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How Ergonomic Saddle Chairs are the Best for You

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 15, 2018

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In the past, when horseback riding was the best and fastest mode of transportation, the saddle was used to provide the rider comfort. Before the saddle was invented, riders would hop on the bear back of the horse or place a piece of hard/soft clothing material on the horseback.

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There needs to be a more efficient solution to this. And so it leads to the invention of the saddles. The saddle was quite good at keeping the horseback riders comfortable throughout their journey. The saddle makes the rider feel a lot more natural like the horse was a part of him/her.

As time goes by and transportation began to advance, the use of the saddle is only limited to occasional horseback riders. Unlike the time when it was the main form of transportation. Other than the occasional horseback riders, the saddle is also being used in workplaces like offices. And it is due to its comfort and great effect on the worker's posture.

In companies, employers are always looking for a way to improve their worker's comfort and productivity. The reason is that the lack of it could lead to loss of money. Or in the case of injury, it could lead to a lawsuit which means more loss of money. Companies are always looking to stop this from happening. So they adopt ideas like the saddle office chair. It is a combination of a saddle design and the office chair.

The saddle seats have its own features which are quite useful. For them to be quite useful it means they are able to bring something to the table that is much better and unique from all other office chairs. Follow this post as it will showcase every necessary thing that is to know about ergonomic office chairs with saddles seats.

What is a saddle seat office chair?

What is a saddle seat office chair?

As the word office chair comes to mind, what most people would think of is a swivel chair with a backrest, a headrest, and armrests. Well… for the saddle chair, it is almost completely different from what was thought of. The saddle office chair is pretty self-explanatory. It is an office chair with a saddle seat. These saddle seats are normally found on the back of horses.

To be clear, the saddle chair is more like a stool in design than a standard office chair with backrests and other components. Although, not all saddle office chairs are without such components. It is that most of the saddle seats with backrest, armrests, and headrest are actually preferable. The reason for its popular preference is due to the fact that riders on horsebacks are actually very comfortable without backrest and so on.

The saddle seat office chair has fewer features and parts compared to the normal ergonomic office chair. The saddle seat office chair comprises of the saddle-shaped seat, a five-legged support base, casters, and a cylinder.

The features/components of the saddle chair may be less, but it is still able to outperform the ergonomic office chair in some areas. For instance, the height of the saddle seat office chair can be adjusted from the range of 8-12inches higher than a normal office chair. This allows the user’s knees and hips to be at an angle of 135 degrees. It is good because the user’s spine will be able to maintain that “s-curve”. In the end, the user will be left comfortable and still be able to maintain a good posture, despite the saddle chair’s lack of backrest, headrest land armrests.

It is normal or it’s even like a trademark for office chairs to have backrests. After all, it seems logical since the best way to enjoy comfort is with an office chair that possesses a backrest. They are also seen to provide good posture for users as they seat. The saddle seat acts as an alternative to these standard office chairs with backrest. This leads to the question: “why does saddle seat don’t need backrests?”

Why are backrests useless to saddle seats?

It turns out the backrests is not always required to provide that perfect comfort and productivity in the workplace. Chairs without backrests like the saddle seats turn out to be effective for the user. Be it for the sake of good posture, comfort or active sitting. There several reasons why saddle chairs can do not actually need a backrest to be able to provide all those.

They provide good posture without backrests

A saddle seat on its own is able to provide the user with a great posture. There are two reasons for this statement. First, the user’s thigh to torso angle of usually 135 degrees naturally aligns his/her spine in such a way it forms that “s-curve”. Secondly, the widespread of the user’s knees causes them to automatically hold his/her pelvis in an upright position.

It is still possible to get a backrest for a saddle seat, but in the end, it is mostly detached. It could be because the backrests could its user to seat in a fixed position for long hours at work. It could also be due to the user’s very muscular control which leads to a bad posture.

In the end, with any of this reasons the user is sure to continuously detach the backrest from the saddle seat. The manufacturers of the saddle seats considered these reasons so they made them detachable.

Core muscles support the user while on the saddle seat

A user sitting on a saddle seat office chair will experience active sitting. It means the users postural muscles such as his/her legs, trunks and pelvis will be active. Unlike in a conventional office chair which leaves the user’s office chairs dormant for most of the user’s work time.

