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How The MyoChair Puts Your Health Ahead of Price

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 11, 2018

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Whether you are looking for the most comfortable chair, the best office chair for back pain or the best office chair under $200, the MyoChair meets all those and more needs perfectly. The MyoChair puts the health of the user ahead of the money.   

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For just $99 for an MyoChair and $149 for an MyoChair with headrest & legrest, you can have a chair designed to make you feel as comfortable as possible and at the same time, ensure that you do not become a victim of back pain in future.        

When buying an office chair, you must always know that the small features of comfort, usability and adjustability contribute a lot to your overall health. For example, if you buy a chair with a good backrest but has not armrests, then you could be setting yourself up for still shoulders and back pain problems even though your back is well supported.

If you buy a chair that has good armrests, good headrest and backrest but has a bad seat edge, you could be setting yourself up for problems in future regarding your health. Thankfully, the MyoChair has been designed with your holistic health in mind. That is why it has a well-engineered backrest, seat, headrest and armrests. Overall, all of these things contribute to the improvement of your health as well.

If you scrutinize most cheap office chairs carefully, you will see that they will have some good features, but they also miss others. Even if they seem to have all the ergonomic features, they are mostly not well engineered. Thankfully, the MyoChair is designed to accommodate all the pressure areas that the human body has. This can be rightly called the best office chair for lower back pain.

MyoChair - The best ergonomic office chair for the lowest price

Most of the ergonomic office chairs with the advanced features retail at high prices. Thus, most people associate high quality with high price. However, that is not entirely right all the time. Sometimes, it is easy to find a good, high quality, most comfortable office chair with incredible features, yet affordable at the same time.

If you have ever been a victim of back pain, then you know that you would be ready to pay any price to get the perfect chair. Well, there is some good news. You do not have to pay an extravagant price for that at all. You can now get the best chair at the lowest price. You could be worried whether such a chair will meet all of your needs. It will. It has been tested and proven. It is without doubt one of the best chairs under $200 that you can buy for yourself or for your employees.

Sold with a warranty of 12 months, should a part of this chair go bust within that time, it will be repaired free of charge. In addition, the chair has a 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you feel that it does not satisfy you, you can return it within 30 days of buying it for a full refund.

Things such as return policy and warranty show the confidence that a manufacturer or a vendor has in one of their products. You can buy with confidence knowing that your one hundred bucks will not go to waste at all.

Maximum Comfort Features

With people increasingly spending more time in their workplaces in the office or in the home offices, there is a great need for comfort. The MyoChair has been battle tested for comfort, and it has passed. Not only does it have awesome lumbar support, but it also has other added features that ensure more comfort at the work place.

Foldable leg rest

From the foldable leg rest (it stays out of the way when you are not using it), to the breathable and adjustable headrest, you are assured of good comfort if you would like to lay back and stretch some. When you have been working for far too long and would like to grab a snooze, just unfold the leg rest and take a good nap.

While many office chairs lack the leg rest, the truth is that this is one of the best features that an office chair should have. It is the unsung hero of office comfort. The main reason why it is left out most of the time is that employers expect their employees to be working throughout their day in the office. However, there are break times such as tea breaks, lunch breaks and so on. Such would be a good time to pull out the leg rest and stretch out a bit.

When you unfold the leg rest, lean the backrest back as far as it will go and stretch out, you will find that your spine almost forms a straight line from the base (your buttocks) to the neck. Because there is a good headrest, this will be the most ergonomic rest that you can ever have, without your spine going out of alignment.

Breathable backrest with lumbar support

Another feature that guarantees maximum comfort is the breathable backrest. This is a common feature with many office chairs. However, not many people know why they need backrest so much.

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When you sit down to work, your back will be pressed to your chair most of the time. Without some aeration on your back, there will be sweat buildup, especially during the warm seasons.

When sweat builds up on your back, it can cause a blistery sensation on your skin if you rub too much against the chair. In addition, sweating in the middle of the day in the office is very uncomfortable. That is why many ergonomic office chairs now come with breathable backrests. If the backrest is meshed, it works even better to allow aeration.

While many chairs even those with opaque backrests are breathable, the meshed ones are much better. They allow more airflow to your back and keep you very comfortable throughout the day. Aeration is one of the small things that many people do not give too much mind to, but it is one of the factors that contribute to your comfort in the office.

