How Autonomous Desk 4 Productivity Features Can Help You?
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How Autonomous Desk 4 Productivity Features Can Help You?

|Oct 22, 2020

Productivity is a very important part of assessing your work performance. Even if your superiors aren't doing an evaluation, you should always strive to understand your current productivity level and maximize it as much as possible. There are different ways to increase your output, and Autonomous Desk 4 productivity features could be the secret ingredient that you're missing. 

While previous Autonomous smart desks have been great tools to support your ergonomic needs, this one feels further from being a regular piece of furniture than any of the others. Instead of being a traditional adjustable standing desk, it comes with numerous intuitive and innovative features to help you be as productive as possible. Below is an outline of how Autonomous Desk 4 increases productivity. 

Pros and Cons of Standing Desk

Pros of a Standing Desk

Before looking at what Autonomous Desk 4 can do to help you achieve more, here's a look at some of the reasons that persons are increasingly becoming invested in standing desks. Have you ever wondered what advantages these fixtures have? Here are some of the most common ones: 

  • Consistent sitting is both uncomfortable and detrimental to your health. There are various chronic issues, such as low back pain from remaining seated for a long time. With a standing desk in your corner, you can switch up your routine to keep your body in good health. 

  • While you are not going to be burning the kind of calories that you would in the gym, standing burns more than sitting. 

  • Once you are using your standing desk correctly, it helps you maintain natural body positioning, allowing you to maintain a good posture and stay healthy. 

  • Human bodies are not built for sitting. Technically, they're made for movement, which is way more likely when you are in a standing position. 

Cons of a Standing Desk

No one can deny that a standing desk is an amazing thing. Be that as it may, there are a few disadvantages that you should pay attention to when you choose one. These are as follows:

  • If you have an existing desk setup, switching to a standing desk may not be the most convenient or feasible option for you.  

  • While sitting for long periods is a health hazard, standing consistently is another one. When you stand, you engage various muscles, and you get support from joints, such as those in the knees. Standing too long increases the pressure on said areas, leading to pain and chronic health issues. 

  • It takes some getting used to if you want to get familiar with standing desk culture. If you spent your whole work time seated in the past, having to stand and work is not the easiest thing at first.  

Autonomous Desk 4 productivity

Autonomous Desk 4 Productivity Features and Your Workflow

How does the Autonomous Desk 4 factor into your productivity? Thanks to all the features you're about to discover, your standing desk now doubles as your productivity hub. Staying productive in an office is one thing, but you know how challenging it can be to maintain optimal output while you are in a remote workspace.

Having a little more control over your work hours is a plus. Additionally, you get to work in the surroundings that you are comfortable in. Of course, this creates a concern since that level of comfort is conducive to procrastination. Therefore, it's important to use the best techniques on tools to stay on track. 

Autonomous Desk 4 Productivity: Pomodoro Assisted Intervals

 Sometimes, being a little more efficient requires you to rewire your brain. How do you work at a task that takes a long time? Do you continue to chip away at it until you get over it, or do you take breaks throughout the work process? Even if you don't have time-consuming tasks, do you consistently stay at your workstation, or do you take some time away from the desk?

If not, you may not be working as efficiently as you could be. You see, getting in short rest periods allows you to refocus and approach each subsequent task from a sharper state of mind. Though you may not be sleeping when you are away from the desk, getting to focus on something that's not your work gives your brain the kind of rest it needs. Therefore, when you return to the task at hand, you're better suited to get through it.

Pomodoro is the most popular time management technique to help you maximize your productivity. The premise is very simple, as it establishes a workflow that operates within intervals. The idea is to alternate-working periods with breaks to maintain that constant feeling of freshness. 

One great reason you should buy a Autonomous Desk 4 is that it integrates the Pomodoro technique in the way it operates. The desk intuitively helps you to focus, and it reminds you to sit down. With Pomodoro in this mix, you are less likely to feel drained from a continuous spell of work.      

Autonomous Desk 4 Productivity: Pomodoro Assisted Intervals                                                               

Autonomous Desk 4 Productivity: Mid-Day Energy Benefits

Maintaining adequate energy levels is more important to the work process than you can imagine. What does energy have to do with getting your job done in a remote workspace? Well, it turns out that working out increases your mood as much as it keeps you active. You may have noticed in the past that you tend to work better when you feel your best.

The Autonomous Desk 4 helps you to get in your daily dose of movement to maintain the high energy you want. How does the Autonomous Desk 4 aid with this? First, you should know that the desk connects to the Autonomous app. With a successful connection, you can use your smartphone to interact with the desk.

Additionally, the app includes several exercise guides that you can use to get in a little active time. If you are unfamiliar with any movements, the app provides useful step-by-step video guides to make things a little clearer. The best part is all the exercises are meant to be done at your desk.

