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How to Add Your Personal Touch to the Work From Home Station
Remote Working

How to Add Your Personal Touch to the Work From Home Station

|Mar 8, 2021

Everybody could use a work from home upgrade. Despite the difficult times, there are ways you can reduce your workload and minimize potential stress. You need to find a way to boost your energy and maintain your concentration. How can you solve this particular problem? Consider adding a personal touch to your WFH station, also known as work from home.

The Future Trends of Work from Home

Given recent events of the Covid-19 pandemic, more workers choose to stay at home for daily job activities. With these recent work from home trends on the upswing, you need to prepare for a proper work from home setup. However, a few problems might arise with this future development. If a worker doesn’t apply ergonomics to their workspace, they end up with a sharp decrease in workflow and focus. Without a boss to tell you what to do, you’re on your own.

The good news is you can make the most out of your home workspace setup. With these five home office upgrades, you can significantly boost your work productivity. Work from home doesn’t have to be difficult with these five essential tips!

1. Change Your Desk Setup

Change the desk setup

Every home office upgrade starts with the chair and desk. Without applying ergonomic theory, your work from home setup cannot function properly. Ergonomics allows you to maximize your workplace efficiency through the use of space. Consider what a standing desk and ergonomic chair can do for you and your needs. The same desk and chair can be boring, so why not change it up with something different?

The SmartDesk 2 allows you to customize home office conditions in the following ways:

Pros and Cons of SmartDesk 2

  • icon checkPersonalize your height settings with four programmable memory presets.
  • icon checkAdjust your height at a simple press of a button, for maximum convenience.
  • icon checkSolid foundation thanks to a sturdy base, quality materials, and steel frames.
  • icon checkPremium-grade manufacturing ensure strength and durability with the product.
  • icon checkA varied selection of desktop appearances, ranging from natural wood to laminate.
  • icon checkFree shipping, multi-year warranties, and 30-day free trials.
  • icon checkAffordable monthly payments.
  • icon timesSlightly on the expensive side.

There is also the ErgoChair 2, which lets you customize home office essentials by certain means. Here are the pros and cons of this product:

Pros and Cons of ErgoChair 2

  • icon checkA wide selection of color options, such as red apple, baby blue, and evergreen.
  • icon checkPromotes a much healthier lifestyle through comfort and convenience.
  • icon checkYou can freely customize your preference settings, such as tension and tilt.
  • icon checkPractical space and design gives you the flexibility to freely move around.
  • icon checkIt pairs well with any compatible standing desk, such as the SmartDesk 2.
  • icon checkFree shipping, multi-year warranties, and 30-day free trials.
  • icon checkAffordable monthly payments.
  • icon timesSlight expensive.

2. Try Out Different Accessories


Every home office should use accessories to reduce time-wasting tasks. For example, a filing cabinet allows you to store important documents, while monitors arms give you multiple screens to set up. These are simple but easy ways to ensure the quality of life in the workplace. You can add several work from home upgrades with these Autonomous office accessories. Here are a few others you should definitely consider:

3. Use Colors to Your Advantage

Use color to your advantage

Color psychology is crucial to any work from home setup. You can use colors to boost your energy levels, while positively affecting your given mood. For example, why not go with green? It's a natural outdoor color that blends in with the background, especially if you carry plants. Here are a few more suggestions:

  • Red - Introduces intense passion, which boosts your energy
  • Blue - Brings out a calm and collected atmosphere
  • Yellow – Presents positivity due to the bright happy colors
  • Black and White – Establishes a modern interior design
  • Beige - Brings out a comfortable feeling of staying at home

4. Grow with Your Green Thumb

Grow with your green thumb

Those who celebrate a green lifestyle should consider bringing plants into their home office upgrades. Plants offer a wide range of personal benefits! Office plants bring oxygen within your home, which increases your blood circulation and promotes healthier breathing. The air tends to be cleaner with plants since they reduce carbon dioxide.

Plants are also appealing to the eye, which makes them a pleasing decoration. Depending on the type of plant you choose, you can personalize your desk setup. For example, consider a Zanzibar Gem for a beautiful landscape. Plants often catch people’s attention with their aesthetic.

Scientific studies suggest plants also reduce stress and increase productivity. Even a single plant can make a difference! One of the more effective work from home upgrades, plants can bring out the best in your environment.

5. Motivate Yourself Creatively

Motivate yourself creativity

There is no better incentive than the promise of making extra cash. Autonomous currently offers a campaign to introduce artistic vision into your workspace! They send you a free SmartDesk 2, which allows you to create a home workspace setup.

All you have to do is sign up on the main website! Enter the following information:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Social media
  • Shipping address
  • Phone number

If you qualify, you can receive $2000 in cash for the best picture! You can try to reach your end goals by coming up with the best idea for your workspace. Even if you don’t win, you still have an ergonomic desk setup to enjoy!


These five tips should assist you with your home workspace setup. From ergonomic furniture to lighting up your room, it creates a cool home office setup and these are easy fixes to work-related problems. The recent trend of work from home is here to stay, which means you need to adapt. Give yourself any of these work from home upgrades from Autonomous ergonomic chair and desk store, so you can increase your workflow!

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