The backrest is quite accommodating and it presses against your back comfortably, thus encouraging better blood supply. At the end of the day, you will find that you do not experience any form of cramping because better blood circulation also ensures good oxygen supply to your tissues and muscles.

The headrest

Why is this small feature such a big deal when it comes to office chairs? Well, there are many things that the headrest helps with. It helps to prevent stiff shoulders and neck. The base of the spine is above the buttocks and ends just where the head joins the neck. From that alone, you can see that when buying a chair that can support the spine, you need to make it as holistically ergonomic as possible.

Since many office chairs have a high backrest, good lumbar support and a good seat, the addition of the headrest makes a good chair better. When you need to lean back a bit and watch a presentation or listen to one of your staff explaining why that report was late… you want to have something supporting your head. In addition, if you lean back too fast, it could be easy to hurt your neck if your chair has no headrest.

Thankfully, this very important but understated ergonomic feature has been included in the design of the MyoChair. This chair was designed to put your health needs before work, based on the believe that a healthy employee is a happy and productive employee. 

The foam seat

The seat of the MyoChair has been padded with comfortable and durable foam. There are many benefits of using foam for the seat. One, it has been carefully selected so it is firm and comfortable at the same time. Thus, even with years of sitting on it, it will still remain intact.

Foam is also breathable. Thus, you can sit for long hours on end and you will enjoy a good and comfortable experience. There will be no buildup of sweat at all, even when you work long hours and no hard bumps pressing against your back. The MyoChair is designed with a foam seat that will not lump up even after sitting on it for a long time.

The edge of the seat does not come anywhere close to the back of your knees. What many people do not know is that when you have a seat edge pressing against the back of your knees, your blood circulation is hampered.

This is a prelude to knee problems in future. As you sit down to work every day, you must always know that small things gone wrong with your chair can lead to bigger health problems in future.

Even when you are going to stretch out and snooze a bit, the seat edge will not be pressing against the back of your knees in any way. Whichever way you look at this chair, it has been designed with your health in mind, putting your needs ahead of the price.

It is hard to find a chair that boosts the circulation of your blood, but this one does. It enhances the health of your joints too. A good seat makes the most comfortable office chair.

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Posture enhancement

Your spine may be misaligned after many years of using office chairs that failed to enhance your sitting posture. However, you will be happy to know that the MyoChair is designed to help align your spine.  

This does not mean that if you have a bad back it is going to cure you. You need to seek medical advice. However, this chair is going to help you prevent the occurrence of back pain in the future. It allows the spine to adopt its natural curve all the way from the base to the neck. That is why there is a headrest in addition to the lumbar support.

The chair’s high quality fabrics, wheels and other parts have been mated to a mechanism that enhances the balance of the chair whether you are reclining and springing back upright. The tension is great and the recline cam lean far back, perhaps not as far as the 128 degrees allowed by some of the costlier chairs, but it leans back nicely to allow you to catch a snooze when you need to.  

Besides, the mechanism is smart as it senses what tension to employ depending on the weight of the person using the chair. Thus, when a heavier person sits down on the chair, the mechanism will sustain a tension that complements such weight. The same applies when a lighter weight person sits down.

On a hard workday at the office, you will find that you need to adopt different postures depending on a few things. For example, in the morning when you are feeling all fresh, energetic and quite spruced up, you may adopt a more upright posture.

In the afternoon, you may adopt a more laid back, leaning backward posture as you will most certainly be starting to show some beat down signs. Thus, as your body tells you it needs to lean back a bit, just touch the controls. Find the perfect posture for your body at that particular moment and enjoy yourself thoroughly.

Almost every part of this chair is adjustable. For example, you can adjust the armrest inwards, outwards backwards and forwards. If you need more mobility to stretch out to reach different things on your desk, this chair gives you that space, and some more.

The 5-star base with double sets of casters makes this chair easy to move around in the office. the wheels move on just about any kind of floor without snagging. When you sit back and relax, the wheels do not move an inch. They kind of lock into place and stay stationary even when you twist around in your chair.

Why buy this chair? Get it for the price and the features, and the warranty of course.


Buying a chair just got easier and very affordable with the MyoChair. You can now buy the best office chair under $200 without batting an eyelid. With a warranty and a good return policy, buying a chair that puts your health ahead of the work and the money is easier now.

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