Now you can get into a routine that elevates your energy and causes you to keep working at your most efficient level.

Autonomous Desk 4 Productivity: Mid-Day Energy Benefits

Autonomous Desk 4 Productivity: Health and Activity Tracking

Routine management is one thing, but Autonomous Desk 4 productivity features extend beyond that. As you could gather from the previous point, the desk's feature set allows it to contribute to a more productive version of you. However, it also throws its hat into the health arena. 

Getting regular exercise is important, but you also need to keep track of the amount of activity you are doing. Your body has requirements, and you need to meet them if you want to have any hope of maintaining a healthy and comfortable existence. 

The smart desk has activity logging built-in, which means there is no need for you to concern yourself with remembering or manually recording what you've been doing. You get tracking for the time you spend seated, standing, and exercising. 

The information you get provides you with insights to help you adjust as necessary. Maybe you may look at the logged time and realize that you need to spend less time seated and more time standing. Not only can you use the app to monitor your progress, but you can also adjust the desk's intervals to align your sit-stand sessions with your goals.

Additionally, there are also app integration features, which means that all this data is going to be added to your favorite health app. Therefore, it seamlessly fits into the holistic map of exercise that you get each day. 

Autonomous Desk: Health and Activity Tracking

Autonomous Desk 4 Productivity: Smartphone Integration

Autonomous Desk 4 productivity options are very well designed. One of Autonomous' best choices was the integration of the Autonomous app with the Autonomous Desk 4. The design works well, as it makes things very convenient without requiring a lot of micromanagement. 

With the mobile device storing all the relevant information on your activity needs and the desk's adjustments, you can spend less time making changes directly to the desk, as you can schedule it all through the app.

Speaking of the app, it allows you to do quite a bit. As discussed above, you can change your desk heights, and you can even use memory presets to keep your optimal positions in the smart desk's memory. You can also use the app to lock the desk and schedule your sit-stand sessions as you see fit. Shopping online is also allowed through the app, and it's a notably useful feature to have. 

The Autonomous store is filled with items that you can use to make your remote work experience more effective and productive. Feel free to use the app to browse the store, so you can get your hands on whatever accessories our fixtures you may need. 

Autonomous app with the Autonomous Desk 4

Why You Should Buy a Autonomous Desk 4

There is no denying that the Autonomous Desk 4 productivity options speak volumes about the desk's usability in your home office. Since it can be much harder to stay on the most efficient path in a comfortable workspace, why not use a tool that is designed to ensure that you stay on track.

It's one thing to have a desk that does nothing more than house your equipment. The Autonomous Desk 4, on the other hand, takes things a step further by actively involving itself in your creation of an active and productive work lifestyle.

the Autonomous Desk 4 productivity

The desk takes no more than 30 minutes to assemble, and you can start programming it almost right out of the box. It's important to take this time to highlight the customizability since you can modify all the desks presets to meet your unique needs.

Other Ways to Improve Productivity

Autonomous Desk 4 productivity features are nothing short of fantastic. However, it would help if you also took the initiative to devise strategies to allow yourself to remain on the more productive side of the spectrum. What can you do in this regard?

 First, consider scheduling your days so that you have a road map to keep you honest. You may do this by writing the plan down or using one of the many scheduling apps available. Whatever you choose, don't keep the schedule in your head, as you are more likely to get distracted that way. Ensure that it is located somewhere that you look at frequently.

 Another suggestion is to make your environment a more welcoming one. Ergonomics deals with ensuring that your tools and surrounding come together to create an ideal workspace. Your standing desk and office chair play a big role here. However, it's important for you not to leave out overlooked areas, such as your lighting. Keeping your screens far from your windows, using appropriate color tones, and complementing natural light are some of the ways that you can bring lighting ergonomics into the mix. 

 You could also try getting dressed for work as if you are going to be leaving to go to a traditional office space. Apart from conditioning your mind to behave as if you were at an office, you also get a mental benefit from doing this that helps you feel like you can conquer whatever tasks may be at hand.

Autonomous Desk 4 productivity features

What about the extra time you have since transit is not something to worry about? Don't make a mistake and use that time for work. Even if you choose to use it as a period for mental preparation in the morning and taking things down in the evening, try to focus on you during that time.

You should also make sure that you're working within the designated hours. While you are going to need to take short breaks to maintain your efficiency, please do not spend your work time doing other tasks, as you are going to have to make up for it after. If you choose not to, then the output suffers at the end. Even if you have household chores to do, hold off on them until you get an appropriate window to work with.

Finally, consider informing the people around you that you are working, and that you would prefer no background disruptions. Not having to shift your focus creates a situation where you can maximize your productivity and keep it that way.

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