequently, they feel more connected to their team even though they are working remotely. If you want to test your emotional intelligence, you can adopt this habit of frequent communication. Always ask questions if you have any queries, as this keeps you more engaged in your tasks. 

Make Remote Workers Look More Professional

An emotionally intelligent person is always dressed properly for his zoom calls, even though he can sit in pajamas. This is because the attendees are subconsciously noticing your dressing and background. A professional look makes them trust you and have a positive image of yours. 

Provide Opportunities to Connect

Provide Opportunities to Connect

An emotionally intelligent remote worker never misses an opportunity of team-building virtual activities. This makes them more connected with their team and gives them an informal relationship. Being an emotionally intelligent person, you should also take some time out and check out your colleagues whether they are having a good day. Your single step can lay a big impact on their attitude towards you, remember. 

Get Back to Other People Timely

It is important to promptly get back to people who try contacting you by any means. An emotional intelligence remote working individual ensures that he is communicable by all means so that his team stays satisfied with him. This is yet another way of doing so.

The chances are that your manager might contact you at a time when you are busy with some work as he won’t know about this since you're working remotely. In such a case, give them a short, quick reply as delaying a response is never good. 

Check-in and Try Making Spontaneous Conversation

Check-in and Try Making Spontaneous Conversation

Building a team culture is very important for any workplace, so ensure that you take every means of doing so. When you are working remotely, your emotional intelligence helps you create a healthy workplace culture. Spontaneous conversation is one of the great ways that can come to one’s mind when one thinks of how to use emotional intelligence at the workplace.

Spontaneous conversation helps you build a healthy and interactive virtual office where every office worker is happy to work with the remote team. In addition, this also helps you and your colleagues have a short breather and relax for some time. 

Help Actively Update Their Managers

When it comes to sending reports to your managers and updating them, you need to become proactive and do such tasks as a priority. This helps you keep everyone and everything in the loop and put a positive impression on your team and foster employee engagement.

If a remote worker is emotionally intelligent, he will understand the need to do this and put in the required efforts to update and report their managers timely. Such a habit makes an impression on your coworkers and proves how vital it is to have emotional intelligence in remote working. 

Show They’re Listening

Show They’re Listening

This aspect is something very important for remote workers. Often, you do not realize that losing attention and interest is more common when working remotely, especially when you are in a video call.

Workers with emotional intelligence in the workplace have the edge over other remote workers in this regard. This is because they know how not to multitask when they are on the call and give full attention to the person speaking in front of them. If you are in such a call next time, avoid looking down or somewhere away from the screen as no one would like that. 

Final Words

Those of you who realize the importance of workplace culture would value emotional intelligence in the workplace and consider it while working remotely too. If you are a remote worker, the chances are that you would be working alone usually. This article alway helps you to learn how to use emotional intelligence in the workplace and relationship between emotional intelligence and remote work.

So, in this time, it is vital to use your emotional intelligence and connect with people in the ways that we mentioned above. Eventually, you will get yourself on track and meet the expectations of your manager.

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