On a standard office chair with the conventional backrest, it sometimes affects the user’s “s-curve” spine. Forcing him or her to use other components like the armrest for a better support on the spine. But on a chair with a saddle seat and no backrests or armrests, there is a good enough support for the formation of that perfect “s-curved” spine. This enables a good posture for the user in the long run.

The feet are positioned comfortably below the body’s center of mass

When seating on a conventional office chair, it is discovered that the user’s feet in front of the body where there is no support. But on the saddle seat, there is a support because the user’s feet will be placed directly beneath the office chair.

This allows the user to move his/her arms and whole body more freely with total control. This shows that the saddle seat support actually does a better job than the armrests in a conventional office chair.

The hip abduction will provide stability of the pelvis in an upright orientation

As the user’s legs spread wide it will stabilize his/her pelvis in an upright orientation. With the upright orientation, there will be an effortless support on the user’s spine which will lead to a perfect posture without the need of an armrest or backrest.

In a standard office chair, the story is quite different. The components like armrests and backrest will be required for extra comfort. Also in such chairs, the user’s legs are always in close proximity. It will cause the user’s pelvis to slump and then roll back.

In the end, it is noted that as the legs of the user spreads the user will have a better posture. Also, as the close, the users knees the less possibility of him/her getting a good posture and a high possibility that his/her pelvis will slump and then roll back.

Saddle seat with a backrest can end up being quite uncomfortable

The reason why the saddle seat is comfortable is that the user’s torso center of mass ends up being forward of his/her sit bone while on the saddle chair. The backrest cannot provide the support for a user while his/her center of mass is forward of the sit bone.

It is only able to provide support for the user in a standard office chair where the center of mass is behind his/her sit bone. This means that some recline is needed for the pelvis in order for the backrest to be used. That is the evidence which states that saddle chairs aren’t good at accommodating backrests. It will cause discomfort and a bad posture if care is not taken.

If the user chooses to use the backrest on a saddle seat, it will lead slumping on the chair. if the backrest were to be used, it would be for emergency reasons like the weakness of the body, balance disorder or other similar clinical ailments/conditions.

Health benefits of using a saddle chair

Health-wise the saddle chairs are the best choices if a business wishes to ensure the well-being of their workers. The saddle seat chairs have a few features but those features are best at their work. Even compared to a standard ergonomic office chair the saddle seat wins in terms of comfort, posture, and health. Now, the health capabilities of the office chair will be discussed.

There are several health benefits of the office chair. They include the following:

It relieves pains on the back, neck, arms, and hips

Due to the saddle seat declining position of the user’s upper legs, it will lead to the movement of the pelvis forward. And it will cause a curve of his/her lower back so it forms that “s-curve” with the upper spine being straightened in the process. The posture will be improved as tension on the user’s neck, shoulder girdle, and upper back.

The saddle seat helps to improve both the spine and the posture

The saddle seat helps to improve both the spine and the posture

After long hours of using the saddle chair, the user will enjoy the stimulations and strengthening of his/her back, posterior and abdominal muscles. This will lead to the gradual correction of the user’s spine and a gradual correction of his/her posture.

Improved balance

Improved balance

As the user's legs spread it stabilizes his/her pelvis in an upright orientation. This will help to keep one relaxed and with the wide foot stance, it keeps the user balanced while he/she moves about. The balance is so top quality that it can be used to aid neurologically impaired people, unlike the standard office chair.

It encourages blood circulation in the legs and prevents swelling of the foot

There will be no edged of the desk pressed against the user’s legs and buttock. This allows him/her to avoid contact pressure. That is, the user’s veins and arteries for his/her legs will be on the most open position for easy flow of blood.

With the wide angles between the user’s thighs and lower legs on the saddle chair, there is sure to free movement of the feet which means there will be accelerated metabolism. That means no swelling of the feet swelling will occur.

Improved mobility and reach

The saddle seat’s design is quite free, unlike the conventional office chairs. The reason is that of the absence of components like backrest and armrests. Those two components tend to reduce the user’s reach and sometimes their mobility. The saddle seat clearly allows its users to really interact with the environment.

Improved efficiency during work

Improved efficiency during work

Due to the well thought out design of the saddle seat office chair, the users will be able to work conveniently on the computer or paperwork. This is possible because of the user’s improved positioning of his/her upper back, shoulder girdle, and more stable torso.


Saddle seat office chairs are a unique set of chairs that surprisingly serves its users well in the office with a minimal and well-crafted design. On the post, it is learned that these saddle seats can provide that perfect the perfect comfort and posture the users have always demanded.

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